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[HanCinema's News] "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" Tops RACOI Chart

According to data recently released by RACOI (Response About Content On the Internet), the biggest drama of discussion on the South Korean Internet was "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" over the first week of July. This period is defined as July 4th to July 10th. The legal drama inspired 14,427 posts, 69,016 comments, 17,626,000 video views, 1,218 news articles, 37 videos, a household viewer rate of 3.1% for 628,000 persons, and a 20-49 age demographic rate of 2.8% for 599,000 persons.


This was the highest number for any drama in terms of posts, comments, video views, and news articles. The winner for videos was "Eve" with 116 videos, although "Eve" was only the eighth place drama overall. "It's Beautiful Now" had the best ranking for household ratings and 20-49 age demographic ratings, with 19.4% for the former and 6% for the latter. However, "It's Beautiful Now" was only sixth place in the overall rankings, where "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" dominated with viral content.

"Alchemy of Souls" was second place and "Why Her?" was third place in the overall rankings. They were followed by "Cafe Minamdang" in fourth place and "Doctor Lawyer" in fifth place. "Insider" held seventh place in between "It's Beautiful Now" and "Eve" while "Cleaning Up" and "Gold Mask" held the rear positions of ninth and tenth place.

Written by William Schwartz

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