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[HanCinema's News] Press Conference Held for "The Glorious My Revenge"

On March 22nd at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University in Seoul, a press conference was held for the upcoming film "The Glorious My Revenge" with director Lim Seong-woon and actors Heo Joon-seok, Lee Yeong-seok, and Nam Bo-ra all in attendance. The story deals with a detective, played by Heo Joon-seok, who meets by chance the man who killed his son, played by Lee Yeong-seok. Nam Bo-ra plays an unmarried mother who's monitoring the now alcoholic detective's routine.


The project is the first for Lim Seong-woon since "Ride Away" from 2008. Lim Seong-woon claimed that "The Glorious My Revenge" was filmed two years ago in winter, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Lim Seong-woon also said that post-production was done the winter after that, and noted that for the release rollout, the weather was a little better compared to previous winters. Lim Seong-woon said he was very happy that the movie was finally being released.

Lim Seong-woon was grateful to the cast and crew for putting up with difficult conditions, many of which were exacerbated by COVID-19 and related scheduling conflicts. Lim Seeong-woon cited thoughts of a man realizing he had turned forty as important to the film's production. This fear of the end of the routine haunts the movie, as the story shows that routine being destroyed, as a person collapses into an abyss and begins to live like a monster.

Heo Joon-seok recalled first being called by Lim Seong-woon and wondering why he was selected for the role. Heo Joon-seok could see from Lim Seong-woon's face that the man really admired his past work. However, as an actor, Heo Joon-seok was not too impressed by this. However, Heo Joon-seok was impressed with the script and how it dealt with themes of change and getting older. Heo Joon-seok decided that he wanted to do a project like this at his own current age.

Lee Yeong-seok likewise did not know why he was cast, as he is an older actor whose roles are often unnamed and bear no similarity to this one. Lee Yeong-seok came to understand that "The Glorious My Revenge" is a story about how normal people can become savage and vengeful, and came to see the script's appeal himself. Nam Bo-ra claimed her character held similar apprehensions to the other two. "The Glorious My Revenge" will premiere in South Korean theaters on March 29th.

Written by William Schwartz


"The Glorious My Revenge" is directed by Lim Seong-woon, and features Heo Joon-seok, Lee Yeong-seok, Nam Bo-ra. Release date in Korea: 2023/03/29.

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