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[HanCinema's News] Kim Ji-eun-IV Talks About "One Dollar Lawyer"

On November 11th, "One Dollar Lawyer" on SBS ended with ratings of 15.2%. While Namkoong Min is the most well-known star of the legal drama, Kim Ji-eun-IV had also been a notable presence in a leading role as Ma-ri, the scion of a well-known family of lawyers, particularly her grandfather Hyeon-moo, who was played by Lee Deok-hwa. Yet Ma-ri chooses to work for the "One Dollar Lawyer" instead of her grandfather to better improve her own personal development.


In a recent interview, Kim Ji-eun-IV expressed surprise at the drama's success. She claimed to be interested in the project initially just because the script was fun. Regarding her character, Kim Ji-eun-IV stated that Ma-ri goes into a situation she doesn't understand, yet is able to do so with a specific smiling speaking habit that feels quite natural. Kim Ji-eun-IV also claimed to feel a strong sense of comedic chemistry with her older co-stars in the middle and later parts as she got to know them better.

"One Dollar Lawyer" has been notorious for having its episode reduced to twelve from an original sixteen despite the drama's strong ratings. The current presiding rumor is that there was conflict between the production company and the writing staff, with the script in particular coming under criticism from fans in the final episodes. Kim Ji-eun-IV simply claims that she did her best to the very end, working with good people to a good objective with no regrets.

Kim Ji-eun-IV insisted that rather than thinking of the production as being regrettable, she was left with a deep sense of gratefulness at the drama's conclusion. Kim Ji-eun-IV claimed that the actors consulted amongst themselves about the twelve episode reduction and believed they could still do their best under such circumstances. Kim Ji-eun-IV acknowlegded that there were some feelings of disappointment but by and large they did their part the best as they could.

Written by William Schwartz


"One Dollar Lawyer" is directed by Kim Jae-hyun-IV, Shin Jong-hoon, written by Choi Chang-hwan, Choi Soo-jin, and features Namkoong Min, Kim Ji-eun-IV, Choi Dae-hoon, Park Jin-woo-II, Gong Min-jung, Lee Deok-hwa. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2022/09/23~2022/11/11, Fri, Sat 22:00 on SBS.

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