Ha Seok-jin Offered a Role in "When I Was the Most Beautiful"

Will Ha Seok-jin co-star with Im Soo-hyang in "When I Was the Most Beautiful"?


C-JeS Entertainment announced on the 4th that Ha Seok-jin was reviewing an offer for the MBC drama "When I Was the Most Beautiful".

"When I Was the Most Beautiful" (directed by Oh Kyeong-hoon, written by Jo Hyeon-kyeong) is a healing drama carrying the message that everyone has a right to be happy.

Ha Seok-jin was offered the role of Seo-jin, Ye-ji's (Im Soo-hyang) husband and Korea's one and only rallyist who makes his own fortune.

Ha Seok-jin debuted in 2005 with a Korean Air commercial. He started acting in "Sad Love Story" and appeared in several dramas, such as "The Great Merchant", "Childless Comfort", "Shark", "She Gets Married Thrice", "The Legendary Witch", "Drinking Alone", "Radiant Office" and "Your House Helper".