[HanCinema's News] Chae Jong-hyeop Confirmed for "Castaway Diva"

Actor Chae Jong-hyeop has confirmed that "Castaway Diva" will be his next project, which he had previously been reported as just considering. Chae Jong-hyeop will take on the role of Kang Bo-geol, the producing director of a musical variety show. While engaged in charity work, his character accidentally comes across the the titular diva played by Park Eun-bin, who has been trapped on an island for fifteen years.


This is not the first project that the two actors have collaborated on. Back in 2019, both Chae Jong-hyeop and Park Eun-bin were in "Stove League" as a baseball player and a management team leader. Despite what those roles may imply, Chae Jong-hyeop's role was considerably more important, approaching the level of credited lead. Chae Jong-hyeop was lesser supporting cast by comparison.

While Park Eun-bin has been a leading lady for some time, Chae Jong-hyeop is new to the position. This is only his third such role after "Love All Play" and "Unlock My Boss" last year. He's also been confirmed for a leading role in "Is It a Coincidence?" later this year. Neither "Castaway Diva" nor "Is It a Coincidence?" have a confirmed release window or platform.

Written by William Schwartz