[HanCinema's Exclusive Interview] Sam Okyere

Hello everyone! I'm very pleased to present HanCinema viewers an exclusive interview with rising Ghanaian star, Sam Okyere. Sam is a humble, intelligent man who is a go-getter and knows how to make things happen. He's worked hard to become the successful Korean entertainer and t.v. personality that he is and HanCinema got to hear all about it first hand. Now you will, too!


Before we get to the amazing video exclusive that Orion put together, I'd like to share a little bit about Sam. He's been in the film "Intimate Enemies" as a leading character, where he broke boundaries as an international actor in a very closed Korean Market. He won the 2015 Global Star Award for his affable appearance in "Warm and Cozy" and just finished his run in the very international drama "Moorim School". On top of all of his silver and small screen work, he is a model and a huge variety personality having appeared on such shows as "Running Man", "Real Men", "Infinity Challenge", "Non-Summit", and "Law of the Jungle".

HanCinema caught Sam in the middle of a very busy, very fast upward climb in the industry. Jason Yu from Asian Filmist filmed my Skype chat with Sam in Hongdae cafe You Are Here. Just a few days after our interview, Sam returned to his home country of Ghana where he appeared on Ghanaian radio, television, and conferences, heralded at home as a man who has made great strides for Ghana. For the international Korean entertainment audience, what this trailblazer is doing is real and present.

Thank you again, Sam, for chatting with us. We can't wait to see what else you can do!

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