[HanCinema's News] Son Ye-jin Tops Poll of 2022's Most Shocking Stars

The South Korean portal website DC Inside recently published the results of a poll about which celebrities embraces the most shock over the course of 2022. Son Ye-jin won the poll by a narrow margin, with 1,572 votes, or 12% out of 13,344 cast. The actress had a big year, though she only appeared in one television drama, "Thirty Nine" from this past March. She married her former "Crash Landing on You" co-star Hyun Bin on the day "Thirty Nine" ended, and gave birth to her first child on November 27th.


Second place with 1,553 votes, also 12% of the total, was Park Min-young. This was due to a controversy back in September where her romantic relationship was exposed, only for her agency to confirm that while the two did have a relationship they had already split up. Third place went to Lee Seung-gi. He had 1,520 votes, also 12% of the total.

The musician Don Spike was in fourth place with 1507 votes, also 12% of the total. BTS as a collective group had 1,146 votes for 9% of the total. The poll was conducted from December 26th to January 1st.

Written by William Schwartz