Han Ji-eun in "Nothing Uncovered"

Actress Han Ji-eun caught the eye with her overwhelming presence and charisma.


Han Ji-eun made a special appearance in KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama "Nothing Uncovered" and was at the center of an interesting story. She is said to have shown off her confident and outspoken charm by playing Cha Eun-sae, a top actress.

Cha Eun-sae, played by Han Ji-eun, is a character who had a secret affair with Seol Woo-jae (Jang Seung-jo) and intentionally approached his wife Seo Jeong-won (Kim Ha-neul) to monopolize his love, raising the tension in the early stages of the drama. She provoked Seo Jung-won and caused him to be engulfed in a vortex of chaos, and heightened the atmosphere of the drama with every action and word.

Furthermore, Cha Eun-sae played a key role in penetrating the entire narrative of the drama. This is because the story unfolds around her, who has faced a disastrous end. As such, Han Ji-eun gave off a special presence and showed her solid acting skills once again.

Unlike her charismatic appearance in the work, the behind-the-scenes still of the shoot released by her agency Secret ENT attracts more attention as she can get a glimpse of Han Ji-eun's lovely charm. Her mysterious smile draws attention by showing a different moment from the character. In addition, Han Ji-eun is said to be thoroughly familiar with the script without taking it off her hand until the shooting began, and when the cue sign fell, she was immersed in the character in an instant, drawing everyone's admiration.

Meanwhile, Han Ji-eun will continue her hard work with a number of films, including the TVING original series "Study Group", the movie "MORA" and "Only God Knows Everything".