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[HanCinema's News] Showbox Announces New Slate of Projects

Showbox, the South Korean movie producer responsible for films as "The Host" and "The Thieves" and even "A Taxi Driver" recently made big announcements regarding their upcoming plans. In a presentation titled FUN FOR TOMORROW the CEO for Showbox said that the current plan for the company is to use the power of creative ideas and imagination to develop a system for super intellectual properties that will be popular all over the world. "The Unearthed Grave" is their new flagship idea.


"The Unearthed Grave" will be the latest film from director Jang Jae-hyeon, whose last project was "Svaha: The Sixth Finger" back in 2019. The spooky, occult film was a distinct form of supernatural horror. "The Unearthed Grave" is expected to have a similar tone, with casting already having been completed and production set to start in autumn. Despite this, no details were forthcoming regarding who had been cast in the movie or for what roles.

Director Na Hong-jin will also be coming back with "The Mink" with his last project being "The Wailing" back in 2015. Na Hong-jin also helped to produce "The Medium" which was a co-production between the South Korean and Thai film industries, and "The Mink" will likewise be another such collaboration. In news about already completed movies, "Emergency Declaration" has finally been cleared for an August release, with an official trailer released shortly after the announcement.

"Men of Plastic" has also been cleared for a theatrical release in the latter half of 2022. Back to upcoming releases, Showbox has confirmed "Citizen of a Kind" to be in production, with the comic drama starring Ra Mi-ran in a leading role. The mother-daughter drama "Our Season" is also forthcoming as is "Devils Stay" which has already finished shooting and expecting a release in the near future. "Ransomed" is another highly anticipated project whose shooting was confirmed as completed.

Lastly, Showbox confirmed that "Delusion" is still in development, and will actually be the first of a three-pronged series of historical dramas. It will be followed by the gangster series "Birth of a Nation" from director Kim Tae-gyoon-I and the Antarctic survival series "Polar Night" from director Won Shin-yun. Purportedly three to five Showbox projects will be available on streaming platforms next year.

Written by William Schwartz

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