[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" Episode 10

Everyone give the flashback fairy a round of applause, because she is here and she brings a lot of backstory with her. Episode ten gives us a little look into Deul-ho's and Hae-kyeong's less than blissful life together, as well as his musical interrogation room meetings with Dae-soo. I find myself with more questions than answers, but the past is returning and maybe bringing those answers with it. Chairman Jeong's time has come yet again.


"Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" knows how much to give and how much to keep, I have to hand it to its creators. I have been hoping to see a redeeming revelation for Hae-kyeong (Park Sol-mi), but they are cleverly avoiding the details of her involvement in framing Deul-ho (Park Shin-yang) and keeping Soo-bin (Heo Jung-eun) away. On the other hand, we find out their marriage was not so great. Deul-ho was away and Hae-kyeong was ashamed of his humble origins. This is where Eun-jo (Kang So-ra) comes in.

Deul-hoDae-soo and Ae-ra

Eun-jo is definitely not looking like a romantic partner, the series is pretty clear with that, but she admires and respects Deul-ho in the same way Hae-kyeong used to. I am not feeling a reunion with Hae-kyeong at this point, but I know we may get it. Korean dramas sometimes place the family unit's integrity over the well-being and compatibility of its members. Hae-kyeong needs redemption if a reunion is their choice.

In other love-related news, Eun-jo gets some from the creators and she is officially our team's money-maker. I really like her discussion with Deul-ho, because she points out two realities he has been ignoring for a while. One, he is a hero for people and it is a position he needs to take seriously and two, even heroes need money. I look forward to her future, because her step-father makes the battle with Chairman Jeong (Jung Won-joong) personal to her as well.

Eun-joSin-woo and Yeong-il

Speaking of our baddies, the series continues to balance them out. I have been side-eying Shin-woo (Kang Shin-il) for his involvement in Deu-ho's downfall and have been considering Yeong-il (Kim Kap-soo) a more reformed type, but both have enabled each other to be dishonest. Both essentially sacrifice their families for their ambitions and that is what might eventually cost them those families.

Start repenting soon, baddies, because Deul-ho has just found his opening to jump back at your throats. Now that he, Eun-jo and the team of Neighborhood Weirdos can sustain themselves, things will get interesting for you. I have not spoken much about the team, but I love them. I love them dearly and I cannot wait to see them serve up some justice. Get your blood pressure pills ready, Chairman Jeong.

"Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho" is directed by Lee Jung-seob, written by Lee Hyang-hee and features Park Shin-yang, Kang So-ra, Ryu Soo-young and Park Sol-mi.

Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'

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