[HanCinema's News] "House of Hummingbird" and "Parasite" Win at Korean Film Producer's Association Awards

"House of Hummingbird" took the top prize at the recently held Korean Film Producer's Association Awards, breaking the streak that "Parasite" has recently enjoyed when it has come to domestic film prizes. Director Bong Joon-ho still won the best director award at the same event.


The ceremony for the Korean Film Producer's Association will take place on December 17th, but the award winners have already been declared in advance. Other honored persons include Uhm Sung-min, who won best screenplay for "Default", Jung Woo-sung for best lead actor in "Innocent Witness" and Jeon Do-yeon for best lead actress in "Birthday". Oh Jung-se won best supporting actor for "Swing Kids" and the departed Jeon Mi-sun won best supporting actress for "The King's Letters".

The cinematography award went to Kim Young-ho-III for "The Battle: Roar to Victory", sound award to Gong Tae-won for "The Battle: Roar to Victory". Lighting award went to Kim Chang-ho for "Parasite", art direction to Lee Ha-joon for "Parasite", edting to Nam Na-yeong for "Extreme Job", score to Kim Joon-seok for "Swing Kids" and technical award to for Jung Do-an and late Cheon Rae-hoon special effects on "Exit - Movie".

The legacy prize went to director Lee Jang-ho, who was responsible for such classic films as "A Fine, Windy Day" and "Declaration of Fools". The ceremony where the awards will be given out will take place at the Press Center in Seoul. This will be the sixth incarnation of the Korean Film Producer's Association Awards.

Written by William Schwartz