[HanCinema's News] Lee Kyu-hyung and Park Ji-yeon-I to Make Special Appearance in "Hospital Playlist Season 2"

A recent news report has claimed that Lee Kyu-hyung and Park Ji-yeon-I will appear in "Hospital Playlist Season 2" as special appearances. No details are known about the cameo appearances. However, as "Hospital Playlist Season 2" is set at a hospital, many such appearances are expected, if only in the form of patients temporarily seeking medical aid from the lead characters.


Lee Kyu-hyung last appeared as the lead in "Hi Bye, Mama!" from last year. Lee Kyu-hyung has made quite a few appearances over his career in smaller roles. Though he had not appeared in "Hospital Playlist" Lee Kyu-hyung did appear in "Prison Playbook" which was a spiritual predecessor to that series, produced by the same director and writer.

Lee Kyu-hyung also appeared in "Secret Forest 2" last year, as did Park Ji-yeon-I. Lee Kyu-hyung and Park Ji-yeon-I also appeared together in the medical drama "Life" from 2018. This suggests that they may appear alongside each other in "Hospital Playlist Season 2" in the same plotline. But as of yet, nothing is concerned. "Hospital Playlist Season 2" will premiere domestically on tvN and worldwide on Netflix this coming June 17th.

Written by William Schwartz