Han Ji-eun to Star in "Drama Stage 2021 - EP, Hi Dorothy"

Actress Han Ji-eun has complete the filming of the tvN "Drama Stage 2021 - EP, Hi Dorothy".


"Drama Stage 2021 - EP, Hi Dorothy" is a psychological follow-up drama between a "stigma-making" Internet reporter and a "stigma-erasing" digital undertaker, over a horrific incident caused by a hidden camera crime. Han Ji-eun plays the role of Jang Do-young.

Jang Do-yeong, played by Han Ji-eun, is a digital funeral director who 'removes the stigma' for victims of illegal filming crimes. In the Internet world, where brutal crimes are consumed by individual desires, she will struggle to erase the traces of those who are hurt.

Most of all, Han Ji-eun is expected to show a dark charm that has never been seen before, and it is said that she has increased reality by adding details of characters with not only 4kg weight gain but also thorough preparation to fully portray her role. So, "Drama Stage 2021 - EP, Hi Dorothy" adds anticipation to her appearance, which will reveal another atmosphere.

Han Ji-eun has not only been recognized for her solid acting skills but also attracted many people's attention for her variety of charms, including the drama "Kkondae Intern", "Be Melodramatic", "100 Days My Prince" and her recent appearance in "Lovestruck in the City".

Meanwhile, tvN's one-act "Drama Stage 2021 - EP, Hi Dorothy" will air on March 10th at 12:10 PM.