[HanCinema's News] Lee Phillip Welcomes Second Child to the World

On April 11th, Lee Phillip's wife Park Hyun-sun revealed via an Instagram post that she had given birth to a healthy baby daughter, tentatively named Bella. Park Hyun-sun wrote that she had been in labor for five hours since nine o' clock that morning. She thanked friends and acquaintances for their concern, and attributed her successful childbirth to their prayers, stating that she herself was also in perfect health.


Lee Phillip married Park Hyun-sun in 2020, and they had their first child, a son, in 2022. Lee Phillip used to be an actor of some significance, with major supporting roles in "The Legend" from 2007, "The Slingshot" in 2009, "Secret Garden" in 2010, and "Faith" in 2012. However, he stopped acting after "Faith" to work at STG, an international corporation closely associated with his family. Park Hyun-sun is an influencer and shopping mall CEO, and is more active online than her husband.

Written by William Schwartz