[HanCinema's News] Ranking Pie Report Shows Remarkable Balance in "Exhuma" Viewer Demographics

On April 15th, the data analysis firm Ranking Pie released the results of their study on who is fueling the popularity of the occult thriller film "Exhuma" which has been a tremendous success at the South Korean box office. By age ranges, 11% of searchers were age 10-19, 28% were 20-29, 27% were 30-39, 22% were 40-49, and 14% were 50-59. For such a specific genre film, the balance is remarkable, as well as marketable, with the peak hitting the ideal range of younger viewers.


The gender data was even more balanced. Some 49% of those who engaged with "Exhuma" online were men while 51% were women. Though horror films are generally thought of as appealing principally to men, "Exhuma" likely drew in women as well thanks to its more cerebral design. Casting may also go a long way to explaining these trends- though not the leads, Kim Go-eun and Lee Do-hyun are both appealing stars to younger viewers and women alike.

In broader terms, searches for "Exhuma" peaked on March 24th with around 100,000 confirmed data points. As of April 13th, that number is down to 20,000 data points observed per day. Popular search terms included "Exhuma" movie, "Exhuma" interpretation, "Exhuma" viewer numbers, "Exhuma" Netflix, and "Exhuma" cookies. "Exhuma" premiered in South Korean theaters on February 22nd.

Written by William Schwartz