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[HanCinema's News] Kim Hae-na Confirmed for "The Killer's Shopping Mall"

On March 16th Hanahreum Company confirmed that Kim Hae-na, who is represented by the talent agency, will appear in "The Killer's Shopping Mall" that is currently in production. The working title is based on the novel on which the drama is based and is still subject to possible change. Kim Hae-na will play the role of Min-hye, who assists the lead character Ji-an, played by Kim Hye-jun, who lost her uncle one morning.


Apparently, the role in question calls for a strong command of the Chinese language as well as acting in an action context. Kim Hae-na made her debut in "Dr. Jump" in 2011 as an unnamed athlete. In general most of her screen roles have been unnamed ones, although Kim Hae-na also does work in stage plays. There is no current release window for the release of "The Killer's Shopping Mall" nor is it know what streaming service or television channel it will be distributed on.

Written by William Schwartz

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