[HanCinema's News] "Lovely Runner" Tops Rakuten Viki Charts in 130 Territories

The global streaming platform Rakuten Viki released a report on May 23rd claiming that even in its six week of availability, the time slip romance drama "Lovely Runner" is a huge hit in its international markets. The report claims that is the most popular drama in 130 different territories. Many of these territories are not major ones for South Korean dramas, with Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico the United Kingdom, and the United States among those number one regions.


"Lovely Runner" has also continuously been the number one show for Rakuten Viki in 109 regions, including all six of the ones mentioned above. A representative from Rakuten Viki claimed that it is the most popular drama the streaming service has hosted this year. "Lovely Runner" has also been popular locally in South Korea, and the most popular weekday drama with female viewers in their twenties. Rakuten Viki has operations in 190 territories worldwide.

Written by William Schwartz