[HanCinema's News] Rowoon Wins Best New Actor at Grimae Awards

Rowoon has been awarded Best New Actor for his leading role in "Extraordinary You" at the latest edition of the Grimae Awards.

In his statement Rowoon apologized for being unprepared to give proper thanks, as he had never won such an award before. He described the award as an honor, and emphasized that he could not have earned it without the help of the supporting staff of "Extraordinary You".

Rowoon also had kind words for fans, whose support he attributed to allowing him to transition from being a singer to an actor. He said that he keeps their love in mind frequently as he does his best to act in a sincere manner. He hoped to show his fans even further improvement in the future.

The Grimae Awards are held by KDPS, the Korean Directors of Photography Society. "Extraordinary You" ended its run on November 21st to mediocre ratings, but unusually strong participation on secondary distribution formats popular with younger viewers.

Other winners

Grand Prize (Daesang)

Documentary "The Memory of Water"


Best Drama Cinematography

Cinematographers Yoon Dae-young and Park Jong-gi for "The Fiery Priest"


Best Show Cinematography

Cinematographer Lee Seong-soo for "Hello Rookie" (올해의 헬로루키)


Excellent Award

Cinematographers Kim Seung-chul-I and Jung Soon-dong for "Partners for Justice Season 2"

Cinematographers Heo Gook-hee and Jung Yeon-doo for "Doctor Prisoner"

Cinematographers Choi Jeong-gil amd Lee Young-gwan for MBC UHD documentary "Bear" (곰)

Cinematographers Song Hong-seok and Kwon Byung-suk for "The Cross of North Gando"

Cinematographers Suk Jung-hiin and Yoo In-woo for tbs documentary "Have Video Recording Time" (영상기록 시간을 품다)

Cinematographers Lee Soo-min and Oh Dae-hwan for "Concert Warehouse" (콘서트 문화창고)

Cinematographer Im Sung-taek for "A Song That's Been Sung for the First Time in 100 Years" (100년 만에 부르는 노래)

Cinematographer Seo Jong-baek for "EBS World Theme Tour-China Times" (EBS 세계테마기행-중국한시기행 10, 5부작)

Cinematographer Baek Chang-yoon for "2019 F.W Fashion"


New Cinematographer Award

Song Seong-hee for "KBS Special - I'm Asking You Which Side You're On" (KBS 스페셜-어느 편이냐 묻는 당신에게)

Grand Photography Director Award

Park Gil-hong


Best Director

Chin Jae-un for "The Memory of Water"

Best Lighting

Jung Gil-yong for "Doctor Prisoner


Best Actress

Jung Yoo-mi ("Partners for Justice Season 2")


Best Actor

Kim Nam-gil

"The Fiery Priest"


Best Entertainer Award



Written by William Schwartz