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[HanCinema's News] Jung Kyung-ho Tops Good Data Report for Fourth Straight Week

On February 6th, the Good Data Corporation released the latest iteration of the Good Data Report, which measures the performance of major South Korean television dramas by non-traditional metrics such as online engagement. For the fourth straight week, Jung Kyung-ho of "Crash Course in Romance" on tvN was the most popular actor in the country. His performance as an Internet lecturer turned male romance lead has been a leading indicator for the drama's overall popularity as number one.


Second place went to "Agency" of JTBC which has improved its position in each of the four weeks since its premiere. "Agency" now has four times the social media interest it did compared to its original launch in eighth place. Lead actress Lee Bo-young is now the second most popular performer in the country, while Son Na-eun is in sixth place. "The Interest of Love" from JTBC is in third place for dramas.

"Red Balloon" has enjoyed its own rapid rise in the charts, with the TV Chosun drama now at fourth place following a premiere at twelfth place back in December. Its metrics have quintupled since that time. "Missing: The Other Side - Season 2" was fifth place in its final week, eclipsing the performance of the first season. The data for this particular iteration of the Good Data Report was collected from January 30th to February 5th.

Written by William Schwartz

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