[HanCinema's News] "Death's Game" Tops OTT Platforms in Forty-three Territories

In a statement released by TVING on on December 22nd, the streaming service claimed that since its December 15th release, the fantasy thriller "Death's Game" has been in the top ten most watched lists for local distributors in forty-three distinct regions. Much of the data being referred to presumably comes from Amazon Prime, the streaming service with the right to broadcast "Death's Game" in most foreign territories. "Death's Game" is available in two hundred and forty territories overall.


Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Peru are among some of the more noteworthy territories where "Death's Game" has cracked the top ten. "Death's Game" is the number one most watched show in only two of these territories, Indonesia and Thailand. "Death's Game" stars Seo In-guk as a man who starts the drama out committing suicide, and is judged harshly for his death in the afterlife. "Death's Game" is based on the webtoon of the same title. The second part will be released worldwide on January 5th.

Written by William Schwartz


"Death's Game" is directed by Ha Byeong-hoon, written by Ha Byeong-hoon, and features Seo In-guk, Park So-dam, Kim Ji-hoon-I, Choi Si-won, Sung Hoon, Kim Kang-hoon. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2023/12/15 & 2024/01/05~Upcoming, Fri on Prime Video, TVING.

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