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[HanCinema's News] Dramas for tvN's 2023 Lineup Unveiled

In a recent press release, tvN revealed their upcoming slate of dramas for 2023. So far, tvN has already had a strong year, with "Crash Course in Romance" being the first and only big hit of the season for any network. But last year's lineup will be a tough one to top. "Twenty Five Twenty One" and "Our Blues" were big projects for 2023. "Alchemy of Souls" had two successful incarnations. "Little Women" and "Under the Queen's Umbrella" also ended up being big hits.


This year, tvN will have more of a focus on sequels and prequels. "Arthdal Chronicles 2" now has a new name- "Aramun's Sword: Arthdal Chronicles" will be its official title. "The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch" and "Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938" are at present still using those titles. But by and large tvN will still have plenty of original programming. This will include "Pandora: Beneath the Paradise" and "Queen of Tears" when it comes to intensely styled melodramas.

Several stories with more comical subterfuge elements have also been confirmed. "Stealer: The Treasure Keeper" is a comic action drama. "Family: The Unbreakable Bond" is a spy comedy. "Delightfully Deceitful" will have legal elements alongside its con artistry. "The Heavenly Idol" and "See You In My 19th Life" will also represent new webtoon adaptations. A representative from CJ ENM took pride in the sheer diversity of the slate in the announcement confirming the tvN schedule.

Written by William Schwartz

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