[HanCinema's News] Park Shin-hye Visits her Older Brother in England

By William Schwartz on 2019/04/22 at 21:39 PST

On April 20th Park Shin-hye posted a photo on Instagram of herself at a pier with her brother. While Park Shin-hye herself is easily visible in the picture, her brother's back is facing the camera, most likely to protect his privacy as a non-celebrity.

However, while Park Shin-won is not as famous as his sister, he has had a career in the Korean entertainment industry. He studied contemporary music at the Seoul Institute for the Arts and was at one point a member of the folk group Jatanpung. The Korean name of the group, 자전가타풍경, means "background of riding on a bicycle". He wrote the song 'Oh my God' for B1A4 and was an album producer for the indie band Star Cooking Berg.

Park Shin-hye's brother currently lives in England. Park Shin-hye took the opportunity to visit him while she was also in the area for work-related reasons.

Written by William Schwartz

William Schwartz

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