[HanCinema's News] Yoo Da-in to Not Do Promotional Work for "Shape of Tulip"

The upcoming film "Shape of Tulip" has confirmed that lead actress Yoo Da-in will not be doing any work to promote the black-and-white art film. The reason for this is Yoo Da-in's recent childbirth. On April 3rd Yoo Da-in gave birth to a daughter with her husband Min Yong-keun. Because of this, Yoo Da-in is still too indisposed to be able to help promote the movie. The production company behind "Shape of Tulip" claimed to be supportive of this decision and congratulatory of the birth.


Yoo Da-in also gave a personal statement explaining her actions and expressing hope that viewers would take an interest in her character, a pure and bright Japanese woman. Yoo Da-in married director Min Yong-keun back in 2021. The two first met met while making the film "Re-encounter" back in 2010. Despite currently being indisposed, Yoo Da-in is expected to appear in "Havana" and "Nocturnal" later this year, both of these movies having completed filming before her pregnancy.

Written by William Schwartz