[HanCinema's News] Kim So-yeon Discusses Life and Husband in Interview

Recently the YouTube channel MonoTube released the first of a series of vlog interviews with actress Kim So-yeon. English subtitles are also available for the interview. In contrast to her more formal interviews, in the MonoTube interview Kim So-yeon emphasizes the strictness of her work schedule. While unambiguously stating that "The Penthouse" has been great for her, Kim So-yeon also noted that she has had little to no free time for socializing.

The main exception to this has been here husband Lee Sang-woo, who Kim So-yeon described as very supportive. Kim So-yeon also discussed her habit of just liking to sit at a cafe doing nothing. While Lee Sang-woo doesn't understand the appeal of this himself, he went to great lengths to accomodate her necessary break time, even making a list of pretty cafes where Kim So-yeon can sit down for extended periods of time while he does nothing more than take photos of her.

An actual real-time vlog of the events described in the first part of the interview can be seen in the latter part of the interview. Kim So-yeon has gained increased recognition and notoriety for her role in "The Penthouse" and "The Penthouse 2" where she plays the villain. But in the interview as in real life, Kim So-yeon acts like and describes herself as a much nicer person than her character. "The Penthouse 3" is currently filming and is expected to start airing sometime in June.

Written by William Schwartz