[HanCinema's Drama Review] Nail Shop Paris Episode 6

The Nail Shop Paris team of invasive people have done it again. They've saved a person in time to be home for dinner. I really don't know how they can solve people's life problems so quickly. It must be magic. Or, illogical.


This week's illogic focuses on a girl who has a crush on her female best friend. The Nail Shop Paris team of mostly men help her to confess and come to terms with her one-sided love - in a matter of days. If only real problems worked out that way. If only I could go to a nail salon full of sizzling hot male manicurists who could solve my problems by looking at my nails.

Kei from Nail Shop Paris Episode 6

In all seriousness though, one of the strongest points of the episode was how Kei's "homosexual" love for Yeo-joo is paralleled by the customer's love for her friend. Watching someone else struggle with the same issue is a turning point for him. The customer's journey to confession prompts his own.

Kei readies himself to confess to Yeo-joo even though he knows she has a crush on Alex and that she's been agonizing over her feelings. But before Kei can confess, he overhears Jin and Yeo-joo talking and discovers that she is a girl.

Based upon what I know of Kei's character, I have had a particular image in my head of how he'd react. In a word, he'd be furious. He's a cold, curt, quick-tempered guy. He's not someone who would take this kind of deception lightly, especially not when it messes with his emotions. So when Kei overhears the truth about Yeo-joo's gender and approaches her, I expected anything but what I got: a hug. A HUG! He hugs her! He confesses to her! Talk about character inconsistencies.

Yeo-joo from Nail Shop Paris Episode 6

I'm baffled by this show's appeal. I honestly enjoy watching it despite the horrible editing, mediocre acting, nonsensical scripts and strange inclusions of the fantastical. I can't quite put my finger on what makes it so fascinating. Maybe it's the equivalent of poking a bruise. It hurts when poked, but I can't help poking it. Watching this show hurts, but I can't help watching it.

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

"Nail Shop Paris" is directed by Park Soo-cheol, written by Seong Min-ji and features Park Gyu-ri, Jin Hyun-bin, Song Jae-rim and Cheondung.