Ha Jung-woo's "Lobby" Wraps Up

"Fasten Your Seatbelt" and "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant" director Ha Jung-woo completed the three-month shoot of his third film "Lobby" safely.


On the 16th, Ha Jung-woo's third film "Lobby" revealed its lineup, saying, "It wrapped up on December 27th last year".

The film "Lobby", starring Ha Jung-woo, Kim Eui-sung, Park Byung-eun, Park Hae-soo, Kang Mal-geum, Lee Dong-hwi, Kwak Sun-young, Hyun Bong-sik, Choi Si-won, Cha Joo-young, Kang Hae-rim, and Uhm Ha-neul, is a story about Chang-wook (Ha Jung-woo), who does perfect research, is bad at business, and even worse in golf, tries to win a smart road national project through lobby golf.

Chang-wook and Kwang-woo, once best friends and rivals, are played by Ha Jung-woo and Park Byung-eun, respectively. The only thing Chang-wook has in his life is his work and study. Golf is a goal he has never been interested in. The chance of his lifetime just happens to be golf.

The two pillars of towers who decide on bidding are a veteran civil servant in charge of practice department head Choi played by Kim Eui-sung, and Kang Mal-geum plays Minister Cho, the head of the Office of Veteran Public Service, who is not interested in the practice but has big ambitions. They are bitter against each other except for their love of golf. As Chang-wook and Kwang-woo each choose the two as targets for lobbying, the story of "Lobby" begins in earnest.

Kwak Sun-young takes her role as director Kim, Chang-wook's right-hand woman who recommends entertainment golf, and Uhm Ha-neul as Chang-wook's cousin and surprise rival Ho-sik. Reporter Park, who introduces deputy Choi to Chang-wook, is Lee Dong-hwi, and the representative of August CC Golf Club, where the two teams will round, is Park Hae-soo.

Choi's favorite golfer, who Chang-wook puts in as a supporter of lobby golf, is played by rookie Kang Hae-rim. Choi Si-won will play the top star Ma Tae-soo, Choi's favorite, brought in by Kwang-woo. In addition, apart from this 'lobbying', Hyun Bong-sik will play Father Garcini, who the golf course CEO puts in to lift the green belt, and Cha Joo-young will play the first screen role as Da-mi, Choi's junior from school and wife of the golf course CEO.

Director Ha Jung-woo said, "I want to say thank you so much for making "Lobby" at a time when Korean movies are not easy. I've been reading 10 times since May because I have a lot of lines and it's important to work together in advance, and I'm grateful that the actors have been so cooperative", adding, "It was a shoot where I felt anew that a movie is about all the staff and actors working together to create real teamwork. I think I have received a huge gift and blessing. I will do my best in the second half of the work and come see you with an interesting movie", he said.

Meanwhile, "Lobby" is scheduled to visit the audience after the second half.