[HanCinema's News] Full Ratings Report for Wednesday April 10th

On April 10th the latest Nielsen ratings for Wednesday/Thursday dramas came out. In overall ratings, "Get Out of the Way, Fate" was first with a 20.4% rating. "Left-handed Wife" was second with a 15.5% rating. And "Doctor Prisoner" was third with a 15.2% rating for its second episode.


While "Doctor Prisoner" has gotten a lot of attention for an outstanding performance in its timeslot, in real terms the high concept Wednesday/Thursday drama only compares modestly with the daily soap operas. Of course, most high concept dramas do considerably worse than those aimed at a broader audience.

in the second tier "Protect the King" rated 7.3% and "Gangnam Scandal" had 6.8%. "The Banker" achieved 4.5% with its second episode of the night. "Her Private Life" on tvN had 2.7%, which was even lower than "Big Issue", which only had 3.3% ratings. "Possessed" had 1.6%, albeit in the eleven 'o clock timeslot.

Written by William Schwartz