[HanCinema's News] Press Conference Held for "The Devil Judge"

Jinyoung, Park Gyu-young, director Choi Jeong-gyoo, Kim Min-jung and Ji Sung

On July 1st the upcoming dystopian justice drama "The Devil Judge" held an online press conference. Director Choi Jeong-gyoo, as well as actors Ji Sung, Kim Min-jung, Park Gyu-young and Jinyoung were all in attendance. The story deals with a sinister television show where the title character played by Ji Sung dispenses justice, and leaving many to wonder if he's a hero or just a devil wearing a judge's robes.


Choi Jeong-gyoo described the origins of the project as simply being in the question of asking what has made for the popularity of dark heroes. Choi Jeong-gyoo concluded that the answer can be seen in the world around us, which is why "The Devil Judge" holds up a distorted mirror to modern society, with distinct parallels to the real world. Choi Jeong-gyoo insisted that there were no real differences between the backdrop of "The Devil Judge" and our own.

Despite "The Devil Judge" being an action series, Choi Jeong-gyoo also noted that he put particular emphasis on dialog in order to make these parallels more clear. The courtroom setting is also unusual, particularly with deliberately exaggerated intensity as would befit how the justice system in "The Devil Judge" functions as a show within a show. Choi Jeong-gyoo mentioned that screenwriter Moon Yoo-suk worked hard to emphasize this distinction.

Lead actor Ji Sung said he was drawn to the project by the Faustian nature of the role. He was intrigued by the embrace of devilish nature in the script, and noted that Moon Yoo-suk first introduced the part by specifically referencing Mephistopholes from Faust. Ji Sung claimed to have worried greatly about his depiction, particularly in moments where his character confronts other sinister persons, making for a confusing contrast. "The Devil Judge" will premiere on July 3rd on tvN.

Written by William Schwartz