[HanCinema's Beauty Review] YesStyle's Korean Beauty Box Review

Receiving the YesStyle Korean Beauty Box was such an exciting opportunity given to HanCinema. It had ten hot beauty projects for us to review and we tried them all! There were a few particular favorites amongst all the goodies. HanCinema made a video review and below you can read more on this TL;DR! Prices shown reflect yesstyle.com pricing! Good to note: YesStyle ships almost everywhere and within 24-hours. Top-quality, fast beauty. Aw, yeah!




Etude House - Collagen Eye Patch ($3.71)

As the product name states, collagen is the key ingredient in these eye patches that you apply to a cleansed and dry face. After twenty minutes, I removed the patches and my under eye bags had filled out nicely and the skin was quite firm. It was an amazing improvement from before. The effect lasted until the next day and I noticed that I didn't need to apply as much concealer to my under eye area.

I definitely would buy more of these and worth the money!

Etude House - Precious Mineral BB Cream, Cover & Bright Fit SPF30 PA++ ($12.26)

This BB Cream was my favorite product in the box. Not only did the color match my, but it is easy to get great coverage with very little product; it didn't feel like I was wearing anything on my face; and it needed very little touch-up throughout the day. This product sets in quite nicely and doesn't crease too badly under the eyes, in laugh lines and wrinkles. I've been wearing it daily to work since I received it. Plus the SPF is perfect for the 4,984 feet that I live at with the bright sunlight!

This cream didn't quite have the dewy look. There was a bit of shine to the cheek and forehead, but my skin looked plump and healthy. In fact, people at the office noticed the change and told me my skin looked great!

This is a must buy and is a great price since so little product is needed!

Etude House - Color My Brows ($9.41)

This product has great lasting power and goes on easily. The color didn't match my brows - I have very dark eyebrows and #4 Natural Brown was too light. Lightening the brows is most definitely a style option, but I don't much care for it on my face. The cone tapered wand filled out the thicker parts of my brows nicely and helped to shape the direction of the hair, but wasn't as effective on the sparser hair. I filled in my brows with a brow brush and the overall style looked put together.

I would like to try it in a darker color, but the product lasted all day in an office environment.

Tosowoong - Black-head Nose Pack ($2.90)

Tosowoong is a dependable line, but sadly this product didn't work well for me. Perhaps it's because I didn't have many blackheads, but usually my nose strips pull out a forest of EW. However, I can't say that this will happen with everyone. And more importantly, my nose wasn't irritated during or after strip removal and the skin felt nice afterwards. A lot of these nose strips are too harsh for me and this product definitely was not harsh.

Berrisom - Oops My Lip Tint Pack ($5.56)

This was my first time using this kind of product and it was exciting! Application is the most tedious part because you have to get it on there before it dries, and it's quite sticky. And smelly. Be sure your lips don't touch or you'll pull it off as well! Also be sure that you have no dead skin on your lips or else the tint will pull that off and not stick to the fresh skin. Aside from that, the benefits outweigh the initial tedium!

After a ten minute wait, the product peeled off in a satisfying piece and the color (Vivid Scarlet) was full and evenly applied. The best part of the product: it lasted all day and then some. In fact, it lasted through two cleaning sessions. So if you're not looking for long lasting color, this may not be for you. But if you are, it's great. You can eat, drink, rub, kiss, and whatever to your heart's delight and still have solid color. You can also apply gloss or another color to mix on top for a varied shade, but that will need to be reapplied.

I want to try more colors. This line doesn't have a huge range, nine colors, with new shades in Dear coral and gram Orchid, but I'm still itching to get my lips on more color, or more color on my lips.

MacQueen - Cushion Tint Lip & Cheek ($6.56)

This product does not have the staying power of the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack. It comes off quite easily and needs some serious reapplication. It also shows dead skin quite plainly. A good lip liner, moisturizing, and dead skin removal will help with all of that.

But the good part of this product is the coverage, a wonderful matte coverage that makes lips pop. The color (#1) I received was an amazing match for my pale pink lips and I got compliments at work when I wore it. I'd wear it on camera or to a formal affair because of how powerful the color is. This line doesn't have many color options, only six, but all of them are bold.

Laneige - Lip Sleeping Mask ($19.85)

Like all Laneige products, the packaging is beautiful. It comes in a cute pink jar with a wand applicator. Aside from its exterior, this is probably one of my top picks in the beauty box. It smells delicious (thank you Vitamin C-containing berries!), goes on like a dream, and works wonders by morning time. My lips were hydrated and plump, and dead skin was banished. It can be used as a lip mask or as a gloss. I've been applying it atop my lip color for a little pizzazz. Use this nightly for smooth, soft lips!

Berrisom - Oops Tint Cheek Cushion ($10.36)

Berrisom's Oops Tint Cheek Cushion is convenient to use and extremely easy to blend. The color seeps through the cushion on the tip of the product when pressed against your cheek and allows for even application of color. I received Sugar Pink, which was a bit too light for my tanned skin. I am definitely keen to try this product in a different color. The ease of application was definitely a major plus as I'm always in a hurry in the morning!

Tony Moly - I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet ($2.76)

This made my skin feel so amazing and it smelled nice. Not like makgeolli, but very nice. It is definitely one of the most hydrating masks within this price range. I will definitely be trying the whole set.

Beauty People - 10 Seconds Auto Pencil Eyeliner ($6.90)

This eyeliner pencil comes with a sharpener on one end and color on the other! I received Real Brown, a dark, warm brown that made it easy to create thick lines with or set close to my lashes in a faux tight-line. I really enjoyed how this went on, how it stayed on, and how easily it came off at night. I'm most impressed by the color and its intensity. Definitely worth the money and I want more colors from this line.

Note: All products were applied on my double cleansed (oil and foaming cleansers) face. Save for masks, makeup was applied after applying serum and lotion.

Thank you so much to YesStyle for letting us review the Korean Beauty Box and the YesStyle top 10 Korean products. It was fun and so very worth it.

Purchase the prodcuts in the YesStyle Korean Beauty Box here.

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Raine from 'Raine's Dichotomy'