[HanCinema's News] Yoo Da-in Confirms Pregnancy

On October 25th, Yoo Da-in made a post to her Instagram account confirming that she was pregnant. The news came just five days after the theatrical release of her mosy recent film, "The Cave" on October 20th. Yoo Da-in opened her message by stating that she read all the comments about her new movie, and thought they were very fun and warm. She thanked her followers for allowing her to feel such emotions.


Yoo Da-in went on to explain that the reason for her post was to apologize for not being able to attend guest visits for the movie. Yoo Da-in claimed that she really wanted to go, but that a baby had found her so that she was unable to. But even so, Yoo Da-in wanted to express her love for "The Cave" as the project is very special and beloved to her. Yoo Da-in then stated that she was taking care of her health, and wished for all others to do the same.

Yoo Da-in married Min Yong-keun last year. The film director is eight years her senior. The two met in 2010 when they made the film "Re-encounter" together, with Yoo Da-in playing the lead while Min Yong-keun wrote the script and did the direction. Yoo Da-in has three unreleased projects- "Nocturnal" then "Tastes of Horror" then "Havana" in order of production. Min Yong-keun's next release will be "Soulmate" with none of the four films having confirmed release dates.

Written by William Schwartz