[HanCinema's News] Netflix Announces 2024 Lineup

Netflix has recently confirmed release windows for all of its planned 2024 South Korean dramas. This list only deals with Netflix produced shows, however, and not programs that Netflix licenses for international distribution from other producers. Most immediately, "A Killer Paradox" will premiere on February 9th. The mystery is based on the webtoon of the same title, starring Choi Wooshik as the ordinary man who begins committing murders and Son Sukku as the detective chasing him.


On March 1st the Netflix film "My Name Is Loh Kiwan" will begin streaming worldwide. The movie stars Song Joong-ki as a North Korean defector seeking asylum in Belgium. After these two titles, the remaining Netflix slate only has release windows, not confirmed release dates. "Chicken Nugget" is expected in the first quarter- it deals with a young woman played Kim You-jung who is inexplicably transformed into a chicket nugget. The series is based on the webtoon of the same title.

"The 8 Show" is slated for the second quarter. Another webtoon adaptation, it deals with eight people in an eight story building who compete with each other for money. "Parasyte: The Grey" is another second quarter release, this one based on a Japanese comic series about alien creatures who take over human hosts for purposes unknown even to them. "Sweet Home - Season 3" is also now expected to see a second quarter release, having been previously promised for summer.

The Studio Dragon fronted series "Hierarchy" about a very socially stratified high school will be released in the second quarter. "Gyeongseong Creature - Season 2" is set for a third quarter release. "The Whirlwind" which stars Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Hee-ae as competing politicians will also premiere in the third quarter. The film "Officer Black Belt" starring Kim Woo-bin in the title role will also sees its international streaming release in the third quarter.

The mystery thriller "The Frog" will also be released in the third quarter. The romantic comedy "Mr. Plankton" is set for a fourth quarter release. The apocalyptic disaster movie "The Great Flood" will also come out in the fourth quarter. The Joseon war drama "Uprising" will also be released in this window. "Hellbound - Season 2" is another fourth quarter project alongside "The Trunk" which is adapted from a mystery novel. "Squid Game - Season 2" is slated for this year with no release window.

Written by William Schwartz