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[HanCinema's News] Yoo Ah-in Acknowledges That He Has Used Cocaine

On May 24th, prior to his submitting to questioning by the Seoul District Court, Yoo Ah-in made a public statement acknowledging that he had been involved with illegal cocaine use. Yoo Ah-in denied attempting to escape his co-conspirator over the course of committing these crimes. This news came ahead of the release of a statement from the Seoul District Court regarding legal statements Yoo Ah-in had made to the court regarding the five charges that had been filed against him.


While Yoo Ah-in did not answer questions from reporters regarding these charges, before questioning, after a questioning period of around ninety minutes when Yoo Ah-in again saw reporters, he acknowledged all five charges. Yoo Ah-in also claimed to regret his involvement with illegal drug use. An artist who was charged as an accomplice was among four people who had been involved with the narcotics investigation.

Initially Yoo Ah-in was only suspected of using propofol. However, the police investigation eventually determined that he had also been using hemp, cocaine, and ketamine. Yoo Ah-in had white hair in his public appearances on May 24th, and was not looking well. Mutliple Yoo Ah-in projects, most notably "Goodbye Earth" on Netflix, are in flux as distribution companies await sentencing and a full accounting of Yoo Ah-in's role in the criminal investigation.

Written by William Schwartz 

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