Ha Ji-won does gardening in France

Ha Ji-won's photo was revealed to show her doing some gardening at a house in southern French area.

Actress Ha Ji-won shared a photo of herself on her Instagram on April 20th, along with a caption, "Come and play in our backyard. 'Go, go with Unnie' OnStyle".

In the photo, Ha Ji-won is a spring lady wearing a panama hat to block the sun and is dressed up in the comfortable and brisk style.

Ha Ji-won recently returned to Korea after filming OnStyle TV, 'Go, go with Unnie' in the southern France. 'Go, go with Unnie' is a reality entertainment program that shows celebrity living in a house and experience the life of the people in the area.

Ha Ji-won is scheduled to star in SBS weekend drama, ' The Time We Were Not in Love, 7000 Days'.