[HanCinema's News] "Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon" Makes Surprise Box Office Appearance

In the week before the three major releases on Korean Thanksgiving weekend the box office has been surprisingly quiet. So it is that "Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon" has had a dominating presence on ticket reservation sites, nearly toppling a major Hollywood release on its way to three hundred thousand admissions.


"Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon" isn't even the best performing Hello Carbot film of all time. It slightly outperformed "Hello Carbot Theater Version: The Secret of Island Omparos", but both movies were well behind "Hello Carbot Theater Version: The Cretaceous Period", which premiered last August against much stronger competition in the form of "Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days".

With three theatrical releases in the last fourteen months, the Hello Carbot brand may seem to be going overboard. However, much like the television show, the movies are mainly popular by petition via on-demand services. As the franchise is primarily geared around selling toys, even weak performances are typically worth the investment.

Written by William Schwartz


"Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon" is directed by Choi Sin-gyoo, Kim Jin-chul, and features Lee Ji-hyun-VII, Kim Yong-joon, Yang Jeong-hwa, Jo Kyung-yi, Sa Moon-yeong, Um Sang-hyun. Release date in Korea: 2019/09/04.