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[HanCinema's News] Kim Yi-kyeong Confirmed for "A Good Day to Be a Dog"

The upcoming television drama "A Good Day to be a Dog" has confirmed tha actress Kim Yi-kyeong will be joining the cast of the university romance. "A Good Day to be a Dog" is a university romance about a young woman, played by Park Gyu-young, who turns into a dog whenever she is kissed. Cha Eun-woo plays the male lead, a young man who is afraid of dogs. Lee Hyun-woo and Song Young-ah have also been confirmed in supporting roles as teachers.


Kim Yi-kyeong will be playing Min Ji-ah, a mysterious transfer student who appears to have powers of clairvoyance and seems destined for the life of a shaman- though her own willpower takes her in a different direction. Her character is expecting to become entangled with the one played by Lee Hyun-woo. Purportedly the characters have strong chemistry together, despite or possibly because of having very different temperaments.

Kim Yi-kyeong claimed to be a fan of the original webtoon on which "A Good Day to be a Dog" is based, and couldn't believe she had been cast for the role. Kim Yi-kyeong pledged to do a good job, though she is worried whether she is up to the challenge. Nevertheless, she promised to do all she could to give the best performance she can. Kim Yi-kyeong thanked director Kim Dae-woong for giving her this opportunity, and again pledged to work hard to give viewers a good experience.

Kim Yi-kyeong is twenty-five years old, and made her debut with "Twelve Nights" in 2018 in a minor named role. More recently she was also in "Sweet Home" alongside leading lady Park Gyu-young. Her most prominent role to date was in the web drama "My Fuxxxxx Romance" where she played a leading role. Her most recent role was as part of the greater ensemble of "Young Lady and Gentleman" which ended in March of this year.

Written by William Schwartz

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