[HanCinema's News] Jay Park Accepts Apology From UFC Fighter Who Assaulted Him

On March 12th Jay Park quietly accepted an apology from Brian Ortega, a UFC fighter who had assaulted him in Las Vegas over the weekend. The apology did not appear directly on Jay Park's social media accounts, but rather as a reply to Brian Ortega's apology on Instagram.


Brian Ortega had also apologized for the incident on Twitter, but the Instagram apology went into far more detail. In it he expressed remorse for his initial justifications shortly after the incident and stated that his parents did not raise him up to act in such a way. He owned up to the consequences and listed both Jay Park and his friend, UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung, by their Instagram handles.

Jay Park accepted the apology on a man to man basis, and stated briefly that he believes Brian Ortega acted the way he did because he had received incorrect information about Jay Park's own action. Both Jay Park and Chan Sung Jung appear eager to put the incident behind them, with Chan Sung Jung promising to meet Brian Ortega in the octagon when his eye injury healed and to lay back on the promotional trash talk in the near future.

Written by William Schwartz