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North Korea slams "Operation Chromite" as anti-Pyongyang propaganda, KOBIZ talks to director Lee Kyoung-mi talks about her second feature ("The Truth Beneath"), 'Ragin Ronan' reviews Korea's biggest film of the year on YouTube, and is North Korea the perfect place to shoot a science fiction film?

"North Korea condemns Korean War movie"

Not surprisingly, North Korea had some harsh words for the recent South Korean war film, "Operation Chromite", calling it a piece of anti-Pyongyang propaganda. A recent statement on KCTV and Pyongyang Broadcasting said, "After taking power, the Park Geun-hye faction has been squandering the South Korean people's taxes, paid by the sweat of their brow, in order to screen on a large scale films that stir up infighting among a unitary people". Have you watched the film, yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below...


"Why North Korea's capital is the 'perfect science fiction film set"

Are North Korea's buildings and architecture perfect for shooting a science fiction film? Photographer Raphael Olivier recently finished up a tour of the North's capital and came away with just that thought: " All in bare, raw concrete with modern shapes and sharp edges, brutalist buildings like this one can be found all around the city but this one is probably the most impressive of them all, and could make for a perfect science fiction film set". The absence of people in many shots doesn't help...


"Lee Kyoung-mi of THE TRUTH BENEATH"

KOBIZ interviews director Lee Kyoung-mi about her sophomore feature, "The Truth Beneath" starring Son Ye-jin and Kim Joo-hyuk. "Although this film was not commercially successful [it only attracted 250,664 admissions during its run in June/July], the distinctive style and clear theme definitely differed from other generic films. It is the kind of film hiding a dagger between the layers of cliches". Lee's debut feature film, "Crush and Blush" (2008), attracted around 536,990 admissions.


"Train to Busan review by Ragin Ronin (Korean Zombie Film)"

'Ragin Ronin' offers his views on Korea's highest-grossing film of the year, "Train to Busan", in this energetic video review on YouTube. "Train to Busan" was released in Korea late July and has already attracted over 11 million filmgoers, making it the only film in 2016 to surpass the mythical 10 million admissions mark. "Train to Busan" is the also the first live action film by Yeon San-ho and stars Gong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok and Kim Su-an. The film's animated prequel, "Seoul Station", is also currently on circuit.