[HanCinema's News] Jeon Hye-won Talks About "Kiss Goblin"

Fresh off of a noteworthy if small scale success in the webdrama "Kiss Goblin" earlier this year Jeon Hye-won has had an increased profile, with the actress recently receiving confirmed credits in the upcoming dramas "Love ft. Marriage and Divorce" and "True Beauy" this December. She's also exposing more of her image with a photoshoot in bnt. An interview is also included alongside this modeling.


Regarding her acting technique, Jeon Hye-won said that she needs to find the right form for her characters. Due to her own life experience meeting people who have hurt her in a service environment, Jeon Hye-won was easily able to find a way to identify with the rage of her character in "Kiss Goblin". Nevertheless, Jeon Hye-won is not a violent person by nature, and says she had a constantly apologetic tone regarding violent scenes where she was terrified of hurting her co-stars.

According to Jeon Hye-won having to imagine CG during the acting scenes was not much of a problem. Bigger issues included Bae In-hyuk's issues with his dialog, though Jeon Hye-won herself did not have any. Jeon Hye-won also mentioned the final kiss scene was difficult because of the trouble involved with emoting the proper acting. It was not an event her character much wanted to remember, despite wanting her partner in that moment.

Jeon Hye-won also said she got along well with both Bae In-hyuk and Lee Se-hee, affectionately referring to them as her older siblings. In terms of embarrassing moments, Jeon Hye-won also mentioned the underwear scene wheich needed several retakes because Bae In-hyuk couldn't get the timing right for throwing her underwear. Also, despite the themes "Kiss Goblin" has regarding destiny, Jeon Hye-won herself is skeptical of the idea, finding most of her own life experiences realtively well planned.

Written by William Schwartz