[HanCinema's News] "Marry My Husband" Dominates New Ranking Pie Chart

On January 25th, Ranking Pie released a new big data analysis of South Korean television dramas that determined the popularity of these dramas according to specific keywords. "Marry My Husband" was the big winner, with 572,252 keyword references on January 24th, an increase of 23,445 points since January 23rd. "Marry My Husband" had just aired its eighth episode of January 23rd, which had local ratings of 8.642%.


Second place was "Welcome to Samdal-ri" with 79,781 points. While this was a drop of 174,393 points from the previous day. "Welcome to Samdal-ri" had still been in the wake of its final episode of January 21st, which ended with commanding ratings of 12.399%. The daily drama "The Third Marriage" had 57,671 points in third place, an increase of 24,992 points. The 5.6% ratings for "The Third Marriage" on January 24th was not significantly different than the ratings the revenge soap opera usually pulls in.

No other television drama surveyed during this time period had more than 50,000 points. Ranking Pie surveys a wide number of trends in South Korean culture. Instagram influencers and advertising models are among other subjects of interest for the company.

Written by William Schwartz