[HanCinema's News] Character Details Confirmed for Kim Shin-bi in "The Roundup: Punishment"

In a recent interview, actor Kim Shin-bi briefly discussed his role in the upcoming film "The Roundup: Punishment" for which he has long been confirmed to appear but about which very little was known regarding his character. Kim Shin-bi recently completed "Flex X Cop" where he played a homicide detective. But in "The Roundup: Punishment" he will play a junior digital forensic detective by the name of Kang  Nam-soo.


Kim Shin-bi's haircut for the role will be different, in addition to the altered temperament of the character. Ahn Bo-hyun played the lead in "Flex X Cop" as a corporate heir turned criminal investigator, with Kim Shin-bi being a young cop with a more typical career path in a major supporting role. Kim Shin-bi's part in "The Roundup: Punishment" will be a minor supporting role in comparison. His character will be subordinate to Lee Joo-bin's, who is playing a senior digital forensic detective.

Kim Shin-bi owes the improvement in his recent career fortunes to a popular role in "Cheer Up" from 2022, this being the first significant role for the thirty-one year old actor whose screen career had only started in 2021. Kim Shin-bi has no confirmed projects after "The Roundup: Punishment" releases on April 24th. However, he seems likely to return for "Flex X Cop - Season 2" which SBS recently confirmed is currently in development.

Written by William Schwartz