[HanCinema's News] Curious Hairstyle Pattern Noted for Park Hye-ryeon Dramas

Since the appearance of Nam Joo-hyuk's character in flashback on the drama "Start Up" back in the second episode, fans have noticed what appears to be an Easter egg in his hair design, though it may be a coincidence. Nam Joo-hyuk's hair appears very poofy and nerdy in flashback, as if he doesn't pay attention to it. For observant fans of screenwriter Park Hye-ryeon's past dramas, however, this is a recurring storytelling device.


In "Dream High", Kim Soo-hyun's character had a similarly poofy hairstyle. In his case this was meant to signify that he was a bit of a country bumpkin, and it changes to denote character development. Similarly, Lee Jong-suk in "Pinocchio" has a similarly poofy hairsyle. However, in this case it's not a rural affectation, but rather a demonstration of his character's relative laziness and lack of ambition. It too, changes along with his character development.

Nam Joo-hyuk has already shed his nerdy hairstyle as of the second episode of "Start Up" to signify his getting seriously involved with the greater plot involving start-up companies. The repetition remains noteworthy. It is unclear if the scripts for all three dramas specifically reference this particular hairstyle, or if they just specify a generally unkempt appearness. Normally the screenwriter would not be closely involved in such styling decisions, although the notion would not be unheard of.

Written by William Schwartz