[HanCinema's News] "Queen of Tears" Continues to Dominate Ranking Pie Chart

A new Ranking Pie Chart for the first week of April shows that "Queen of Tears" has by far the most engagement of any ongoing South Korean television drama on social media. The dark romantic comedy had 605,779 points for the surveyed period, up 29,502 points from the previous week. This was over six times the engagement of the second highest-performing drama, "Wonderful World" with 96,555 points.


For the previous week, this was only a difference of five times, as "Wonderful World" had 120,425 points. In any case, comparable engagement for any other series was comparably minimal- "The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection" was third place with 79,997 points, a drop from 107,451 points the previous week. "Queen of Tears" had official television ratings of 18.952% in its most recent episode, the tenth, which aired on April 7th.

Written by William Schwartz