[HanCinema's News] "A Place in the Sun" Experiences Ratings Drop After "Left-handed Wife"

In its first day "A Place in the Sun" achieved ratings of 10.4%. This marks a significant drop from its predecessor, "Left-handed Wife", and its final episode's ratings of 15.8%, especially considering that "A Place in the Sun" has the benefit of Oh Chang-seok as a leading man.

Comparing first episodes doesn't make "A Place in the Sun" look much better, as "Left-handed Wife" started out with 12.5%. But like most daily dramas, "Left-handed Wife" had to work to find an audience. However, "A Place in the Sun" also has the benefit of no real competition. In the broadcast time slot it's mainly competing against nightly news programs.

The main obstacle "A Place in the Sun" is facing is the decreased interest viewers have in dramas in general as of late. This is especially not helped by the drama's story, a fairly mundane corporate power struggle involving the handsome lead character heir to the company.

The concept is quite weak, and surprising coming from screenwriter Lee Eun-joo-I, who wrote "There's a Meowing Cat" back in 2014. That daily drama took the more unique premise of main characters searching for lost cats and turned it into a ratings success that regularly scored in the mid-twenties. Unfortunately, "A Place in the Sun" does not appear to be interested in anything so innovative.

Written by William Schwartz


"A Place in the Sun" is directed by Kim Won-yong-I, written by Lee Eun-joo-I, and features Oh Chang-seok, Yoon So-yi, Choi Sung-jae, Ha Si-eun, Jung Han-yong, Choi Jung-woo. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/06/03~Now airing, Mon~Fri 19:50 on KBS.

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