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Lily Lee's Articles, Reviews

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[Lily's Take] Seo Eun-soo to Star in "Hundred Million Stars from the Sky"

Source | 2018/07/11 | Permalink

Actress Seo Eun-soo confirmed her appearance in upcoming drama, "Hundred Million Stars from the Sky"...More

[Lily's Take] Netizens Suspect Again That Kang Han-na and Darren Wang Are Dating

Source | 2018/06/05 | Permalink

Actress Kang Han-na is being questioned by netizens about whether she is dating Taiwanese actor Darren Wang. The question has arisen many times in the past as they were often seen together in public and abroad...More

[Lily's Take] Viewers Feel Awkward About Song Hye-kyo and Park Bo-gum Pairing in New Drama

Source | 2018/05/29 | Permalink

Actress Song Hye-kyo has confirmed that she will be returning to the drama world with a new drama, "Boyfriend (Tentative title)"...More

[Lily's Take] Im Si-wan Supports Park Hyung-sik From the Military

Source | 2018/05/29 | Permalink

Even though Im Si-wan is away diligently serving his country, his caring and thoughtful nature still stands strong...More

[Lily's Take] Namgoong Min Shows Affection for Hwang Jung-eum

Source | 2018/05/29 | Permalink

Actor Namgoong Min expressed his fond appreciation towards his drama partner Hwang Jung-eum as the two have recently reunited in the drama "The Undateables"...More

[Lily's Take] Ryu Jun-yeol Is a Respectable Junior Among Veteran Actors

Source | 2018/05/22 | Permalink

At age 32, actor Ryu Jun-yeol is walking down a slightly different path than the average actors around his age...More

[Lily's Take] Lee El Heavily Criticized for Posting Kim Jae-wook's Photo

Source | 2018/05/22 | Permalink

Actress Lee El has been receiving harsh criticism from the viewers on her rash action...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Yoo-jung Updates Fans on Her Health Status

Source | 2018/05/22 | Permalink

Kim Yoo-jung stopped all activity due to her illness 3 months ago and she recently delivered the latest news and updates on her status for her fans...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Go-eun Gained 8kg For Her New Character in "Sunset in My Hometown"

Source | 2018/05/22 | Permalink

Actress Kim Go-eun will be greeting the viewers with her newly changed person in the upcoming movie, "Sunset in My Hometown"...More

[Lily's Take] Park Min-young to Star in Netflix Original Detective Variety Show, "Busted!"

Source | 2018/05/01 | Permalink

On May 4th, a Netflix Original Korean Detective Variety Show "Busted!" will greet the viewers all around the world...More

[Lily's Take] Shin Hyun-soo and Jo Woo-ri Break Up After 4 Months

Source | 2018/04/30 | Permalink

Actor Shin Hyun-soo and actress Jo Woo-ri have ended their 4-month relationship...More

[Lily's Take] Park Han-byul Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy

Source | 2018/04/30 | Permalink

Actress Park Han-byul has officially become a mother...More

[Lily's Take] Han Ye-seul Spotted at the Hospital for Treatment

Source | 2018/04/29 | Permalink

On April 29th, a news program aired an episode focusing exclusively on actress Han Ye-seul's recent medical accident...More

[Lily's Take] Song Joong-ki Attends His Best Friend's Wedding

Source | 2018/04/29 | Permalink

Actor Song Joong-ki made a public appearance for the first time in a long time...More

[Lily's Take] 8 Celebrities Who Were Bullied Growing Up

Source | 2018/04/29 | Permalink

Someone once said that school is a small society. In such society, there's always social ranking – those who are 'in' and those who are 'out'...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Park Hyung-sik

Source | 2018/04/28 | Permalink

Is there anybody else out there who almost fainted after watching this fine actor in the new KBS drama "Suits"? That sounded really dramatic of me, but I'm not exaggerating. Park Hyung-sik gets more and more handsome after each drama that he stars in. I thought it was impossible for him to get cuter after his last show, "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon", but he did...More

[Lily's Take] Oh Yoon-ah, Lee So-yeon and Kang Ye-won to Hold Charity Bazaar

Source | 2018/04/26 | Permalink

Actresses Oh Yoon-ah, Lee So-yeon, and Kang Ye-won have gathered to share their compassion for those in need...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Joon-gi Looks Fresh for Fan Meeting in Japan

Source | 2018/04/25 | Permalink

On April 25th, actor Lee Joon-gi posted a photo on his official Instagram account while he was visiting Japan...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sa-rang Injures Leg in Italy

Source | 2018/04/25 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sa-rang got into a big accident while traveling through Italy. She is currently back in Korea and receiving treatment...More

[Lily's Take] So Yi-hyun and Her Daughter Share Adorable Bunny-face Selfies

Source | 2018/04/25 | Permalink

Actress So Yi-hyun was spotted with her adorable second daughter...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Seung-gi Looks Like a Prince in an All-white Suit

Source | 2018/04/24 | Permalink

Actor Lee Seung-gi wowed his fans in a stylish all-white suit...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Jae-won and Chae Soo-bin to Host the Opening of Jeonju International Film Festival

Source | 2018/04/24 | Permalink

For the opening of the 19th Jeonju International Film Festival, actor Kim Jae-won and actress Chae Soo-bin were selected as the emcees...More

[Lily's Take] Update on Han Ye-seul's Heartbreaking Medical Accident

2018/04/24 | Permalink

Since Han Ye-seul openly conveyed her feelings regarding a medical accident that occured, the hospital finally released an official apology...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Soo-ro Picks Kim Sung-ryung as One of Korea's Top 3 Beauties

Source | 2018/04/23 | Permalink

Actor Kim Soo-ro picked actress Kim Sung-ryung as one of Korea's 3 most beautiful women...More

[Lily's Take] Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Min-jae's Greatest On-Screen Father-Son Relationship

Source | 2018/04/23 | Permalink

As the movie "LOVE+SLING" anticipates its May 9th release, main cast members Yoo Hae-jin and Kim Min-jae-I appeared on the Naver V-Live broadcast...More

[Lily's Take] Han Ji-min and Her Older Sister Look Exactly Alike

Source | 2018/04/23 | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-min took a selfie with her beautiful older sister, Han Sang-min...More

[Lily's Take] Son Na-eun Taking a Break Due to Ankle Injury

Source | 2018/04/23 | Permalink

Member of the K-pop girl group, Apink and an actress, Son Na-eun is under treatment for an old ankle injury...More

[Lily's Take] Baek Sung-hyun's Update on His Coast Guard Enlistment Duty

Source | 2018/04/23 | Permalink

Actor Baek Sung-hyun updated his fans on his recent news...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlight] Kim Sun-ah

2018/04/21 | Permalink

The drama "Shall We Kiss First" describes itself as a "Real Adult Romance". What better person to portray the inexperienced love story of an experienced adult than our dear actress Kim Sun-ah? Here she is, making yet another drama to become one of our favorites...More

[Lily's Take] 5 Dramas Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary This Year

Source | 2018/04/19 | Permalink

Dear HanCinema readers, I'm taking you on a stroll down memory lane...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Yi-kyung and Jung in-sun Confirmed to Be Dating

Source | 2018/04/17 | Permalink

Actor Lee Yi-kyung and actress Jung In-sun confirmed their relationship status...More

[Lily's Take] Go Ara, Kim Myung-soo, and Sung Dong-il Become the Ultimate Judge Trio

Source | 2018/04/16 | Permalink

Upcoming drama "Miss Hammurabi" released a new still cut of the three judges in action...More

[Lily's Take] "Come and Hug Me" Jang Ki-yong and Jin Ki-joo Spotted Under Beautiful Blossoms

Source | 2018/04/16 | Permalink

Upcoming drama "Come and Hug Me" released a series of beautiful, romantic still cuts...More

[Lily's Take] Ha Ji-won Becomes Hallyu Ambassador for 2018 KBEE

Source | 2018/04/16 | Permalink

Actress Ha Ji-won was selected as one of the hallyu ambassadors for 2018 KBEE (2018 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo, Moscow)...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Jong-suk Donates 100 Million KRW to the Children in Crisis

Source | 2018/04/13 | Permalink

Actor Lee Jong-suk is one of many Korean celebrities who frequently seek after opportunities to share his fortune and help those who are in need...More

[Lily's Take] Do Kyung-soo and Nam Ji-hyun Confirm Appearance in "100 Days My Prince"

Source | 2018/04/11 | Permalink

Actor and a member of the K-pop group "EXO", Do Kyung-soo, and actress Nam Ji-hyun made the final confirmation that they will be starring in the upcoming drama, "100 Days My Prince"...More

[Lily's Take] Yoon Doo-joon to Continue His Role in "Let's Eat - Season 3"

Source | 2018/04/11 | Permalink

An actor and a member of the popular K-pop boy group, "HIGHLIGHT", Yoon Doo-joon confirmed his appearance in "Let's Eat - Season 3"...More

[Lily's Take] Lim Soo-jung Wants to Host a Talk Show With Her Name

Source | 2018/04/11 | Permalink

Actress Lim Soo-jung revealed that her dream is to host a talk show with her name...More

[Lily's Take] Ahn Sung-ki Announces His Son's Marriage in May

Source | 2018/04/10 | Permalink

Actor Ahn Sung-ki's made an announcement that his oldest son, Ahn Davin, will be getting married in this May...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Min-seok Expresses Affection for His Family

Source | 2018/04/10 | Permalink

Actor Kim Min-seok openly expressed his love for his family on Instagram...More

[Lily's Take] "Suits" Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik Are the Best Bromance Ever

Source | 2018/04/10 | Permalink

On April 25th, one of the most highly anticipated dramas of 2018, "Suits", will air its first episode...More

[Lily's Take] Kang Kyung-joon and Jang Shin-young Celebrate Their Fifth Anniversary

Source | 2018/04/08 | Permalink

The celebrity couple actor Kang Kyung-joon and actress Jang Shin-young celebrated their 5th anniversary since they started dating...More

[Lily's Take] Kwon Yuri's Cute Dates to View Cherry Blossoms

Source | 2018/04/08 | Permalink

Actress and a member of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation, Kwon Yuri, enjoyed a peaceful outing with her puppies...More

[Lily's Take] Choi Bool-am's Yearns for Acting Even After 60 Years

Source | 2018/04/08 | Permalink

Veteran actor Choi Bool-am is challenging himself for yet another role to push towards his never-ending dreams and to inspire the young actors in the field...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Lee Soon-jae

Source | 2018/04/07 | Permalink

This week's star highlight is quite special. Exploring the great actor Lee Soon-jae's life and career means exploring the history of K-drama. He is the great actor that every celebrity in Korea looks up to and about whom no one would hesitate even for a second to say that he is indeed the greatest actor in Korea...More

[Lily's Take] Yeo Jin-goo's Adorable Childhood Photo

Source | 2018/04/05 | Permalink

Actor Yeo Jin-goo's childhood picture was revealed and soon became viral...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Nam-joo Changed Everything About Herself for "Misty"

Source | 2018/04/05 | Permalink

From sophisticated suits to her refined wavy hair accompanied with a sharp gaze, actress Kim Nam-joo is Ko Hye-ran herself. There's no other actress who could've played the professional anchorwoman Ko Hye-ran better than Kim Nam-joo did...More

[Lily's Take] So Ji-sub to Star in a New Variety Show By Na Young-seok

Source | 2018/04/04 | Permalink

Actor So Ji-sub and producer and a director Na Young-seok came together to create a new variety show called "The Small House in the Forest"...More

[Lily's Take] Park Seo-joon and Hyolyn Are the Best of Friends

Source | 2018/04/03 | Permalink

Actor Park Seo-joon and singer Hyolyn shared a picture of themselves, spending time together outside on a beautiful day...More

[Lily's Take] Fans Hope to See Handsome Lee Yi-kyung in Romantic Drama

Source | 2018/04/03 | Permalink

Actor Lee Yi-kyung's recent selfies shook the hearts of the fans as he is becoming more and more handsome each day...More

[Lily's Take] Cho Min-ah's Update on Her Health Problems

Source | 2018/04/03 | Permalink

Actress and a singer Cho Min-ah posted her concerns about her health and fans are sending their support on her journey...More

[Lily's Take] Yoon Si-yoon and Yang Se-hyung Are Yura's Mentors

Source | 2018/04/02 | Permalink

A member of the popular K-pop girl group, Girl's Day's Yura has successfully showed her capability as an actress yet again in the drama "Radio Romance"...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Soon-jae's 53 Years of Loyalty and Love for his Wife

Source | 2018/04/02 | Permalink

Actor Lee Soon-jae shared a romantic side of him that we rarely see...More

[Lily's Take] Han Chae-young's Eyes Full of Love for Her Son

Source | 2018/04/02 | Permalink

Actress Han Chae-young revealed a picture of her son...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Seung-gi and BoA Argue Over the Topic of Maturity

Source | 2018/04/02 | Permalink

Actor Lee Seung-gi and BoA held a debate over the topic of one's maturity in the showbiz...More

[Lily's Take] Jeon Hye-bin Flies to Japan to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms

Source | 2018/04/01 | Permalink

Actress Jeon Hye-bin took the spring cherry blossom viewing to another level...More

[Lily's Take] Cho Yeo-jeong's Cultural Night Out

Source | 2018/04/01 | Permalink

Actress Cho Yeo-jeong was greatly impressed by a ballet she attended and expressed her excitement for the unforgettable night...More

[Lily's Take] Yoo In-na Shares Her Tips on Flirting and Blind Dates

Source | 2018/04/01 | Permalink

Actress Yoo In-na has transitioned into a dating coach in the new variety show "Blind Date Cafe"...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Moon-sik to Play Hwang Jung-eum's Dad in "The Undateables"

Source | 2018/04/01 | Permalink

Actor Lee Moon-sik confirmed his appearance in the upcoming drama, "The Undateables"...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Lee Bo-young

Source | 2018/03/31 | Permalink

If I am given a choice to choose just one actress that I'd like to switch places with for even one day, I'd choose Lee Bo-young. I would be thrilled to be her, a woman with such a beautiful face, extraordinary acting skills, wealth, adorable daughter, and happily married to not just anybody, but Ji Sung! Even though I may never be able to switch places with this graceful actress, I sure hope that I can be as happy and accomplished as her when I'm almost forty...More

[Lily's Take] So Ji-sub Receive "This Year's Honorable Tax Payer" Award

Source | 2018/03/31 | Permalink

This year, the Korean government awarded twenty-four people, including actor So Ji-sub, 랙 "This Year's Honorable Tax Payer"...More

[Lily's Take] Shin Ha-kyun Had Trouble Playing a Role of a Married Man

Source | 2018/03/31 | Permalink

Actor Shin Ha-kyun, who is known as one of the finest, most remarkable actors in K-drama and K-cinema industry, has shared that he has experienced difficulty in portraying his latest character...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Hong-ki, Park Sung-kwang, and Se7en's Friendship

Source | 2018/03/31 | Permalink

A most unexpected trio has proved their friendship online...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Gi-kwang's Fans Donates to Pediatric Cancer Foundation Under His Name

Source | 2018/03/31 | Permalink

Singer and an actor Lee Gi-kwang celebrates his 28th birthday this month, and the fans decided to do a good deed in order to add a special meaning to this star's special day...More

[Lily's Take] "Strongest Deliveryman" Family's Friendship Is Forever Strong

Source | 2018/03/29 | Permalink

The cast of the drama "Strongest Deliveryman" is holding their precious friendship strong even after the drama's end...More

[Lily's Take] Park Seo-joon and Woo Do-hwan Unite in New Movie

Source | 2018/03/28 | Permalink

Actors Park Seo-joon and Woo Do-hwan selected the upcoming movie "The Divine Fury" as their next work...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Soon-jae Filmed "Stand By Me" Without Pay

Source | 2018/03/28 | Permalink

Actor Lee Soon-jae is one of the most respected veteran actor in K-drama world and it's not just because of his age or the amount of experience he has in the field, but because of his character and integrity...More

[Lily's Take] Park Hyung-sik Thanks Yoo Ah-in for His Thoughtful Gift

Source | 2018/03/28 | Permalink

Actor Park Hyung-sik expressed his gratitude in his own adorable way on his SNS...More

[Lily's Take] Cha in-pyo and Shin Ae-ra to Reveal Their Daily Life

Source | 2018/03/26 | Permalink

Before Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo surprised the world with their love story, there were three legendary celebrity couples in the K-drama world: Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young, Choi Soo-jong and Ha Hee-ra, and Cha In-pyo and Shin Ae-ra...More

[Lily's Take] Shin Eun-kyung Files for Personal Bankruptcy

Source | 2018/03/26 | Permalink

Actress Shin Eun-kyung is filing for her bankruptcy because she is unable to pay her taxes that amounts to about 800 million won (about 744 thousand USD)...More

[Lily's Take] Lee El's Standard for Relationships

Source | 2018/03/26 | Permalink

Actress Lee El is getting ready to greet the viewers with the upcoming movie "What a Man Wants". "What a Man Wants" has already gathered attention before the movie has even release its trailer as this adult comedy boasts of the finest actors and actresses as the main cast members...More

[Lily's Take] Yoo Ah-in May Attend the Cannes Festival With "Burning"

Source | 2018/03/25 | Permalink

As the movie "Burning" prepares to enter the Cannes Film Festival for Palme d'Or prize, "Burning"'s main actor, Yoo Ah-in, will most likely to walk down the red carpet of this international film festival...More

[Lily's Take] Jang Dong-gun's Image Change Terrified His Wife Ko So-young

Source | 2018/03/25 | Permalink

Actor Jang Dong-gun shared a funny story behind his image change for the upcoming movie "Seven Years of Night" in an interview...More

[Lily's Take] Cha Tae-hyun's Fan Meeting With Fans of 20 Years

Source | 2018/03/25 | Permalink

Actor Cha Tae-hyun held a very special fan meeting with his official fan club, AGAPE...More

[Lily's Take] Son Ho-jun Becomes a Barista With Best Friend Yoo Yeon-seok For Charity

Source | 2018/03/24 | Permalink

Actor Son Ho-jun challenged himself to become a barista...More

[Lily's Take] Gong Hyo-jin's Vibrant Spring Photoshoot

Source | 2018/03/24 | Permalink

Actress Gong Hyo-jin became a spring goddess as she took a spring-themed photoshoot for the fashion magazine, W...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Jung Hae-in

Source | 2018/03/24 | Permalink

I daresay, in 2018, the hottest young actor of K-drama world is none other than the actor Jung Hae-in. He seems to have everything: the handsome face, fit body, great acting skills, cute image, outstanding fashion sense, gentleman-like personality… the list could go on and on...More

[Lily's Take] Ko Chang-seok and Ra Mi-ran's Cute Couple Chemistry

Source | 2018/03/22 | Permalink

Veteran actor Ko Chang-seok and actress Ra Mi-ran show off their endearing couple chemistry in the new drama, "Miracle That We Met"...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Dong-jun and Ko Sung-hee in a Relationship

Source | 2018/03/22 | Permalink

The news was released that actor Kim Dong-jun (26) and actress Ko Sung-hee (28) have been in a relationship for 3 months now...More

[Lily's Take] IU and Kang Han-na's Sweet Friendship

Source | 2018/03/21 | Permalink

"My Mister" began its monumental opening and all the fans who anticipated "My Mister" for months finally got to see the first episode. Actress Kang Han-na also joined the group as she took a picture of herself watching the first episode of "My Mister" at home...More

[Lily's Take] "Return" Gets Two Episode Extension Due to Popularity

Source | 2018/03/21 | Permalink

"Return" announced that there will be a two-episode extension...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Tae-im Retires Due to Pregnancy

Source | 2018/03/21 | Permalink

Three days ago, news of the actress Lee Tae-im retiring early from showbiz shook both Korean and international K-drama fans...More

[Lily's Take] Park Hyung-sik's Friendship With Park Seo-joon and V

Source | 2018/03/21 | Permalink

Singer and an actor Park Hyung-sik mentioned his good friends Park Seo-joon and V in an interview...More

[Lily's Take] Han Hye-jin's Husband Supports Her Comeback After 4 Years

Source | 2018/03/20 | Permalink

Actress Han Hye-jin makes a grand comeback with a new drama "Let's Watch the Sunset"...More

[Lily's Take] Yoon Kye-sang Humbly Denies Being Called a Top Actor

Source | 2018/03/20 | Permalink

After "The Outlaws" became a huge hit, actor Yoon Kye-sang, who played the main villain in the movie, became one of the hottest actors in the K-cinema world...More

[Lily's Take] Bong Tae-gyu Expresses Affection for His Wife Hasisi Park

Source | 2018/03/19 | Permalink

Actor Bong Tae-gyu openly expressed his immense love for his wife, Hasisi Park...More

[Lily's Take] Gong Hyo-jin Finishes Filming "Door Lock"

Source | 2018/03/19 | Permalink

Gong Hyo-jin's upcoming thriller "Door Lock" finished up its three-month long...More

[Lily's Take] Romantic Posters of "Pretty Sister Who Buy Me Food" Revealed

Source | 2018/03/19 | Permalink

Upcoming drama "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food" revealed three posters of actress Son Ye-jin and actor Jung Hae-in together...More

[Lily's Take] Song Ji-hyo Clarifies Her Relationship With Kim Jong-kook to His Mother

Source | 2018/03/18 | Permalink

Actress Song Ji-hyo clarified the numerous rumors floating around regarding her relationship with with singer and an actor Kim Jong-kook...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Shin Hye-sun

2018/03/18 | Permalink

"My Golden Life" had its grand finale on March 11th and its journey has come to an end. "My Golden Life" made us laugh and cry every weekend for the past 6 months as we watched our beloved characters struggle and overcome troubles throughout the 52 episodes...More

[Lily's Take] Jo Hyun-jae to Marry Girlfriend of 5 Years

Source | 2018/03/18 | Permalink

Amid all the saddening news dominating K-drama newsfeeds, actor Jo Hyun-jae brings something to celebrate with the announcement that he will be ringing the wedding bells this month...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Young-ha Deletes SNS After Sexual Harassment Accusation

2018/03/18 | Permalink

Actor Lee Young-ha has been accused of sexual harassment after being named by an alleged victim from 35 years ago. While the media is trying to procure a statement from the actor, the actor remains unavailable and deleted his Facebook account...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Tae-im Permanently Leaves Showbiz

2018/03/18 | Permalink

Actress Lee Tae-im suddenly announced her early retirement from showbiz...More

[Lily's Take] Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun's Daily Life Full of Love

Source | 2018/03/18 | Permalink

One of the cutest celebrity couples of K-drama world, Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun, updated fans on their daily life...More

[Lily's Take] Song Joong-ki to Display Artwork for an Exhibition

Source | 2018/03/15 | Permalink

Actor Song Joong-ki will be taking his first steps as an artist...More

[Lily's Take] Park Hae-jin Cherish his Role Yoo Jeong in "Cheese in the Trap" Series

Source | 2018/03/15 | Permalink

Actor Park Hae-jin has returned to us as the mysterious and romantic Yoo Jeong yet again. It is so rare for a drama to become a movie and what is even more rare is for an actor to be casted for the same role in both versions. Though, it is extremely hard to imagine Yoo Jeong who is not played by Park Hae-jin...More

[Lily's Take] So Ji-sub Wants to Get Married After Filming "Be With You"

Source | 2018/03/15 | Permalink

"Be with You" was released in Korean theaters March 14th and audiences are already writing many positive reviews on the movie...More

[Lily's Take] TVXQ's Yunho and Changmin Started Instagram for Their Fans

Source | 2018/03/14 | Permalink

Yunho and Changmin's stylish photoshoot was revealed through men's lifestyle magazine Leon...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sae-ron Enjoys a Vacation in Bali

Source | 2018/03/13 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sae-ronrecently visited the beautiful island of Bali to enjoy some time off from her work and soak in the sunshine and water of the paradise on earth...More

[Lily's Take] Celebrities With or Without Fringe: Which Is Better?

Source | 2018/03/13 | Permalink

As spring approaches and the snow is melting, it is time for a fresh start, cleaning out the old, and perhaps even a style change...More

[Lily's Take] Han Go-eun's First Appearance in "Shall We Kiss First"

Source | 2018/03/12 | Permalink

Actress Han Go-eun's still cut was released for her first appearance in the drama "Shall We Kiss First"...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Yoo-young Speaks About Late Boyfriend Kim Joo-hyuk

2018/03/12 | Permalink

As Lee Yoo-young resumes her work, she appeared in public for the first time since she was seen at actor Kim Joo-hyuk's funeral...More

[Lily's Take] Son Ye-jin and So Ji-sub Are Fond of Their On Screen Son

2018/03/12 | Permalink


On March 12th, a VIP Premiere viewing was held for the movie "Be with You". At the event, main cast members attended the viewing and held a short interview before the movie was played. In one of the picture taken from the event, it is apparent how much actress Son Ye-jin and actor So Ji-sub adore child actor Kim Ji-hwan-I who plays the character Ji-ho, their son...More

[Lily's Take] Jo Sung-kyu Criticizes Industry After Jo Min-ki's Funeral

Source | 2018/03/12 | Permalink

Actor Jo Sung-kyu visited Jo Min-ki's funeral service and paid his respect to the actor. Upon his visit, he left a keen remark on the hypocrisy of the Korean showbiz and his remark became trending news along with another remark he left back when he visited Kim Joo-hyuk's funeral few months ago...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Il-woo and Yoo Ah-in's SNS Posts for Jo Min-ki Anger Netizens

Source | 2018/03/11 | Permalink

Actors Jung Il-woo and Yoo Ah-in are under fire for their SNS posts as there are active arguments about actor Jo Min-ki's death online...More

[Lily's Take] Shin Hye-sun Celebrates the Ending of "My Golden Life" With Fellow Cast Members

Source | 2018/03/11 | Permalink

As "My Golden Life" rings the bell of its finale, cast and staff members of "My Golden Life" held a celebratory dinner together...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Tae-sung Thanks Fans for Watching "My Golden Life"

Source | 2018/03/11 | Permalink

"My Golden Life" aired its final episode and actor Lee Tae-sung shared his gratitude towards fans for being loyal viewers...More

[Lily's Take] G-Dragon Settles in Nicely Along With his Fellow Soldiers

Source | 2018/03/11 | Permalink

A picture of BIGBANG's leader, G-Dragon, in the military was released online...More

[Lily's Take] The Flight Attendant Uniform - Which Actress Wore It Best?

2018/03/10 | Permalink

Drama "The Good Witch" started last weekend and it got off to a good start with a 11.7% viewer rating. Actress Lee Da-hae plays the role of a flight attendant in "The Good Witch" and she looks stunning in that sleek flight attendant outfit and hairdo...More

[Lily's Weekly Highlights] Yoon Doo-joon

Source | 2018/03/10 | Permalink

Any "Radio Romance" watchers out there? If so, you are probably falling in love with Yoon Doo-joon right now, aren't you? I know, he is perfectly handsome, charming and sexy...More

[Lily's Take] Go Hyun-jung's Reputation With Fellow Actors and Actresses

Source | 2018/03/10 | Permalink

Recently, actress Go Hyun-jung has been highlighted in the news due to a large scandal. She was accused of attacking the staff members and the director on the set of "Return", which ended with her leaving the drama...More

[Lily's Take] Han Chae-ah to Become a Bride in May

Source | 2018/03/08 | Permalink

Actress Han Chae-ah announced her marriage to the national hero, Cha Bum-kun's youngest son, Cha Se-jji...More

[Lily's Take] Ha Ji-won on the Cover of a Malaysian Magazine

Source | 2018/03/08 | Permalink

Actress Ha Ji-won again showed the power of Hallyu, the Korean Wave, as she was selected as the cover model of a popular fashion magazine in Malaysia...More

[Lily's Take] Why Didn't Oh Yeon-seo Watch the "Cheese in the Trap" Drama?

Source | 2018/03/07 | Permalink

Actress Oh Yeon-seo revealed that she has not watched the drama version of "Cheese in the Trap"...More

[Lily's Take] Yoona and Choi Minho Are the Visual Pair of SM Entertainment

Source | 2018/03/07 | Permalink

Yoona and Choi Minho proudly displayed their good looks on social media...More

[Lily's Take] "A Korean Odyssey" Defends Against Alleged Plagiarism

Source | 2018/03/06 | Permalink

One of the most famous scriptwriter duos of the K-drama world, Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran (aka the Hong Sisters), is under fire for heavy plagiarism accusation regarding their most recent drama, "A Korean Odyssey"...More

[Lily's Take] Gong Hyo-jin and Park Seo-joon's Special Appearance in "Be with You"

Source | 2018/03/06 | Permalink

The "Be with You" team revealed that actress Gong Hyo-jin and actor Park Seo-joon will be the making a cameos in the movie...More

[Lily's Take] "What a Man Wants" Lee El Sheds Her Usual Sultry Look

Source | 2018/03/06 | Permalink

Actress Lee El shared her efforts to completely change up her image for her new character in the upcoming movie "What a Man Wants"...More

[Lily's Take] "Anu and Huyga" Posters Featuring Ahn So-hee and Yeon Woo-jin

Source | 2018/03/05 | Permalink

Actress Ahn So-hee and actor Yeon Woo-jin's special posters were revealed for the upcoming movie "Anu and Huyga"...More

[Lily's Take] Yoo In-young's Doll-like Features

Source | 2018/03/05 | Permalink

Actress Yoo In-young shared her beautiful, doll-like features with the world...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Hae-in's First Fan Meeting in Taiwan

Source | 2018/03/05 | Permalink

Actor Jung Hae-in successfully won the hearts of his Taiwanese fans as his first fan meeting ended with huge success...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Yong-hwa's Farewell Message as He Heads Off for Military Service

2018/03/04 | Permalink

Actor and singer Jung Yong-hwa shared a short farewell message on his personal SNS...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sung-ryung's Timeless Photoshoot

Source | 2018/03/04 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sung-ryung revealed a beauty photoshoot that defines the meaning of dazzling enchantment...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Seung-gi's Handsome Selfie

Source | 2018/03/04 | Permalink

Actor Lee Seung-gi conveyed his gratitude to the fans for all the support he's been getting and presented a tantalizing photo of him as a fan service...More

[Lily's Take] Cho Jung-seok and Kim Jae-wook's Hidden Talents

Source | 2018/03/04 | Permalink

Actor Cho Jung-seok and Kim Jae-wook shared their hidden talents when they appeared in the talk show, "Life Bar"...More

[Lily's Take] 6 Celebrities and Their Special Hobbies

Source | 2018/03/03 | Permalink

It's trivia time! Did you know that in the drama "Korean Odyssey", our dear P.K's outrageous fashion was all created by the actor Lee Hong-ki himself? It is said that Lee Hong-ki styled himself in every episode with his own clothing that he brought to the set...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Soon-jae Speaks Up About the Recent Scandals in Korean Showbiz

Source | 2018/03/03 | Permalink

Veteran actor Lee Soon-jae shared his opinion on the trending news of the #MeToo movement that has caught fire in Korea...More

[Lily's Take] "Switch - Change the World" Script-reading Session Full of Passion

Source | 2018/03/01 | Permalink

The main cast of the upcoming drama "Switch - Change The World": Jang Keun-suk, Han Ye-ri, Jung Woong-in, Lee Jung-gil, Choi Jae-won, and Jo Hee-bong have gathered together for a passionate script-reading session...More

[Lily's Take] Seo Woo Shares Her Trauma Caused by Anti-fans

Source | 2018/03/01 | Permalink

On March 1st, actress Seo Woo appeared on a talk show "Happy Together" and shared her trauma regarding anti-fans...More

[Lily's Take] Heo Young-ji and Ha Hyun-woo in a Relationship

Source | 2018/03/01 | Permalink

Actress Heo Young-ji and the vocalist of a South Korean indie rock band Guckkasten, Ha Hyun-woo, revealed that they are in a relationship...More

[Lily's Take] "Cheese in the Trap - Movie" Character Posters Show 100% Synchronization

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink

"Cheese in the Trap - Movie" team revealed the character posters of the four main cast members and the netizens were pleasantly surprised at how perfectly in sync they are with the original characters...More

[Lily's Take] Park Ho-san Replaces Oh Dal-soo in "My Mister"

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink

Actor Oh Dal-soo finally admitted to sexual assault and apologized to the public. As Oh Dal-soo left the upcoming drama "My Mister", actor Park Ho-san was selected to take over his role in the drama...More

[Lily's Take] Park Bo-gum and Kim Sejeong's Refreshing Photoshoot With Coca-Cola

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink

Actor Park Bo-gum and actress Kim Sejeong were selected as the brand models for Coca-Cola brand in 2018...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Jong-suk Holds Bazaar to Help Children in Need

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink

Actor Lee Jong-suk is leading the community by setting a good example...More

[Lily's Take] "Along With the Gods: the Last 49 Days" Will Remove Oh Dal-soo's Scenes

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink

After Oh Dal-soo admitted his crimes, the movie and drama industry took a huge hit. There were four movies featuring the actor and all four of them have already finished the filming process, ready to be released in the theaters this year...More

[Lily's Take] Bae Jong-ok's Graceful Photoshoot

Source | 2018/02/28 | Permalink

Veteran actress Bae Jong-ok is truly an actress capable of everything. She's active in dramas, movies, musicals, and even singing! She stands out in everything she works on...More

[Lily's Take] "Cheese in the Trap - Movie" Park Hae-jin and Park Ki-woong Are Good Friends

Source | 2018/02/27 | Permalink

It looks like another great bromance has been born through the upcoming movie, "Cheese in the Trap - Movie"...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Si-eon in a Relationship With Seo Ji-seung

Source | 2018/02/27 | Permalink

Actor Lee Si-eon recently started a relationship with fellow actor Seo Ji-seung...More

[Lily's Take] Oh Dal-soo Formally Leaves "My Mister"

Source | 2018/02/27 | Permalink

Actor Oh Dal-soo's alleged sexual harassment scandal grows worse as new truths starts to come to the light...More

[Lily's Take] "Be with You" So Ji-sub and Son Ye-jin Are Adorable Together

Source | 2018/02/26 | Permalink

Actor So Ji-sub and actress Son Ye-jin are bringing the audience a heart-fluttering romance this year with the upcoming movie "Be with You"...More

[Lily's Take] National Mother Kim Mi-kyung Sides with her Daughter in "Grand Prince"

Source | 2018/02/26 | Permalink

Famous for being one of the actresses named as a 'National Mother' for all the mother roles she is given, actress Kim Mi-kyung will be presenting another mother character who treasures her children...More

[Lily's Take] Oh Dal-soo Denies the Sexual Harassment Accusations

Source | 2018/02/26 | Permalink

Actor Oh Dal-soo gave his official statement of denial regarding the accusation on his alleged harassment on February 26th. However, there are more victims who've stepped forward with claims against him...More

[Lily's Take] Nam Joo-hyuk's Surprises Fans with an Event

Source | 2018/02/26 | Permalink

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk's fan-signing event was held in celebration of his 25th birthday...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Hanee Shares Her Olympic Finale Performance Experience

Source | 2018/02/25 | Permalink

As the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics held its magnificent finale, honoring all the countries and athletes who've participated, actress Lee Hanee presented a beautiful finale performance...More

[Lily's Take] "My Mister" Fate Uncertain as Oh Dal-soo Remains Silence

2018/02/25 | Permalink

Actor Oh Dal-soo still has not responded to any interviews or press conference requests regarding the sexual harassment charge that surfaced a few days ago...More

[Lily's Take] Park Hye-soo Enjoys Her Vacation in Japan

Source | 2018/02/25 | Permalink

Actress Park Hye-soo updated fans on her current whereabouts as she's been taking a break from acting...More

[Lily's Take] Cha Myung-wook Passes Away At Age 47

Source | 2018/02/23 | Permalink

Actor Cha Myung-wook passed away on February 21st...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Eung-kyung's Impressive Beauty Throughout Her Career

Source | 2018/02/22 | Permalink

Actress Lee Eung-kyung, who is currently starring in the drama "Reverse", has trended in the news over the last two days...More

[Lily's Take] Im Si-wan Sighted as a Docent for PyeongChang Olympics

Source | 2018/02/22 | Permalink

Actor Im Si-wan took a break from his daily military duty as he put down the solider uniform and changed into a dandy docent, or guide, outfit...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Won-geun Will Be King in Upcoming Movie "Fengshui"

Source | 2018/02/22 | Permalink

After the movie "Misbehavior", Lee Won-geun's name spread in the movie industry and now he is challenging himself to a historical movie as a King in "Fengshui"...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Hyori Sends Coffee Truck to 'IU' At "My Mister" Set

Source | 2018/02/22 | Permalink

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon couple sent a heartwarming gift of a coffee truck to support IU while she is filming the upcoming drama, "My Mister"...More

[Lily's Take] Seo Kang-joon Cast for New Drama "Something About Us"

Source | 2018/02/22 | Permalink

Actor Seo Kang-joon's agency, Fantagio revealed that the actor is confirmed to star in the upcoming drama, "Something About Us"...More

[Lily's Take] Jang Keun-suk's Determination Going into Drama "Switch - Change The World"

Source | 2018/02/21 | Permalink

Actor Jang Keun-suk revealed a photoshoot for fashion magazine Vogue Korea, and the theme was centered around his new character in the upcoming drama, "Switch - Change The World"...More

[Lily's Take] Son Ye-jin's Still Cuts in "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food"

Source | 2018/02/21 | Permalink

Upcoming drama "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food" revealed few still cuts of actress Son Ye-jin in the drama...More

[Lily's Take] So Ji-sub's Fan Meeting in Japan Ends in a Success

Source | 2018/02/21 | Permalink

Actor So Ji-sub spent a very happy and special time in Japan for his fan meeting last week...More

[Lily's Take] Actor Park Bo-gum Graduated From University

2018/02/21 | Permalink

On February 21st, actor Park Bo-gum posted a picture on his Twitter account with a caption saying, "For all of those who congratulated me in graduating college, thank you! 2018.02.21"...More

[Lily's Take] Park Hyung-sik Thanks Fans for Attending Hong Kong Fan Meeting

Source | 2018/02/20 | Permalink

Actor Park Hyung-sik expressed his gratitude for his fan meeting in Hong Kong for both domestic and international fans...More

[Lily's Take] "My Mister" Still Cuts of Lee Sun-kyun, Oh Dal-soo, and Song Sae-byeok

Source | 2018/02/20 | Permalink

The upcoming drama "My Mister" team released the official still cuts for the first time this week...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Da-in Expresses Her Love for Towards Kyeon Mi-ri and Lee Yoo-bi

Source | 2018/02/20 | Permalink

On February 20th, actress Lee Da-in joined the fashion magazine @Star1 for a short interview along with a colorful photoshoot...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Tae-ri Explains Why She Chose "Little Forest"

Source | 2018/02/20 | Permalink

On February 20th, "Little Forest" team held a press conference for the movie's promotion...More

[Lily's Take] Gang Dong-won Shares His Insights Into his Career

Source | 2018/02/18 | Permalink

Actor Gang Dong-won has successfully won the title of "National Actor" for his 15-year acting career...More

[Lily's Take] Pyo Ye-jin's Lovely Daily Life

Source | 2018/02/18 | Permalink

Actress Pyo Ye-jin shared a peak into her daily life through pictures...More

[Lily's Take] Namgoong Min Is a Master of Facial Expression

Source | 2018/02/18 | Permalink

Actor Namgoong Min shared his daily life...More

[Lily's Take] Jun Hyo-seong Supports the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Source | 2018/02/18 | Permalink

Jun Hyo-seong showed her support for all the participants of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic s...More

[Lily's Take] Hong Soo-ah's Regular Volunteer Work at an Animal Shelter

Source | 2018/02/17 | Permalink

Actress Hong Soo-ah revealed her love for working at an animal shelter...More

[Lily's Take] Lunar New Year's Greetings from Celebrities

2018/02/15 | Permalink

For the Lunar New Year, many of our favorite stars conveyed their New Year's greeting through various means such as social media, handwritten messages, videos and for some, as an agency together...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Woo-yeon Shares Fortune Pouches with the "Grand Prince" Staff

Source | 2018/02/15 | Permalink

Actress Jung Woo-yeon shared her heartwarming gifts with the staff members of the upcoming drama "Grand Prince"...More

[Lily's Take] "Mr. Sunshine" Trailer Receive High Praises from Viewers with Video

2018/02/15 | Permalink

On February 15th, tvN Station and Naver TV Cast aired the very first trailer of "Mr. Sunshine" that is about minute and a half long...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sang-kyung Steps Into 4th Detective Role

Source | 2018/02/14 | Permalink

Actor Kim Sang-kyung is taking on the fourth detective character in his career with this year's "The Vanished"...More

[Lily's Take] Kwon Mina Confirms Her Appearance in "Queen of Mystery Season 2"

Source | 2018/02/14 | Permalink

Actress Kwon Mina confirmed the news of joining the "Queen of Mystery Season 2" squad...More

[Lily's Take] Beautiful Friendships Between Actresses

Source | 2018/02/13 | Permalink

A solid friendship between top actresses is rare and when it happens, it's always a pleasant surprise to know that our favorite stars have befriended each other. This time, five actresses revealed their beautiful friendships: Kim Hye-soo, Kim Min-jung, Song Yoon-ah, Lee Tae-ran, and Yoo Sun...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sa-rang to Leave Upcoming Drama "Mr. Sunshine"

Source | 2018/02/13 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sa-rang announced that she will leave the upcoming drama, "Mr. Sunshine" due to health issues...More

[Lily's Take] Go Kyung-pyo's Stylish Selfies

Source | 2018/02/12 | Permalink

Actor Go Kyung-pyo delighted his fans as he reached out to them with a series of stylish selfies...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Joon's Alleged Troubles Shake Netizens

Source | 2018/02/12 | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon's latest revelation has shaken netizens...More

[Lily's Take] Park Jin-hee Confirmed to Take Over Go Hyun-jung's Character in "Return"

Source | 2018/02/12 | Permalink

Actress Park Jin-hee confirmed her appearance in the drama "Return" after much discussion...More

[Lily's Take] "Kingdom" Reconsidering Jung Suk-won After Drug Scandal

Source | 2018/02/12 | Permalink

Netflix drama "Kingdom" has revealed their stance on acting Jung Suk-won after his arrest...More

[Lily's Take] "Return" Updates Official Poster Without Go Hyun-jung's Face

2018/02/11 | Permalink

The "Return" team revealed the brand-new poster for the drama...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Woo Share His Memories of Kim Joo-hyuk

Source | 2018/02/11 | Permalink

The memory of Kim Joo-hyuk is still a tender spot for fans, so the sadness his family and friends must be feeling is unimagineable. It's been few months since the beloved actor passed away and he has two posthumus films soon to be released. One of those movie is "Heung-boo: The Revolutionist", which will be released on February 14th.

In the short interview held for the promotion of the upcoming movie "Heung-boo: The Revoluionist", actor Jung Woo shared his memories that he has with actor Kim Joo-hyuk...More

[Lily's Take] "Bad Guys : Vile City" Airs Special Episodes at Drama's End

Source | 2018/02/11 | Permalink

"Bad Guys : Vile City" ended in successfully. After the final episode was aired, the drama put an extra effort into increasing viewer satisfaction by airing the special episodes...More

[Lily's Take] Hyun Young Celebrates the 50th Day of her New Born Son

Source | 2018/02/10 | Permalink

An entertainer and actress Hyun Young shared several pictures of her family...More

[Lily's Take] Yoo Yeon-seok's Hunky Sporty Look

Source | 2018/02/10 | Permalink

Actor Yoo Yeon-seok was selected as the main model for the sportswear brand Lecaf in 2018...More

[Lily's Take] Netizens Defend Go Hyun-jung

2018/02/09 | Permalink

Along the news about Go Hyun-jung leaving the drama "Return", there has been active arguments from those who claim to have witnessed Go Hyun-jung creating conflict with the production team of dramas and variety shows...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Kyung-shil Coming Back With "Waves, Waves"

Source | 2018/02/08 | Permalink

An entertainer and actress Lee Kyung-shil will be greeting the fans again with an upcoming drama, "Waves, Waves"...More

[Lily's Take] Park Jin-hee Considered as Go Hyun-jung's Replacement for "Return"

Source | 2018/02/08 | Permalink

On February 8th, Park Jin-hee's agency stated, "It is true that Park Jin-hee received an offer from "Return" producing team today, but nothing's set in stone yet. Before we could have any kind of discussion, the news was released...More

[Lily's Take] BBC "Less Than Evil" Remake to Air in Korea

Source | 2018/02/07 | Permalink

MBC stated that they will be doing a remake of popular British crime drama, "Less Than Evil"...More

[Lily's Take] "Shall We Kiss First" Kim Sun-ah Was Immediately Attracted to Her Character

Source | 2018/02/07 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sun-ah shared her first impression upon reading the script of drama "Shall We Kiss First" as the airing of the drama's first episode approaches...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Min-jung's Early Birthday Party

Source | 2018/02/07 | Permalink

Actress Lee Min-jung shared the snapshots from the early birthday party thrown for her by her friends...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Hae-in's Perfect Fit in Uniform

Source | 2018/02/07 | Permalink

Actor Jung Hae-in has done it again! He greeted the viewers with a pleasant surprise in the new movie "Heung-boo: The Revolutionist" where he plays the role of King Heonjong...More

[Lily's Take] "Live" Jung Yu-mi's Police Officer Look

Source | 2018/02/06 | Permalink

Actress Jung Yu-mi will greet the fans as a police officer this time...More

[Lily's Take] Kang Ji-hwan Lost 7kg for His New Character

Source | 2018/02/06 | Permalink

Actor Kang Ji-hwan is taking on a new role of the Korean Sherlock in the upcoming drama "Children of a Lesser God"...More

[Lily's Take] Lim Soo-hyun Marries a Basketball Athlete

Source | 2018/02/06 | Permalink

Actress Lim Soo-hyun announced her marriage to professional basketball player, Doo Kyung-min...More

[Lily's Take] "Return" Jung Eun-chae's Unknown Talents

Source | 2018/02/05 | Permalink

While many people enjoy the suspenseful story lines and excellent acting of veteran actress Ko Hyung-jung, evil Shin Sung-rok and Bong Tae-gyu, there's another actress who shines on screen every time she appears. Actress Jung Eun-chae is the newest scene-stealer in the drama "Return"...More

[Lily's Take] Ok Taecyeon and Im Si-wan Participate in PyeongChang Olympics Events

Source | 2018/02/05 | Permalink

The news of the stars in the military who will be participating in PyeongChang Winter Olympics events is exciting fans...More

[Lily's Take] Baekhyun Performs the Korean National Anthem At IOC Session

Source | 2018/02/05 | Permalink

K-pop boy group EXO's member and an actor Baekhyun was given the honor of performing the Korean National Anthem as IOC Session opened with a celebration of harmony...More

[Lily's Take] Xiumin Tells the Fans He Won't Accept Gifts in the Future

Source | 2018/02/05 | Permalink

EXO's Xiumin shared his thoughts on materialistic gifts he receives from the fans...More

[Lily's Take] Park Kyung-rim's Consistent Humanitarian Work

Source | 2018/02/03 | Permalink

Actress and an entertainer Park Kyung-rim leads by example as she consistently participates in numerous humanitarian works...More

[Lily's Take] Hwang Woo-seul-hye's Passion for Acting

Source | 2018/02/03 | Permalink

Actress Hwang Woo-seul-hye has been in the spotlight lately...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Yu-ri's Blissful Brunch With Her Older Sister

Source | 2018/02/03 | Permalink

Actress Lee Yu-ri shared her delightful afternoon and ageless beauty...More

[Lily's Take] Choi Soo-jong and Ha Hee-ra Reveal their Daily Life

Source | 2018/02/03 | Permalink

One of the most famous 1st generation celebrity couples let the viewers peak into their romantic daily life...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Tae-ri's Agency Warns Fans of Fake Social Media Accounts

Source | 2018/02/01 | Permalink

Actress Kim Tae-ri's agency, J.Wide Company warned fans about fake social media accounts pretending to be Kim Tae-ri...More

[Lily's Take] Yoon Kye-sang Encourages Everyone to Watch "Golden Slumber"

Source | 2018/02/01 | Permalink

Actor Yoon Kye-sang told fans that "Golden Slumber" will hit the theaters with a huge splash...More

[Lily's Take] Yoo Ah-in Pays Respect to Late Gayageum Master, Hwang Byung-ki

Source | 2018/02/01 | Permalink

Actor Yoo Ah-in paid his respects to Hwang Byung-ki who passed away on January 31...More

[Lily's Take] Girl's Generation Members Reunited

Source | 2018/01/31 | Permalink

K-pop girl group "Girl's Generation" enjoyed a reunion...More

[Lily's Take] Actress Oh Joo-eun Gives Birth to Her Second Child

Source | 2018/01/31 | Permalink

On the 31st, actress Oh Joo-eun announced the birth of her second child, Oh Yeol-mae...More

[Lily's Take] Park Bo-gum Is the Cover Model of Taiwanese magazine

Source | 2018/01/31 | Permalink

Actor Park Bo-gum blessed us all with his grace as he was featured on the cover of a Taiwanese magazine...More

[Lily's Take] Sol Kyung-gu and Yoon Kye-sang Thank Their Significant Others

Source | 2018/01/30 | Permalink

On the 30th, The '9th This Year's Movie Award' ceremony was held in the Korea Press Center in Seoul...More

[Lily's Take] Soon-to-be-wed Min Hyo-rin and Taeyang's Photoshoot

Source | 2018/01/30 | Permalink

Because actress Min Hyo-rin and singer Taeyang are scheduled to hold their wedding this weekend, they revealed a sneak peak of their beautiful couple photoshoot...More

[Lily's Take] Park Yoo-chun to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

Source | 2018/01/30 | Permalink

Actor and a member of K-pop group JYJ Park Yoo-chun has released his first official schedule since his discharge from military duty...More

[Lily's Take] Jang Dong-gun & Park Hyung-sik's New Drama "Suits"

Source | 2018/01/29 | Permalink

Top actors Jang Dong-gun and Park Hyung-sik are taking over the remake version of popular US drama, "Suits"...More

[Lily's Take] Jin Young Assures Fans That He's Okay After Car Accident

Source | 2018/01/29 | Permalink

A member of K-pop boy group B1A4 and actor Jin Young shared his status after being involved in a car accident...More

[Lily's Take] Update on Kim Soo-hyun in the Military

Source | 2018/01/29 | Permalink

On the 29th, several pictures of actor Kim Soo-hyun were uploaded in an online community...More

[Lily's Take] Kang Hye-jung's Acting Is Inspired by Daughter Haru

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

Kang Hye-jung is well-known for being married to husband Tablo and their daughter Lee Haru...More

[Lily's Take] Jay Park Parties With Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

United in swag, Jay Park updated the fans on his amazing connection...More

[Lily's Take] Kwon Yuri's New Look for "The Sound of Your Heart Reboot"

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

Actress Kwon Yuri has successfully changed into her new character, Choi Ae-bong...More

[Lily's Take] Girls' Day Is a Quartet of Talented Actresses

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

From Hyeri to Park Sojin, Bang Minah and Yura, Girl's Day is not just talented in their singing and dancing, but also as actresses...More

[Lily's Take] Ryu Jun-yeol Visits Kenya in Africa

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

Remember when Ryu Jun-yeol visited Africa with Park Bo-gum, Ahn Jae-hong, and Go Kyung-pyo...More

[Lily's Take] The Song-Song Couple Impress the European Luxury Brand Dior

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

The celebrity couple of the era, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, were radiant in Dior's newest collection...More

[Lily's Take] "Little Forest" Aesthetic Character Posters

Source | 2018/01/28 | Permalink

Upcoming movie "Little Forest" revealed the character posters of the main cast members: Kim Tae-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol, and Jin Ki-joo...More

[Lily's Take] "Keys to the Heart" Behind-the-scene Stories You Must Know

Source | 2018/01/25 | Permalink

"Keys to the Heart" is receiving praise from the satisfied movie goers...More

[Lily's Take] "Return" Bong Tae-gyu's Acting Inspiration

Source | 2018/01/25 | Permalink

Recently, a certain actor has surprised the viewers as he returned to the drama field with an unexpected image change...More

[Lily's Take] Shim Eun-kyung Learned From Lee Seung-gi

Source | 2018/01/25 | Permalink

Actress Shim Eun-kyung highly praised actor Lee Seung-gi for his many talents...More

[Lily's Take] Ha Ji-won's Message to Her Brother, Jeon Tae-soo

Source | 2018/01/24 | Permalink

Actress Ha Ji-won posted a message dedicated to her brother, Jeon Tae-soo, on her official Instagram account...More

[Lily's Take] "Be-Bop-A-Lula" the Senior F4 Has a Passion for Acting

Source | 2018/01/23 | Permalink

Veteran actors Yoon Duk-yong, Shin Goo, Park In-hwan, and Im Hyun-sik is visiting the viewers though the movie "Be-Bop-A-Lula"...More

[Lily's Take] Jeon Tae-soo's Past Instagram Posts

Source | 2018/01/23 | Permalink

As we mourn for the sudden death of the actor Jeon Tae-soo, many are taking to his Instagram posts to send final messages...More

[Lily's Take] Son Yeo-eun Shares her Feelings About "Sister Is Alive"

Source | 2018/01/23 | Permalink

Actress Son Yeo-eun's beautyshoot along with a short interview was revealed in the February edition of Korea Cosmopolitan magazine...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Kwang-soo Sends Gift to Jo In-sung on "The Great Battle" Set

Source | 2018/01/23 | Permalink

A few days ago, Lee Kwang-soo sent a coffee truck gift to the set of the movie "The Great Battle" for fellow actors Jo In-sung and Bae Sung-woo...More

[Lily's Take] Ryu Jun-yeol Finds Peace in Filming "Little Forest"

Source | 2018/01/23 | Permalink

The "Little Forest" team revealed some of the still cuts of the actor Ryu Jun-yeol's scenes...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Hee-ae Read Through "The Vanished" Script in One Sitting

Source | 2018/01/22 | Permalink

Actress Kim Hee-ae shared her first impression on the movie "The Vanished" in an interview...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sang-kyung's Second Child Was Born Last Year

Source | 2018/01/22 | Permalink

It seems that actor Kim Sang-kyung is a private guy...More

[Lily's Take] Kwon Sang-woo Poses with his Son

Source | 2018/01/22 | Permalink

Actress Son Tae-young shared a photo of the two men in her life...More

[Lily's Take] Kahi's Happy Family Outing

Source | 2018/01/22 | Permalink

Singer and an actress Kahi shared her daily life with the fans...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Hong-ki Takes his Role Seriously in "A Korean Odyssey"

Source | 2018/01/21 | Permalink

Lee Hong-ki's agency, FNC Entertainment, revealed behind-the-scene photos from "A Korean Odyssey" on their official webpage...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Hyun-joo Sends a Coffee Truck to Support Shin Hye-sun

Source | 2018/01/21 | Permalink

Actress Shin Hye-sun shared fellow actress Kim Hyun-joo's thoughtful gift of a coffee truck on her official Instagram account...More

[Lily's Take] Goo Ha-ra, a Natural Born Beauty

Source | 2018/01/21 | Permalink

Singer and an actress Goo Ha-ra proved that she is a natural born beauty...More

[Lily's Take] The Untouchable Veteran Actors of "Untouchable"

Source | 2018/01/21 | Permalink

As the drama "Untouchable" came to an end, we must acknowledge these two veteran actors: Park Geun-hyung and Choi Jong-won...More

[Lily's Take] Hwang Jung-eum Enjoys her Vacation After Giving Birth

Source | 2018/01/21 | Permalink

Actress Hwang Jung-eum updated the fans with her current status...More

[Lily's Take] So Yi-hyun's Adorable Daughter

Source | 2018/01/20 | Permalink

A picture of So Yi-hyun and In Gyo-jin's daughter, In Ha-eun, was revealed...More

[Lily's Take] "Last Child" Invited to the Berlin International Film Festival

Source | 2018/01/20 | Permalink

"Last Child" received an official invitation for the "Forum" section of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival, which will be held from February 15th to 17th...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Seung-gi and Shim Eun-kyung's "The Princess and the Matchmaker" Will Finally Be Released

Source | 2018/01/20 | Permalink

A CJ Entertainment associate revealed that movie the "The Princess and the Matchmaker" confirmed its release date for February 28th...More

[Lily's Take] Xiaoguang Yu's Surprise Birthday Party for Wife Choo Ja-hyun

Source | 2018/01/20 | Permalink

Actress Choo Ja-hyun celebrated her 40th birthday...More

[Lily's Take] Go Hyun-jung's Generous Gifts to "Return" Staff

Source | 2018/01/20 | Permalink

Actress Go Hyun-jung surprised the staff of drama "Return" by gifting everyone with winter parkas and skincare products...More

[Lily's Take] IU's News Interview About her Lyrics and Jonghyun

Source | 2018/01/18 | Permalink

On the 17th, IU appeared as a guest speaker in JTBC Newsroom culture section, sharing her feelings about her 10-year career, life, and music...More

[Lily's Take] "Radio Romance" Main Cast's Romantic Character Posters

Source | 2018/01/18 | Permalink

New drama "Radio Romance" revealed the character posters of the main cast members: Yoon Doo-joon, Kim So-hyun, Yoon Park and Yura...More

[Lily's Take] "Keys to the Heart" Afterparty with Han Ji-min and Lee Byung-hun

Source | 2018/01/18 | Permalink

On the 17th, the "Keys to the Heart" team celebrated the release of their movie with a VIP viewing followed by an afterparty...More

[Lily's Take] Gong Yoo on the cover of Bazaar China magazine

Source | 2018/01/17 | Permalink

Actor Gong Yoo is appearing as the cover of a Chinese fashion magazine...More

[Lily's Take] Hyoyeon, Jung Si-ah, and Hwang Shin-hye's Unexpected Friendship

Source | 2018/01/17 | Permalink

What an odd yet stunning combination of friends we have here...More

[Lily's Take] Ha Jung-woo Receives Appreciation Plaque from Korea's Defense Security Command

Source | 2018/01/16 | Permalink


Because the movie "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" is still taking over the theaters and is about to hit 13 million viewers, Director Kim Yong-hwa and actor Ha Jung-woo received an Appreciation Plaque from Korea's Defense Security Command...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Dong-wan Pleads with Fans to Stop Visiting His Home

Source | 2018/01/15 | Permalink

A member of the popular boy group "Shinhwa" and an actor Kim Dong-wan released his plead to the persistent fans who've been visiting his home and waiting for his attention right outside of his private property...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Min-jung, Kim Woo-bin, Go Soo Have Unpaid Wages

Source | 2018/01/15 | Permalink

Actress Kim Min-jung's unpaid wage added fire to the news of stars not having been paid for their performances...More

[Lily's Take] Park Bo-gum Runs Errands for Hyori's Bed & Breakfast 2

Source | 2018/01/14 | Permalink

On the 14th, pictures of the actor Park Bo-gum took over many online communities and SNS in Korea...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Yong-hwa's Blissful Time in Cuba

Source | 2018/01/14 | Permalink

Band CNBLUE's main vocal and an actor, Jung Yong-hwa shared his peaceful day in Cuba...More

[Lily's Take] Jang Nara Explains Why She Is Not in a Relationship

Source | 2018/01/14 | Permalink

On the 12th, actress Jang Nara appeared for a short interview and a guerrilla date with people on the street as she celebrated the end of her drama, "Go Back Couple"...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Nam-joo, Han Ga-in and Son Ye-jin Return to Drama

Source | 2018/01/14 | Permalink

Top actresses Kim Nam-joo, Han Ga-in and Son Ye-jin confirmed their return to the drama world...More

[Lily's Take] Park Ha-sun Is Happy to Be a Mother

Source | 2018/01/14 | Permalink

Actress Park Ha-sun has been sharing the daily joys of motherhood...More

[Lily's Take] Sung Yu-ri's 10-Year Battle for 80 Million in Unpaid Wages

Source | 2018/01/14 | Permalink

Sung Yu-ri has not been paid for one drama appearance for ten years...More

[Lily's Take] Which Actress Recently Joined the "National Mother" Celebrity List?

Source | 2018/01/10 | Permalink

There are many actresses with a nickname of "National Mother". You may think of such as Go Doo-shim, Na Moon-hee, Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hye-ja, Kim Mi-kyung and many more...More

[Lily's Take] What to Expect from Upcoming Drama "Radio Romance"

Source | 2018/01/10 | Permalink

Is everyone excited for the new drama "Radio Romance" as I am?...More

[Lily's Take] Top Actresses Attend Son Ye-jin's Birthday Party

Source | 2018/01/10 | Permalink

To celebrate their best friend's birthday, top actresses like Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Min-jung, Oh Yoon-ah, Uhm Ji-won, Song Yoon-ah, and Lee Jung-hyun came together...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Hwan-hee Graduates Middle School

Source | 2018/01/10 | Permalink

Kim Hwan-hee, the child actress most famous for her role as Hyo-jin in the highly-praised movie "The Wailing", graduated middle school yesterday...More

[Lily's Take] Lim Soo-jung Enjoys Her Time in Australia

Source | 2018/01/10 | Permalink

Actress Lim Soo-jung updated the fans on her daily life...More

[Lily's Take] Jang Hee-jin Apologizes for her Comment About Lee Bo-young

Source | 2018/01/08 | Permalink

Actress Jang Hee-jin apologized for her comment about a fellow actress Lee Bo-young...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Eun-saem Shows Off Her Many Facets in "Drama Stage - Anthology"

Source | 2018/01/08 | Permalink

Young actress Lee Eun-saem's vibrant acting attracted the viewers in "Drama Stage - Anthology"...More

[Lily's Take] Hong Soo-ah Wants to Return to Showbiz

Source | 2018/01/08 | Permalink

Actress Hong Soo-ah expressed her hope in coming back to the Korean showbiz...More

[Lily's Take] Shin Se-kyung's Behind-the-scenes Dance Moves

Source | 2018/01/04 | Permalink

"Black Knight" released a cute NG of Shin Se-kyung...More

[Lily's Take] "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" Thanks Fans For 10 Million Views

Source | 2018/01/03 | Permalink

The movie "Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" became the first movie with 10 million viewers in 2018...More

[Lily's Take] Uhm Hyun-kyung Overcomes Her Fear to Raise a Rescued Dog

Source | 2018/01/03 | Permalink

Actress Uhm Hyun-kyung fear dogs so her love her her pet made made hearts a bit warmer in this cold season...More

[Lily's Take] Jung Hae-in Thanks his Fans for the Coffee Truck

Source | 2018/01/03 | Permalink

Actor Jung Hae-in expressed his gratitude to the loyal fans who sent a coffee truck to his filming set...More

[Lily's Take] Additional Investigation on "A Korean Odyssey"

Source | 2018/01/02 | Permalink

The Ministry of Employment and Labor began the additional investigation on drama, "A Korean Odyssey"...More

[Lily's Take] 2PM Unites to Celebrate Ok Taecyeon's First Vacation

Source | 2018/01/02 | Permalink

To celebrate Ok Taecyeon's first vacation from his military duty, the members of K-pop boy band 2PM had a get together...More

[Lily's Take] Actor Shin Sung-woo Has a Son

Source | 2018/01/02 | Permalink

Actor Shin Sung-woo confirmed the birth of his first born...More

[Lily's Take] New Year's Greeting from the Stars and All of Us at HanCinema

Source | 2018/01/01 | Permalink

Goodbye 2017 and hello to 2018! As we greet this New Year with happy smiles, many of our beloved stars like Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo are also sending us their New Year's greetings...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Joon and Jung So-min Are in a Relationship

Source | 2018/01/01 | Permalink

Actor Lee Joon and actress Jung So-min have confirmed that they are dating...More

[Lily's Take] Kwak Do-won and Jung Woo-sung Meet BIGBANG

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

On January 1st, Jung Woo-sung posted two photos on his official Instagram that were full of happy smiles...More

[Lily's Take] SBS Drama Awards - Ji Sung dedicates his Grand Prize to Uhm Ki-joon

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

The winner of the 2017 SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize was Ji Sung...More

[Lily's Take] 2017 KBS Drama Awards - The 6 Best Couples

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

The year of 2017 was full of adorable couples on KBS. A total of 13 nominees were up for the Best Couple Award and the winners were chosen by audience votes on the official 2017 KBS Drama Award website...More

[Lily's Take] SBS Drama Awards - Kim Won-hae's Well-Deserved Award

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

Actor Kim Won-hae was crowned with Best Supporting Actor Award at 2017 SBS Drama Awards...More

[Lily's Take] Should JTBC Have Their Own Drama Awards?

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

I would be wonderful if JTBC had their own award ceremony at the end of the year...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Woo-bin's Handwritten Letter to Fans

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

Actor Kim Woo-bin greeted fans 7 months after news released that he had been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer...More

[Lily's Take] JYJ's Kim Junsu Win Best Musical Actor Award for 4 Consecutive Years

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

Member of a boy group JYJ and musical actor, Kim Junsu, has received loved from his audiences over the past four years...More

[Lily's Take] K-pop Girl Group miss A: A Retrospective

Source | 2017/12/31 | Permalink

Famous K-pop girl group miss A announced their disbandment after 7 years in K-pop...More

[Lily's Take] The 2017 MBC Drama Awards - In Memory of the Stars We Lost

Source | 2017/12/30 | Permalink

MBC Drama Awards aired a special memorial video for the stars we lost in 2017...More

[Lily's Take] The 2017 MBC Drama Awards - Cho Jung-seok Comes to Hyeri's Rescue

Source | 2017/12/30 | Permalink

At the 2017 MBC Drama Awards, the leads of the drama "Two Cops", actor Cho Jung-seok and actress Hyeri stepped up to the stage to present the Popularity Awards...More

[Lily's Take] BTOB's Yook Sung-jae Taking a Break Due to Back Injury

Source | 2017/12/29 | Permalink

Yook Sung-jae is receiving treatment for a back injury...More

[Lily's Take] HBO Sends Kim Yoo-jung a Love Call

Source | 2017/12/29 | Permalink

Actress Kim Yoo-jung received an offer for a role in a US drama...More

[Lily's Take] Yook Sung-jae Reminds Lee Seung-gi of His Younger Self

Source | 2017/12/29 | Permalink

Recently returned beloved actor and entertainer Lee Seung-gi shared his love for Yook Sung-jae who said Lee Seung-gi is his role model...More

[Lily's Take] Concern over "Something Happened in Bali" Remake

Source | 2017/12/29 | Permalink

Will drama "Something Happened in Bali" be able to be successfully remade? Will it achieve the same heights as the 2004 original? Fan anticipation and concern is rising...More

[Lily's Take ] An After Party Full of Love for "While You Were Sleeping - 2017"

Source | 2017/12/29 | Permalink

The cast of the drama "While You Were Sleeping - 2017" maintain their strong friendship after the end of the drama...More

[Lily's Take] Song Joong-ki and Lee Junho's Unexpected Friendship

Source | 2017/12/27 | Permalink

Actor and 2PM member Lee Junho shared the news of the snack truck sent by fellow actor Song Joong-ki...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Byung-hun Is Disappointed When People Don't Recognize Him

Source | 2017/12/26 | Permalink

When people don't recognize him, Actor Lee Byung-hun gets disappointed...More

[Lily's Take] Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin To Wed

Source | 2017/12/18 | Permalink

BIGBANG's Taeyang announced his marriage with actress Min Hyo-rin on his official Instagram account...More

[Lily's Take] What are SISTAR members Yoon Bora, Kim Dasom, Hyolyn, and Soyou doing now?

Source | 2017/11/26 | Permalink

SISTAR's second chapter is proving to be quite exciting The four members of the former K-pop girl group, SISTAR, have paved their owns paths over the past six months...More

[Lily's Take] The cast of "Night Light" re-united

Source | 2017/11/26 | Permalink

Actress Lee Yo-won and UEE attended the premiere showing for Jung Hae-in"s new movie, "The Age of Blood"...More

[Lily's Take] Han Ji-min enjoys a sweet mother-daughter date

Source | 2017/11/15 | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-min revealed a sweet photo taken with her beautiful mom...More

[Lily's Take] Seo Yu-jeong apologizes for damaging cultural property

Source | 2017/11/14 | Permalink

On the 13th, actress Seo Yu-jeong released an official apology in regards to the cultural property damage in Italy on her official Instagram account...More

[Lily's Take] "Signal 2" in the works

Source | 2017/11/14 | Permalink

One of the most popular dramas of 2016, "Signal" is preparing for its second season that aims to air at the end of 2018...More

[Lily's Take] The Shy Squad assembles - BoA, Son Hyun-joo, and Kim Sun-ah

Source | 2017/11/13 | Permalink

Singer and an actress, BoA revealed a selfie taken with her fellow 'Natgarim (Shy)' squad members on her Instagram...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Dong-gun & Jo Yoon-hee's beautiful pregnancy photo

Source | 2017/11/13 | Permalink

Actress Jo Yoon-hee revealed a heartwarming pregnancy photo with her husband, actor Lee Dong-gun, on her official Instagram account on the 13th...More

[Lily's Take] Choi Minho's charm makes FLOTUS smile

Source | 2017/11/08 | Permalink

The FLOTUS of United States of America and a Kpop star had a smiling encounter...More

[Lily's Take] Go Hyun-jung, confident without makeup

Source | 2017/11/07 | Permalink

Veteran actress Go Hyun-jung came back with a new movie, "A Tiger in Winter"...More

[Lily's Take] Han Ji-min thank the fans for the birthday gifts

Source | 2017/11/07 | Permalink

Actress Han Ji-min expressed her appreciation towards her fans who congratulated her on her birthday...More

[Lily's Take] Ok Taecyeon becomes a recruit trainer in the military

Source | 2017/11/01 | Permalink

On November 1st, actor Ok Taecyeon's agency JYP Entertainment announced Ok Taecyeon's current status...More

[Lily's Take] Lee Yoo-young learns of Kim Joo-hyuk's death

Source | 2017/10/30 | Permalink

Actress Lee Yoo-young was in the middle of shooting the popular variety show, "Running Man", in Busan when she heard the news of boyfriend Kim Joo-hyuk's death...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Sejeong's aegyo melts Song Kang-ho's heart

Source | 2017/10/30 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sejeong's ultimate aegyo melted the heart of the veteran actor Song Kang-ho...More

[Lily's Take] IU's "Fight My Way" Dubbing Video Goes Viral

Source | 2017/10/27 | Permalink

In South Korea, a certain photo editing/drama dubbing app, Kwai (click for android and here for iphone), for smartphone has become very popular recently...More

[Lily's Take] Shin Se-kyung shows off her beauty in a traditional Korean hanbok

Source | 2017/10/25 | Permalink

A few days ago, South Korea celebrated the National Hanbok Day (celebrating traditional Korean clothing) with the "2017 Gyeongbokgung Moonlight Hanbok Fashion Show" at the Gyeongbok Palace...More

Won Bin's shocking hairstyle

Source | 2017/10/25 | Permalink

In 2015, the celebrity couple of the era was born: Won Bin and Lee Na-young...More

The Hottest Actress Trio of 2017 - Ssangmundong Sisters

Source | 2017/10/24 | Permalink

From the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016, there was a special drama that captured our hearts...More

10 Well-matched drama couples despite their huge age gap

Source | 2017/10/17 | Permalink

Age is just a number when it comes to a good chemistry...More

Dreamy Bride-to-be, Song Hye-kyo - the Goddess of Korea

Source | 2017/10/16 | Permalink

The most anticipated bride-to-be of the era, Song Hye-kyo, greeted the fans with a dreamy photoshoot...More

Loyal Top Stars Assemble for Son Dam-bi's Birthday Party!

Source | 2017/10/04 | Permalink


Actress and a singer, Son Dam-bi celebrated her 34th birthday with few of her best friends as she threw a 70's themed birthday party on September 25th...More

Actress Ryu Hwa-young in the Journey to Find Her True Color

Source | 2017/10/04 | Permalink

Korea's popular fashion magazine Grazia revealed a photoshoot and a short interview with actress Ryu Hwa-young...More

Beautiful Bride Lee Si-young in Autumn-Themed Wedding

Source | 2017/10/01 | Permalink

Actress Lee Si-young revealed her wedding photos...More

10 Years of Friendship! Han Ji-hye, Yoo In-young and Lee Young-eun

Source | 2017/09/30 | Permalink

Actress Yoo In-young posted a picture on her SNS on 29th, featuring her fellow actresses...More

Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee Couples' Painting-like Wedding Photos

Source | 2017/09/30 | Permalink

On the 30th, star couple Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee revealed their wedding photos through their agencies...More

Actor Kim Sang-kyung in Mourning After the Death of His Father

Source | 2017/09/30 | Permalink

Actor Kim Sang-kyung's father passed away...More

Actress Seo Min-jung's talks about her husband and daughter

Source | 2017/09/01 | Permalink

On the 29th, actress Seo Min-jung explained how she was able to make an appearance on a popular quiz show, '1 vs 100' with her husband's support...More

Park Jin-joo worried over her next opportunity

Source | 2017/09/01 | Permalink

Many know that actress Park Jin-joo was part of the movie "Sunny - 2010" cast, but not many knew that it was her debut...More

Korea's Beauty and the Beast Couple, Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Hae-jin

Source | 2017/09/01 | Permalink

One of the most popular and celebrated celebrity couples in South Korea was actress Kim Hye-soo and actor Yoo Hae-jin. They earned the nickname of "Beauty and the Beast Couple" couple in Korea and many people still wish for them to get back together after their 2011 breakup...More

Son Ho-jun and Jang Nara together in new drama "Go Back Couple"

Source | 2017/08/30 | Permalink

Actor Son Ho-jun and actress Jang Nara will become the "go back couple" as they say in Korean...More

[Lily's Take] Can you guess these actors by their childhood pictures?

Source | 2017/08/29 | Permalink

Here is the second part of the guessing game. The first part had you guessing who the actresses were by their childhood photos. This time we have the gentlemen...More

[Lily's Take] Can you guess these actresses by their childhood pictures?

Source | 2017/08/29 | Permalink

Let's play a fun game today! So we know that childhood pictures of celebrities can be an annoying threat to certain celebrities who are mocked for having plastic surgery done. But for others, it's wonderful proof that they have always been beauties since they were young children...More

Actor Sol Kyung-gu makes an official apology to Seolhyun

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

On the 29th, actor Sol Kyung-gu released an official apology to the fellow actress Seolhyun regrading his comment in that she has "baekchimi...More

Gong Myung, "My character Bi-ryeom was exactly like my personality"

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink


Actor Gong Myung revealed his photoshoot featured in the fashion magazine ELLE September edition...More

Oh Yeon-seo, "I want to hear that I'm charming more than just being pretty"

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

Actress Oh Yeon-seo presented her graceful charms in a photoshoot...More

Namgoong Min, "Actors always face a dilemma in approaching a character"

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

High-end lifestyle magazine, HERITAGE MUINE featured the ever-so-popular actor, Namgoong Min in their photoshoot of the month...More

Actress Seo Ye-ji transforms from "Soo Ae look-a-like" to "Thriller Queen"

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

Recently, "Save Me" is writing a new chapter in the history of the thriller genre...More

Yoona plans to visit Im Si-wan during his military service

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

Yoona was featured on the cover of the fashion magazine Allure Korea...More

Lee Tae-im, "Woman of Dignity" was a precious opportunity

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

Actress Lee Tae-im's "dignified" photoshoot was revealed...More

Kim So-hyun, "Soon I'll be 20, I've been pondering my identity"

Source | 2017/08/28 | Permalink

Actress Kim So-hyun was featured as the cover of 10+Star Magazine September edition...More

4 Prodigy Actresses Being Love-called By Every Movie Directors

Source | 2017/08/27 | Permalink

Korean entertainment is growing stronger than ever in many aspects but among all the evolution in the K-drama and K-movie world, the best thing happening is the birth of prodigies...More

Beauty In Its Most Intense Form, Actress Lee El

Source | 2017/08/27 | Permalink

Actress Lee El's Singles photoshoot was revealed...More

Flawless Charming Gentleman, Actor Jung Woo-sung

Source | 2017/08/27 | Permalink

Actor Jung Woo-sung is a role model for every men in their 30's an 40's in South Korea...More

Hallyu Queen's Majestic Aura, Ha Ji-won on Hong Kong Marie Claire

Source | 2017/08/27 | Permalink

Actress Ha Ji-won showed her hallyu queen reputation as she was chosen as the cover of Hong Kong Marie Claire fashion magazine September edition...More

Sol Kyung-gu Cinema & Talk Concert Behind Story

Source | 2017/08/27 | Permalink

Welcome to a talk concert with one of the most legendary actor, Sol Kyung-gu...More

Stars who were selected as role models by their fellow stars

Source | 2017/08/26 | Permalink

Do you have a role model in your life? A mentor you want to learn everything from? Many actors and actresses certainly have their own role models when it comes to acting...More

Who is the most memorable female doctor in medical K-dramas?

2017/08/26 | Permalink

Once every so often, we are blessed with some good medical k-dramas. Recently, two airing medical dramas airing captured my attention...More

Lee Kwang-soo, Jung Yu-mi & Bae Sung-woo in Upcoming Drama, "Live"

Source | 2017/08/20 | Permalink

Actor Lee Kwang-soo, Bae Sung-woo and actress Jung Yu-mi confirmed their appearance as the 3 main characters in the upcoming drama, "Live"...More

Kim Dong-wan Playing the Main Role in Upcoming drama, "Drama Stage - The Picnic Day"

Source | 2017/08/20 | Permalink

Actor Kim Dong-wan will be returning to the drama world in the first time in a long, long awaited time for us fans!...More

Lee Young-ae, the Definition of Elegance and Alluring Beauty

Source | 2017/08/20 | Permalink

Fashion media Elle revealed the beauty photoshoot featuring the legendary actress Lee Young-ae, the actress who represent Asia and one of the most popular Korean actress in the world...More

Lee Junho's First Main Role Confirmed in Upcoming Drama, "Just Between Lovers"

Source | 2017/08/20 | Permalink

Member of a K-pop boy group 2PM and a brilliant actor, Lee Junho confirmed his very first main role as he decided to take part in the upcoming JTBC drama, "Just Between Lovers"...More

Lee Ji-hyun Getting Married in September to an Optometrist

Source | 2017/08/20 | Permalink

Former member of a K-pop girl group and an actress, Lee Ji-hyun announced her marriage...More

Selfie to Trigger Jealousy? Seohyun and Kim Ji-hoon-I

Source | 2017/08/19 | Permalink

Actor Kim Ji-hoon-I encouraged everyone to watch his drama, "Bad Thief, Good Thief"...More

Last Picture With Dignity, Kim Hee-sun and Lee Tae-im

Source | 2017/08/19 | Permalink

Beautiful actresses Kim Hee-sun and Lee Tae-im revealed their loving two-shots...More

'Love You All!' The Last Family Picture of "Father is Strange"

Source | 2017/08/19 | Permalink

The popular drama, "Father is Strange" family took a last photo on the set...More

"The Best Hit" Squad, Their Everlasting Friendship

Source | 2017/08/19 | Permalink

Drama "The Best Hit" cast put on display the friendship they developed even after the show came to an end...More

Kwon Sang-woo & Son Tae-young, 38th Birthday Filled With Love

Source | 2017/08/19 | Permalink


Actress Son Tae-young celebrated her 38th birthday as she spent her day with her husband, actor Kwon Sang-woo in bliss...More

[Interview] "V.I.P" Kim Myung-min - Without Hesitation but Renewed

Source | 2017/08/14 | Permalink

In the movie, "V.I.P", actor Kim Myung-min plays the detective, Chae I-do. He is an important role who have to catch the criminal...More

[Interview] "V.I.P" Jang Dong-gun - The Emotion Rises the More You Hide It

Source | 2017/08/14 | Permalink

Actor Jang Dong-gun took out his vapor cigarette. It's been about 6 months since he quit smoking and started with his vapor cigarette about 2 weeks ago...More

[Interview] "V.I.P" Park Hee-soon - Let's Loosen Up A Bit

Source | 2017/08/14 | Permalink

"When director Park Hoon-jung made his first movie, "The Showdown", I was the main character and now he gives me a support character in "V.I.P". I asked him, isn't this a bit unfair? (*laugh*)" Director Park Hoon-jung's long-time friend, actor Park Hee-soon tells a casting behind story as he laughed...More

[Interview] "V.I.P" Lee Jong-suk - The Cruelty Hidden Behind His Innocent Face

Source | 2017/08/14 | Permalink

Very Important Person, "V.I.P" is the character Kim Gwang-il in this movie, played by actor Lee Jong-suk...More

Jin A-reum, "Still going strong with boyfriend, Namgoong Min"

Source | 2017/08/13 | Permalink

Actress and a model, Jin A-reum held an interview as she collaborated with "bnt" for a photoshoot...More

The Original Romcom Queen, Kim Ha-neul's Everlasting Beauty

Source | 2017/08/13 | Permalink

Actress Kim Ha-neul's beauty photoshoot were released today.

She collaborated with a fashion magazine, High Cut for a beauty photoshoot and she made yet another beauty statement as she showed her mature atmosphere in the late-summer sunlight...More

The Undeniably Sexy Squad of the movie "V.I.P"

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The main cast of the upcoming movie, "V.I.P" assembled for a photoshoot. The dandy charisma of these four in fitted suit is impressive...More

Actor Yoo Yeon-seok Taking On a Role of a Transgender Singer

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Actor Yoo Yeon-seok gives off a sexy vibe in a photo taken for his upcoming musical...More

Good-bye Ji Chang-wook! Until We Meet Again

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Actor Ji Chang-wook shared a picture of him and his freshly shaven head on SNS...More

"Answer Me 1988" Squad Supporting Ryu Jun-yeol at "A Taxi Driver" Premiere

2017/07/31 | Permalink

The movie "A Taxi Driver" premiere was held in Gwangju, which is meaningful since the background of the movie is held in the Gwangju city...More

Lee Dong-wook Featured on the Cover of Taiwanese Magazine

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Actor Lee Dong-wook showed his flower-like beauty on the cover of a Taiwanese Magazine.

He was featured on the cover of the August edition of Marie Claire Magazine in Taiwan, which confirms how big he is internationally after the success of the drama, "Goblin"...More

Park Shin-hye, the Undeniable Beauty Photoshoot

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Actress Park Shin-hye was featured in the August edition of W Korea magazine. In the photoshoot, Park Shin-hye is dressed with a sophisticated, yet alluring fashion along the coast of Antibes of France...More

Lee Joon Entering His Military Service on 10/24

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The duty calls! Actor Lee Joon received his mandatory military service call in mail. His service will begin on this coming October 24th...More

Actor Sung Hoon Shouted Poop On-Air?! His Honest Daily Life

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Lately, I've been noticing the actor Sung Hoon being so popular among netizens...More

Kim Min-kyu Selected as ALLETS Model after Jung Chae-yeon

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Who are some of the famous stars born in 1994? The most well-known '94 stars would be Bae Suzy and Sulli...More

Actress Kim Seo-hyung, "I can't overcome Shin Ae-ri from "Temptation of Wife""

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Actress Kim Seo-hyung updated us about her status with a fashion photoshoot along with a little interview. On the 31st, actress Kim Seo-hyung revealed number of photos with 3 different concept through bnt...More

Actress Choo Ja-hyun and Actor Yu Xiaoguang's Newlywed Life

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In a Korean variety show, "Same Bed Different Dreams" season 2, Korean actress Choo Ja-hyun and Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang couple was featured as the show observed their newlywed life...More

SNSD Seohyun's Sexy Image Change!

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A member of a top K-pop group, "Girl's Generation (aka SNSD)" and an actress, Seohyun made a huge image change with SNSD's new song, Holiday Night...More

The Actors/Actresses Who Learned the Dialects for Their Role

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I would imagine it is hard for a non-Korean speaker to understand when an actor or actress is using a dialect in the drama...More

Actress Han Ji-min reuniting with actor Lee Seo-jin and Eric Mun

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Anyone suffering from the Monday Blues today? Well, I'm certainly one of those people who dreaded going into work this morning. However, the news I read on the internet today cheered me up a bit and look forward to this weekend!...More

Thank You For Growing Up So Well, Park Ji-bin!

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The little actor whom was asked a question, "How can you do the crying act so well?", he answered, "That's a mystery for me too!"...More

"Fight My Way" Intern Kim Chan-ho's Terrifying Past

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The drama "Fight My Way" has been a great energizer in my life while it lasted. Now that the drama is gone, it feels a bit empty in my heart.


While everyone was into the main characters, there are few of us who've fall into a totally random character...More

The Actress Whose Beauty is Praised By Other Stars

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There are many beautiful actresses in South Korea, but this particular actress is one of the most famous actress for her beauty. Actress Song Hye-kyo is not only beautiful on the outward appearance but also her inner beauty...More

5 Rare Actors in Their 20's Who've Already Served in the Military

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The mandatory military service is every South Korean actors' biggest dilemma in their career...More

These Stars Become a Fashionista After 10 Years

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The celebrities shown below are South Korea's famous fashionistas. All of them's got great proportions, strong sense in fashion and charismatic aura about them to digest the unique styles well. However, even these fashionistas have the history they want to delete off of their timeline...More

The K-drama Cliché We Can't Get Away From

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K-drama has a lot of clichés: Rich man with his cinderella, (required) hospital scene, mean in-laws, water splash on the face, and the most frequent out of all is the secret of the birth...More

"Woman of Dignity" Jung Da-hye, "The Pasta Fight? Done in one cue. Director was happy".

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One of the show I've been keeping up with lately is the drama "Woman of Dignity". The drama is highly intriguing, every episode is intertwined with greed and lust, which is the perfect ingredients when it comes to causing a drama...More

Nam Ji-hyun "Acting? It's the happiness that I'll never abandon"

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The Star magazine's August edition revealed a lovely photoshoot of actress Nam Ji-hyun. In the photos, she was dressed in soft ruffled dresses and blouses to emphasize her feminine beauty...More

"Midnight Runners" Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul's Bromance!

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For Magazine M's 224th edition, upcoming movie, "Midnight Runners"'s two main actors united for the photoshoot. "Midnight Runners" is about the two twenty-two years old police officers, Gi-joon (played by Park Seo-joon) and Hee-yeol (played by Kang Ha-neul) investigating a kidnapping case that happened right in front of their eyes...More

Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy's Secret Date Costs Way More Than You Can Imagine

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On the 28th, in TV Joseon Station's talk show, "ByulByul Talk Show", they featured top stars and their secretive dates. For one example, Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy's 2015 London date was described...More

Chief Kim's Foodie Sociopath, Lee Junho's Childhood!

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Do you remember Lee Junho? A member of the K-pop boy group 2PM and now an outstanding actor? The one that delighted us from the drama, "Chief Kim" early on this year as the foodie sociopath, Seo-Yool? Now that you start to recall him, see this adorable little boy! Lee Junho released his adorable childhood picture on his SNS on the 28th...More

Actor Song Jae-hee's Surprise Wedding Announcement

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Actor Song Jae-hee surprised everybody with his marriage announcement on a variety show, "Law of the Jungle in Komodo". In the episode that was aired on the 28th, Song Jae-hee spilled the news rather impulsively to the fellow actor Lee Wan that he is getting married...More

Yu Jun-sang in a Dandy Suit, a Sensual Gentleman

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Actor Yu Jun-sang's photoshoots were released...More

Do You Remember the Actress Who Kissed EXO's Baekhyun?

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As we watch the hot drama, "School 2017", there's a girl that every viewers hate...More

Terrible Ads - What Have They Done to My Stars?!

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To capture the attention of the viewers in short time frame and appeal the product they are selling, the advertisements have to be captivating and creative...More

Which Top Star Married Couple Was Voted #1?

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Work and love. Career and romance. There are quite a few top star couples who killed two birds with one stone...More

The Worst Wigs in K-drama History

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Remember couple weeks ago when actor Nam Joo-hyuk's blue wig got everyone loss for words?...More

Who's Your Favorite Couple From Kim Eun-sook's Dramas?

2017/07/27 | Permalink

Now that the main couple's cast was officially confirmed and released for Korea's #1 scriptwriter Kim Eun'sook's new drama, "Mr. Sunshine", everyone's more than excited for it...More

Kim Ji-won "I'm not as cute as Choi Ae-ra but I wish I have a guy friend like Ko Dong-man".

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"I'm very satisfied with the ending! I'm glad it was a happy ending with a marriage. It would have been heart aching for me if Ae-ra and Dong-man's break up was long since the beginning of the drama had a lot of happy memories of them".

As the drama "Fight My Way" ended this month, actress Kim Ji-won, who played the lovable Choi Ae-ra, shared her feelings about the ending...More

Movie "Monstrum" Hyeri shed tears, "I put much effort in my first movie ever"

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Movie "Monstrum" shot the last scene of the movie after 3 months of filming.

On the 27th, according to Kidarient Corp., the movie "Monstrum" finished up their shooting on the 21st in Yangpyeong County...More

Actress Lee Bo-young Will Be Playing Another Strong-willed Mother Role in 2018

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Actress Lee Bo-young is returning to the drama field with an upcoming tvN drama, "Mother - Drama". On the 27th a staff reported that she has confirmed her appearance in the drama and is preparing for the role now...More

Role Given to Only the Most Beautiful Actresses - Joseon Bond Girls!

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Actress Kim Ji-won joined the "Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead" crew after her latest drama, "Fight My Way" ended! The Detective K is the movie series that started in 2010. From "Detective K" in 2010, the second movie "Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island" was released in 2014, and now "Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead" is in production...More

[Lily's Take] From A Boy to A Man! Actor Yeo Jin-goo

2017/07/26 | Permalink

I've been hearing how good the drama "Circle" was and wanting to watch the drama for a long time already. However, like I mentioned in few other posts, I'm a "Binge-watch-the-whole-season-in-3-days" type of a girl rather than the "Patiently-wait-for-the-new-episode-every-week" type...More

5 Actresses Who Were Born Under Strict Soldier Fathers

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Apparently, the daughters of the soldiers are beautiful! Being born to a soldier's family, the children often turns out to be polite and respectful. So it's no wonder that the 5 actresses below are known for their refined dignity and respectful nature as well as their beauty...More

[Lily's Take] Discovering Actor Jang Dong-yoon

2017/07/25 | Permalink


Today's actor you need to prepare yourself to fall in love with is non other than the actor Jang Dong-yoon! If you are a true, hardcore K-drama/K-pop fan, you may remember seeing his face somewhere...More

Seolhyun, Pure and Sexy White Dress Looks

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Capturing both purity and seductive image, white dresses can be really alluring. Many women know that fact when they wear white dresses, and actress Seolhyun certainly knows that too!...More

Gong Yoo vs Park Hyung-sik at "Volez, Voguez, Voyagez"

2017/07/25 | Permalink

Have you heard the news about Seoul Dongdaemun Design Plaza becoming a bit brighter in the beginning of July?...More

[Spoiler] "My Sassy Girl - Drama" Joo Won's behind cuts and selfies for the fans

Source | 2017/07/25 | Permalink


For 8 short weeks, "My Sassy Girl - Drama" made us laugh and cry every Monday & Tuesday night! As the drama ends in success, it is saddening to see our lovely Gyeon-woo and Princess Hyemyeong go...More

12 Beautiful actresses who rocked crossdressing

2017/07/25 | Permalink

In the recent drama, "The King Loves", actress Yoona challenged herself in her very first historical drama with a crossdressing role. Yoona's acting improves daily and this time, her foray into a new area of acting has surprised everyone. She is doing well in this role, but her beauty simply can't be hidden behind men's clothing...More

Song Ha-yoon, From CF Newbie to One of the Hottest Star in 2017

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Actress Song Ha-yoon's popularity just doesn't go away since her role sparked people's interest in the recent drama, "Fight My Way"...More

"Bride of the Water God 2017" Krystal, the True Goddess

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Red lips and vivid blue long dress, Krystal returned to us in her true form, the true goddess she is!...More

The List of Teachers in the School Series History

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In the last post, we took a look at the top stars who took a part in the School Series as students. Now, it would be quite upsetting if we forget the teachers! As much as the stars who played students became famous, there are many who played in this long time show as teachers, some strict, some loving, and some friend-like...More

Which Top Stars Starred in the School Series?

Source | 2017/07/23 | Permalink

The famous School Series is back! Starting from 1999 to 2002, and then from 2012 to 2013, and restarting the legacy in 2015, the School Series accompanied my generation's school years. Having 7 different seasons, some episodes have similarities considering the limit of the genre but nevertheless, it is still the program that attracts all the young viewers, and still the program that every young actors and actresses wishes to take part in...More

Actor Kim Jung-hyun, from Gong Hyo-jin's Little Bro to "School 2017"

2017/07/22 | Permalink


"School 2017" have many fresh faces, and the 3 main casts are gathering much excited anticipation from the viewers. Among the three, there's a face that is indeed fresh, yet somewhat familiar to our eyes! His name is Kim Jung-hyun...More

Which Hairstyle Suits Actress Jung So-min the Best?

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Along with the huge success of the drama, "Father is Strange", actress Jung So-min's gotten quite a great feedback from the viewers...More

Park Seo-joon, an Actor Without an Exit to His Charm!

2017/07/20 | Permalink

Actor Park Seo-joon flaunted his honest, down-to-earth charm in V LIVE, the Live Broadcasting App...More

Actor Choi Min-soo Successfully Creating His First Comical Character

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Veteran actor Choi Min-soo challenged himself for a comical role for the first time in 25 years of his acting career and his choice proved to be a great success!...More

So Ji-sub's Ideal Woman? "Someone who's easy to communicate with"

Source | 2017/07/20 | Permalink

Actor So Ji-sub's beautiful sculpted face shines on the cover of High Cut magazine...More

Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee will be featured in "Newlyweds Diary" season 2

Source | 2017/07/20 | Permalink

Actor Lee Dong-gun and actress Jo Yoon-hee couple confirmed their appearance in the variety show "Newlyweds Diary" season 2...More

Lee Kwang-soo Donated Hundred Thousand Dollars to the Children's Hospital

Source | 2017/07/19 | Permalink

Actor Lee Kwang-soo's secretive good deed was revealed and many people are praising the actor's good heart...More

"Queen of Mystery" Season 2 Confirmed

Source | 2017/07/19 | Permalink

KBS announced that it will be airing "Queen of Mystery Season 2" in February 2018. Actor Kwon Sang-woo and actress Choi Kang-hee have confirmed their reappearence and the script is being written at the moment...More

Actor with a good image, Choi Tae-joon

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2017 have been a great year so far with many discoveries of great actors/actresses. Among them, we have actor Choi Tae-joon! Actor Choi Tae-joon debuted in 2001, and has been active in the entertainment industry since then, but his name has been more widely known in the last year or so...More

Kim Go-eun Will Be Joining Lee Byung-hun's Agency

Source | 2017/07/17 | Permalink

Actress Kim Go-eun decided to fly away to another nest. As her contract comes to an end with her current agency, HODU&U Entertainment Co.,Ltd, the news was released that she won't be resigning and moving her agency to the BH Entertainment...More

"The Battleship Island" Cast Featured in the Magazine M Photoshoot

Source | 2017/07/17 | Permalink

South Korea's fashion Magazine M released some of the photoshoot they took with the cast of the movie, "The Battleship Island" on their official SNS on the 17th...More

Hwang Jung-eum and Park Soo-jin's Surprise Reunion!

2017/07/17 | Permalink

Actress Hwang Jung-eum and Park Soo-jin were spotted spending time together at a resort near Namhae area in South Korea...More

Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri Will Meet in Kim Eun-sook's New Drama!

2017/07/10 | Permalink

South Korea's most wanted scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook ("Goblin", "Descendants of the Sun" etc.) is writing a new drama called "Mr. Sunshine". According to her, this piece have been an on-going project for her since long ago...More

[Lily's Take] Song-Song Couple, 5 Hidden Clues of their Relationship #SongSongCouple

2017/07/07 | Permalink

Actor Song Joong-ki and actress Song Hye-kyo's surprise wedding announcement shocked every single k-drama fans across the world! As they selected October 31st as their big day, there are many people who are envious and sending negative messages but there are also many who are sending their biggest blessings and congratulating messages...More

The Actor Who Gets Mistaken as Yoon Sang-hyun's Brother

2017/06/30 | Permalink

There's an actor named Yoon Chae-sung. He took a small role in the drama, "Access 2014", and got people focusing on his acting even though his time on the show was short. That includes the director of the drama, "Family Secrets" and the movie, "The Great Actor"...More

When Kim Ji-won was 19 years old

2017/06/30 | Permalink

Our dear Kim Ji-won surely is growing fantastically well in her career! We are quite proud of how well this young actress have shown herself to the world of K-drama and she's getting lots of praises as she is often mentioned when we talk about the actresses in their 20's who can actually act well...More

Which Celebrity Club Would You Want to Join?

2017/06/30 | Permalink

Everyone's got their squad, the circle of friends who support and love each other. Without them, our life would be a bit lonely, honestly. Now, the squad can be formed because of the common interest, or personalities. It could be the age, it could be the school and the classes you take. What about the K-celebrities? How did they form the squad they are in?...More

It's Summer! Korean Stars on Vacation

2017/06/30 | Permalink

As the summer sunlight shine brightly on our face this June, some of the celebrities decided to have a little getaway vacation! Be it a rest-only vacation, or the time you can bond with your family, vacation is always righteous when you have been working so hard all this time....More

The 7 Lucky Charm Celebrities

2017/06/30 | Permalink


There are few actors and actresses we are awfully familiar with, because they are everywhere! These stars we will talk about today are not the top celebrities who always gets the main roles but rather, the minor roles that will withhold the show with their firm support! They are so-called the Lucky Charm Celebrities, as it is said that whatever movies/dramas they appear in, will end up in a great success!...More

Style My Way! Song Ha-yoon's Fashion

2017/06/30 | Permalink

In the on-going drama, "Fight My Way", the sub couple Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon have been issued way more than the main couple, Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won. This sub couple's situation have been getting more and more intense each episode lately and the viewers have been captivated by Song Ha-yoon's character as they put themselves in her shoes...More

What Would You Do If you have $4 Million

2017/06/30 | Permalink

There's a celebrity known as the volunteer angel/donation angel in South Korea.

"Isn't money most valuable when it is used? I think I donated the $4 million dollars in the most valuable way possible. I thought about what would have made me happier while spending that amount, and there's no other way...More

Actress Shin Se-kyung with a changed style!

2017/06/30 | Permalink

Women are the creatures always dissatisfied with their hairstyle, wanting a new look constantly. The long haired people will long for the short hair; short haired people will want to grow out their hair as soon as possible. Curly haired people wants straight hair, straight hair wants the curly hair! But we hesitate, in case the result becomes something regrettable...More

Actress Yoo In-na in KWAVE M Photoshoots

2017/06/30 | Permalink

Everyone's muse and one of my favorite actresses, actress Yoo In-na have been featured in yet another beautiful collection of photoshoot!...More

Newest Pics of Nam Joo-hyuk Released for "Bride of the Water God 2017"

Source | 2017/06/30 | Permalink

The newest still cuts of the highly anticipated drama, "Bride of the Water God 2017" were released and a lot of people are freaking out about it. By freaking out, I mean, not in a positive way...More

Lee Seo-won is the next Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum

2017/06/30 | Permalink

Past week, I was in the mood for some light-hearted romance drama. After some recommendations from friends and careful consideration, I decided to go with "The Liar and His Lover"...More

Only Walk on the Flower Road Now, Actress Son Yeo-eun!

2017/06/29 | Permalink

Do you know the actress Son Yeo-eun? You may remember the terrible Son Yeo-eun from the drama, "She Gets Married Thrice". Yes, that is her!...More

Kim Jae-joong + Joo Won + Kim Min-seok = Jang Seung-jo?

2017/06/29 | Permalink

Lately, there's been quite a big attention put in the actor Jang Seung-jo. He is not the most famous actor in K-drama world but he started to become a rising star with his latest drama, "Teacher Oh Soon-nam".


Some of the viewers see actor/singer Kim Jae-joong in him, some sees the actor Joo Won, and others see the actor Kim Min-seok. One thing that everyone agrees on though, is that he is one handsome actor!...More

Who's Your Favorite Historical Drama Goddess?

2017/06/29 | Permalink

Being in a historical drama is more challenging than it seems. Specially for the actresses, being able to look good in the traditional clothes, Hanbok, and the center parted hair-dos can be a bit of a difficult look to pull off if your proportion is not right. Moreover, the tone of the voice and languages used in the historical dramas are very different from that of a modern drama...More

The Dolls We All Wanted from the K-Dramas

2017/06/29 | Permalink



The drama "Goblin" made everyone wanting the Buckwheat Boy doll. Even after the drama was over, the Buckwheat Boy doll is sold out every time the new stock comes in...More

[Lily's Take] Time-travel Concept Dramas You Should Binge-watch

2017/06/29 | Permalink

I've been noticing a lot of dark-themed, serious dramas on trend. Which puts me on a cloud nine of K-drama heaven, since I'm a criminal suspense/psychological thriller junkie...More

The Character Given Only to the Best Actors : Ruthless King, Yeonsan-gun

Source | 2017/06/29 | Permalink

Yeonsan-gun (1476~1506), who's also known as Prince Yeonsan, was the 10th king of Korea's Joseon Dynasty. He was the loneliest corrupted king of Joseon. During his time as a king, he launched two bloody purges, ruling the nation with absolute fear. However on the 12th year of his ruling, he was overthrown by the Jungjong coup...More

The History of Sexy Anchor/ Anchorwoman in the K-dramas

Source | 2017/06/28 | Permalink

Acting a character whose job is an anchor/ anchorwoman is not an easy task. These characters are normally intelligent, sophisticated and very attractive...More

Who's That Girl? Yoon Myeong-hye from "Queen for 7 Days"

2017/06/28 | Permalink

Hey, you "Queen for 7 Days" watchers! Have you noticed that vicious girl Yoon Myeong-hye? Did you feel like you've seen her somewhere before but can't remember? Let me help you resolve that icky feeling of not being able to remember! Haha...More

Lee Je-hoon, a brilliant actor with a wide spectrum of acting

2017/06/28 | Permalink

*WARNING* This is a very much a biased article and you will experience a heavy favoritism. (Lol) Being a K-drama/ K-movie/ K-pop fangirl, I have a long list of Korean celebrities I love. However, my favorites are very few… and one of those few favorites, actor Lee Je-hoon proudly takes a big place in my heart...More

Up-do Hairstyle, Who Wore it the Best Among Mid-age Actresses?

Source | 2017/06/27 | Permalink

There's one thing in common when it comes to the elegant mid-age actresses. Yes, it's the beauty, it's the experience in the acting field, it's the way they carry themselves so gracefully. The common point we found today is their graceful up-do on their hairstyle though! Let's see who wore it the best!...More

Different Types of New Hires In Korean Office Dramas

2017/06/27 | Permalink

There are many K-dramas with story revolving around the office. Office is where you go to work, to learn the ways of the society, make money, get yelled at by nasty bosses and sometimes even a heart fluttering romance...More

"The Negotiation" Son Ye-jin vs Hyun Bin, Who Will Win?

2017/06/27 | Permalink

This new criminal thriller movie is about a brilliant negotiator of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency whose superior have been kidnapped by a kidnapper. Actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye-jin have been selected as the main casts and just started shooting this month...More

How Did These Stars Break Their Slump

2017/06/27 | Permalink

We all feel it. There are times where we feel such loneliness, feeling like there's no one there for me or there's nothing I can do to make the situation better. We may feel this slump at work, in family situations, school, and in life. Now, we all have different approach in breaking out of this slump and motivating ourselves. Let's take a look at how these stars took care of it!...More

Which Actors/Actresses Joined YG Entertainment?

Source | 2017/06/27 | Permalink

For people who are a fan of with K-pop industry, YG Entertainment is a familiar name to your ears. From Big Bang to Psy, Winner, Blackpink and more, YG Entertainment is one of the top agencies in South Korea for the K-pop groups. Now, did you know that YG Entertainment is also a home of many great actors and actresses? Many new/veteran actors/ actresses have signed a contract with YG Entertainment and they are part of the YG Family...More

Actress Chae Jung-an Reveals Her True Self

2017/06/26 | Permalink

Actress Chae Jung-an appeared on the talk show, "Life Bar". On the talk show, this beautiful actress has shown us all of her comical moments and brutal honesty on her image...More

Top Stars Couple Chemistry in Advertisements

Source | 2017/06/26 | Permalink

Sometimes the couple chemistry we see in the advertisements can be even more impactful in our mind than the ones we see in a drama or a movie. Perhaps it's because of the short moment we see them together, it lingers in our head, wanting to see more of them, but some of the advertisement couples have been famous for their chemistry...More

"Mommy-to-be" Actress Hwang Jung-eum almost due!

2017/06/26 | Permalink

On the 25th, actress Byun Jung-soo revealed a photo on her Instagram featuring actress Hwang Jung-eum, Jeon In-hwa and herself. In the picture, Byun Jung-soo is lovingly wooing at Hwang Jung-eum's full stomach...More

Movie "Real" - Is it worth it to watch this movie?

Source | 2017/06/26 | Permalink


The movie "Real" has been getting a lot of attention from the day 1 of the official announcement. The  fact that this movie was actor Kim Soo-hyun's first choice of work after his last drama, "Producers" in 2015 was more than enough to gain viewers' attraction...More

What if Yeo Jin-goo is sitting next to me in the movie theater?

2017/06/23 | Permalink

What will you do if actor Yeo Jin-goo or actor Lee Jung-jae is sitting right next to you in the movie theater as you look to the side?...More

The reason why these celebrities are not on SNS

Source | 2017/06/23 | Permalink

There are many stars who have active SNS accounts and rain us with pics of their daily life and in some lucky cases, communicate with the fans as they comment and share the love. Though, today, we are going to take a look at the stars who refused to get public SNS account, or rather, no account at all. These are their reasoning behind such decision...More

[Lily's Take] This Summer, What is Your Choice of Drama to Watch?

2017/06/23 | Permalink

Here comes all the new line up for the summer 2017 K-dramas!...More

Actress Kim Sa-rang's Daily Life Revealed!

2017/06/23 | Permalink

Actress Kim Sa-rang revealed her daily life as she was featured in the variety show, "I Live Alone"...More

6 Eye-catching Actors Born in 1992 You Should Be Aware of!

Source | 2017/06/23 | Permalink

Lately there have been many fresh faces that caught my attention while I watch K-dramas. As if to laugh at my current (overflowing) collection of my favorite actors, Korean showbiz keeps on finding great, handsome actors and pushing them my way. Well, what can I do? I'll always have enough room in my heart and my phone gallery storage for these good looking actors...More

Actress Lee Se-young - She was once called "Junior Hwang Shin-hye"

2017/06/22 | Permalink

Actress Lee Se-young started her career as a child actress and it's been 21 years since her debut. With such length of experience, it's only natural that she is already a veteran actress.Let's take a look at her solid filmography...More

Sulli, Another SNS Trouble - This Time, Animal Cruelty?

2017/06/20 | Permalink

Actress Sulli is famous for her mishaps including her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Choiza (Member of a Korean hip hop duo called Dynamic Duo.), her acting skills and attitude, and most of all, her SNS...More

Famous child actress, Jin Ji-hee, all grown up!

2017/06/20 | Permalink

The young child actress is not so young anymore!


In the drama, "Sister is Alive", actress Jin Ji-hee have been working hard in her improved acting skills and grown-up beauty...More

South Korea's Most Wanted Mid-age Male Celebrities

2017/06/13 | Permalink

The showbiz industry is a rough tide. Everything's moving quickly, the trend, popularity… There are new faces surfacing each and every day...More

The National Thief, Yeon Jung-hoon

2017/05/31 | Permalink

South Korea tends to like giving nicknames to the popular celebrities starting with "National". Mostly it's a good image such as "National First Love" Bae Suzy, "National Little Sister" IU, and etc. But there's a famous "National Thief"! It is the actor Yeon Jung-hoon, who married a beautiful actress, Han Ga-in...More

5 Casting Behind Stories You Need to Know

2017/05/31 | Permalink

Ever wonder what happens on the process of selecting a cast for your favorite dramas? It's not always at one go, where the producers, screenwriters, directors and the stars being casted will all agree simultaneously...More

My Favorite Stars- Where are they? What are they doing?

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As the big stars successfully finish up their last work, they will have tons of calls from everywhere, be it a drama, movie, advertisement, variety show and etc. Their name value goes up with popularity, and their calendar will be filled with tons of scheduled activities...More

Anyone Else Became a Fan of this Cutie from "Fight My Way"?

2017/05/31 | Permalink

Do you know the actor Choi Wooshik? The cutie from "Fight My Way", who is a classmate of Park Seo-joon and have a little thing going on for Kim Ji-won? Actually, I haven't been aware of this actor until recently and became an instant fan when I saw him act in a web drama called "The Boy Next Door"...More

Off We Go! Last Pictures of Male Celebrities Before They Report to the Korean Army

2017/05/31 | Permalink

All healthy men of South Korea should proudly walk into the army to fulfill their duty. While they are serving the country for 2 years, we will miss them but know that we will happily welcome them with open arms when they are back on the screen...More

Little White Dress Look, Who Wore it Best?

2017/05/29 | Permalink

As spring is transitioning into summer, it's a perfect setting to wear a light, white dresses! We all know that every women should own a little black dress but if we have a black one, shouldn't we get a little white dress also? Well, compare to the black dress, white dress can be a bit difficult to style...More

Actress Shin Hye-sun's Blessed with all the Top Actor Partners?

Source | 2017/05/29 | Permalink

When the actress Shin Hye-sun debuted in the drama "School 2013", we did not imagine that she would be shooting a kiss scene with Gang Dong-won!...More

Who Do You Think of When You Hear the Word "Lovely"?

2017/05/29 | Permalink

When you describe someone as lovely, it often means that they are very beautiful and therefore pleasing to look at or listen to. Also, just by their behavior and little gestures, you can't help but smile and love them! I'm sure you have a lot of celebrities you think of when you think of the image "lovely" but these 5 female celebrities are who's becoming the definition of "lovely" lately in South Korea...More

Historical Drama's Flower, Hanbok

Source | 2017/05/29 | Permalink

Hanbok is South Korea's traditional clothing, characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Hanbok usually refers specifically to clothing of the Joseon period. I'm personally fascinated by Hanbok dresses, and often times have to rewind and pause whenever the heroin of the historical drama appears on the screen, just so I can fully enjoy and appreciate their beauty in colorful Hanboks. Which Hanbok captured your eyes in the dramas you've seen?...More

Top 5 Most Memorable Villainess of K-drama World

2017/05/28 | Permalink

The villains are such a crucial character in any story. Of course, we do want our beloved characters to only experience happiness and protect their smiles but that wouldn't make the show interesting, would it? That's why there's these horrible villainesses who makes our heroines' life hell, so they can have a reason and a motivation to overcome all the struggles and rise to surface again...More

The Youngest South Korean Actress to Stand on the Red Carpet of Cannes Film Festival

2017/05/28 | Permalink

When I was watching "Dream High" back in 2011, I did not even think of the possibility of this adorable little sister of Hyemi (Played by Suzy) walking the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival. Moreover, as one of the nominee for the Best Actress award!...More

What These 3 Actresses in Their 50's Share in Common

2017/05/28 | Permalink

The 3 actresses below have become many women's role models because of their self-discipline in their beauty and fitness routine, keeping them youthful even in their 50's...More

The face of Cartier, Shin Min-a and Kim Jin-kyung

2017/05/27 | Permalink

On the 11th of May, Panthere de Cartier hosted a celebration for the Seoul branch launching in June. At the scene, many celebrities appeared to brighten the celebration including Shin Min-a, Lee Je-hoon, Go Kyung-pyo, Go Ah-sung, Kim Jin-kyung, Choi Soo-young and Jung Yong-hwa...More

3 View Points of "Individualist Miss Ji-yeong"

2017/05/27 | Permalink

A woman who lived as an individualist, cutting off all human relationship meets a dependent man who can't live without others. This is a beautiful, lighthearted healing romance...More

The Ultimate Guide of Figuring Out the Top Female Celebrity of the Time in South Korea (Ft. Soju)

2017/05/26 | Permalink

In Korea, it's apparent that you have joined the Korea's top female celebrity list by looking at which advertisement you are chosen to represent...More

Why Kim Yoo-jung's Dress Impressed People

2017/05/26 | Permalink

On May 3rd, Baeksang Arts Awards was held, where numerous stars walked on the red carpet in luxurious tux and dresses. Out of all the beautiful dresses though, actress Kim Yoo-jung's dress was the most impressive of them all...More

Not a Single Picture Wasted for Suzy, Park Bo-gum, So Ji-sub and etc.

2017/05/26 | Permalink

They are what we call the photoshoot geniuses. Natural born models! When it comes to the professional photoshoots, there's such thing as A-cuts and B-cuts...More

Lee Je-hoon's New Image, New Style!

2017/05/26 | Permalink

….Who are you? I'm not kidding, the first time I saw this movie poster, I did not recognize my favorite actor at all. I even thought this was actor Ryoo Seung-bum...More

[Spoiler] "The King's Case Note" Review

Source | 2017/05/25 | Permalink

Q: What's the title?

A: "The King's Case Note"...More

In Park Seo-joon, We Trust

2017/05/25 | Permalink

There's just something about this young actor that we can't take our eyes off of. Of course, who wouldn't be mesmerized by his good look, completed with his sculpted body?...More

[Lily's Take] Top Actors' Diet Secrets

2017/05/24 | Permalink

For the actresses, diet is a destiny instilled into their lives that came along with the career, and the actors are no different when it comes to the battle of weight management...More

Actress Han Ji-min's Beauty Shoots

Source | 2017/05/18 | Permalink

Late April, actress Han Ji-min uploaded a footage of her make-up commercial. Being a main model for the make-up company, Hanskin, she flaunted her flawless porcelain skin and red lips...More

International Remake Dramas! J-drama vs K-drama

Source | 2017/04/30 | Permalink

I am a TV junkie, and my main TV shows are Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, and US/UK TV series. As much as I love my Korean dramas, I am also diligent in catching up with my Japanese dramas. They are both Asian, but there's definitely a different vibe between the two...More

"Miss, this is Jung Yu-mi"

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ately, this actress have been capturing my attention. I've heard of her name before, saw her acting in different shows here and there and also I've known her as actor Yoo Ah-in's best friend...More

What it's like to be at IU's Private Fan Meeting

Source | 2017/04/30 | Permalink

It's no secret who have taken over my ears lately. IU's new album is on the infinite repeat on my Spotify playlist, to and from work, while I take a shower, while I eat, opening my day with her songs and ending my day with her songs!...More

Most Popular Pre-debut Part-time Job for the Stars

2017/04/30 | Permalink

For students aspiring to be a celebrity, the best part-time job they seek is to be a model for an online shopping mall...More

Park Hae-jin's Boyfriend Looks

Source | 2017/04/29 | Permalink

Actor Park Hae-jin is on fire since "Cheese in the Trap". Even before the drama was aired, all the webtoon (the original of the drama) readers have been pushing the actor saying he is the real life Yoo Jeong sunbae...More

6 Celebrities Known for Self-discipline

2017/04/29 | Permalink

Of course, there are no perfect people out there but these 6 stars below are pretty much near perfection...More

National Mother Actress Kim Hae-sook, Her Many Colors

2017/04/29 | Permalink

There are many great actresses who's known for playing the role of a mother and actress Kim Hae-sook is definitely a mother we saw a lot in many K-dramas...More

Shin Min-a Supporting for a Good Cause with Her Photoshoots

2017/04/29 | Permalink

Top actresses are always involved as a long-term model for cosmetic/ fashion/ homeware company's advertisements...More

White IU vs Black IU

2017/04/28 | Permalink

IU have been excellent as an actress in many dramas like "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", "Lee Soon-sin is the Best" and my personal favorite of her work, "Producers" and many more...More

Celebrities Expanding Their Talent and Becoming an Author

2017/04/28 | Permalink

Celebrities are talented people who have overflowing creativity within themselves...More

Reunions! Drama May Have Ended But Friendships Last Forever

Source | 2017/04/28 | Permalink

It's a bittersweet moment when your favorite show comes to an end. You are overall satisfied with the happy ending and closure (or sometimes raging about bad ending) given but it's hard to say farewell to the characters you've gotten so attached to...More

Yoon So-yi "My fiance Jo Sung-yoon taught me what trust is"

2017/04/27 | Permalink

Actress Yoon So-yi revealed a very special photoshoot through InStyle magazine. This was sort of a wedding photoshoot also featuring the actress's best friends and fellow actresses Seo Hyo-rim, Seo Ji-hye and Shin So-yul...More

"The Villainess" Kim Ok-vin Swinging Her Swords

2017/04/27 | Permalink

Movie "Action Boys" and "Confession of Murder" director, Jung Byung-gil is back in business with a new action movie, "The Villainess"...More

13 questions for actress Jung So-min – "Daddy You, Daughter Me"

2017/04/27 | Permalink

1. Introduce us about "Daddy You, Daughter Me"...More

[Lily's Take] To Be a Rom-com Queen - Be Drunk!

2017/04/26 | Permalink

A good romantic comedy will always have a drunk scene! Which also makes an equation that, to be a rom-com queen, you need to create special drunk scenes!...More

Stars Before Their Acting Career: From Song Joong-ki to Han Suk-kyu

2017/04/26 | Permalink

These talented actors and actresses weren't always in or for some, even yearning to be in the acting career...More

The Ironic Anti-aging Actor, Yoo Hae-jin

2017/04/25 | Permalink

I'm personally a big fan of the actor Yoo Hae-jin. He is one of the most famous "ugly" actor of South Korea...More

Stars Who Have Lost/Gained Weight for Their Characters

Source | 2017/04/24 | Permalink

When actors and actresses give their all to the role they chose, they will put literally everything into their work. Such time is put into the effort of being one with their character including research, practice, and even changing their appearance...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Soo-hyun and IU Reunited!

2017/04/23 | Permalink


Can You Love Them Even Through These Pictures?

2017/04/22 | Permalink

Whenever I open my high school graduation album, I can't decide if I want to cringe or laugh...More

Kim Sung-ryung - Can You Believe She Is In Her 50's?!

2017/04/20 | Permalink

Gorgeous actress Kim Sung-ryung wows everyone with her young face and fit body. Even in her 50's, this actress shows off her amazing beauty and youth comparable to the women in their 20's...More

Actress Shin Eun-soo's Heart flutters

2017/04/20 | Permalink

Teen actress Shin Eun-soo gained the viewers' attention as she appeared as young Sim-cheong (Jun Ji-hyun) in "The Legend of the Blue Sea" and also in the movie, "A Boy Who Returned" with actor Gang Dong-won...More

Suited Up! Stars in All-white Suits

2017/04/20 | Permalink

An all-white suit is a luxury fashion choice but it is also one of the most difficult choice...More

The Only 3 Korean Actresses Who Received an Award from International Film Festivals

2017/04/01 | Permalink

The world's top 3 film festivals are The Venice International Film Festival, The Cannes Film Festival and The International Berlin Film Festival...More

Forget Oska from "Secret Garden", Goo Jeong-hee from "The Perfect Wife" is Here!

2017/03/31 | Permalink

The rich, conceited, and dazzling Oska from "Secret Garden" is gone! Actor Yoon Sang-hyun returns as the timid, cowardly husband, Goo Jeong-hee!...More

Jung Woo-sung: Face of an Art Piece, Heart of Gold

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Jung Woo-sung is a handsome man, but the best quality about him is that he is a kind hearted gentleman...More

Join the Celebrity Sports Teams!

Source | 2017/03/31 | Permalink

When you are busy working in the entertainment industry, you must keep yourself healthy! And what better way is there to keep yourself healthy than enjoying a good sports, surrounded by your fellow star buddies?...More

9 Moments Kim Min-hee Shined on the Red Carpet

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Despite her scandal and the private matters, you have to agree that actress Kim Min-hee is one of the best actress in Korea when it comes to acting skills...More

The Most Popular Job in the K-drama World Seems to be...

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Recently, I noticed a fad in K-drama world. The fad is the type of job these characters have......More

Seo Eun-soo: "I want to be an actress like Seo Hyun-jin"

Source | 2017/03/31 | Permalink

Seo Eun-soo is a brand new actress who debuted last year. You've probably seen her face in "Incarnation of Jealousy" as Gong Hyo-jin's step mom and also, in "Dr. Romantic"...More

Spring Time Romcoms Under The Cherry Blossom

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Starting tomorrow, it will be April! The first day of Spring have already came by couple weeks ago, and I'm beginning to see those beautiful, pink cherry blossoms everywhere on the streets...More

Actor Kang Ha-neul - Humble, Yet Passionate Actor

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Kang Ha-neul have done it again! His new movie titled "New Trial" is quite successful in the rating at the moment...More

All The Top Stars in Korea Have Done THIS Before They Got Famous

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Gong Yoo, Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-gum, Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo… These top stars all share something in common on their resume...More

Will They Make "Chief Kim" Season 2?

2017/03/31 | Permalink

As "Chief Kim" successfully finish with a high viewer rating and everyone's satisfaction, the viewers are wanting more of this refreshing office drama...More

Actress Oh Yeon-ah Taking Over Any Screen She Is On

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Recently, there is an actress who keeps on coming up in my eyes. Her name is Oh Yeon-ah...More

Did You Know They Could Sing? From Gong Yoo to Shin Min-a

2017/03/31 | Permalink

There's a late-night music talk show that all Koreans love to watch...More

The Most Popular Actor in South Korea : Won Bin

2017/03/31 | Permalink

So, we have all of these brilliant Korean actors we love, who are all so handsome and charming and so great at acting...More

Park Bo-young's Top3 Highlights

2017/03/31 | Permalink

In "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon", people are falling in love with how Park Bo-young was able to make yet another adorable character...More

Top 7 of Korea's Most Famous Movie OST

2017/03/31 | Permalink

These are the top 7 of Korea's most loved movie OST of all times...More

Actress Jung Hye-young - She is the Definition of a Homemaker

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Actress Jung Hye-young may have not been on a lot of dramas lately but she is surely keeping herself busy as a mom and a wife...More

Ryu Jun-yeol is Unattractive? Think Again!

2017/03/31 | Permalink

I think the actor Ryu Jun-yeol is such an attractive man...More

The Three of Them Standing Together is Enough to Make My Heart Flutter

2017/03/31 | Permalink

Everyone watching "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" is infatuated with this cute romance but many fans claim that out of all, the height difference between the three main characters itself is enough fact to make everyone's heart flutter...More

Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum, So Adorable Together!

2017/03/31 | Permalink

I was just casually going through YouTube, searching for a good music to play while I do some homework and I saw something beautiful...More

Actress Ahn So-hee's Instagram Is Live!

2017/03/30 | Permalink

Former singer and an actress Ahn So-hee recently started Instagram...More

All Actors and Actresses Wants to be on His Shows

2017/03/30 | Permalink

Two most famous producers in Korea's entertainment world would be Kim Tae-ho PD of Korea's #1 variety show "Infinite Challenge" and Na Young-seok PD...More

[Lily's Take] Forever Being Punished Kim Soo-hyun

2017/03/30 | Permalink

Actor Kim Soo-hyun have a nickname of "Forever Being Punished" which comes from his awkward encounters with his fans...More

Actors/Actresses Who Debuted from Sitcoms

2017/03/30 | Permalink

Sitcom: Situation comedy. Sitcom is a genre of comedy centered on a fixed set of characters who carry over from episode to episode...More

Actor Lee Soo-hyuk's Plastic Surgery?

2017/03/30 | Permalink

The star of "Vampire Idol" and "Scholar Who Walks the Night", actor Lee Soo-hyuk's appearance has changed!...More

Mid-age Actresses in High School Uniform

2017/03/30 | Permalink

Can you look this good in High School uniform in your 30's & 40's?...More

The Little Actress from "Defendant": Shin Rin-ah

2017/03/29 | Permalink

This little actress is stealing everyone's heart!...More

Let's all fall into Ma Dong-seok's charm!

2017/03/28 | Permalink

Actor Ma Dong-seok is South Korea movie industry's most manly man alive...More

[Lily's Take] Curly Hair Characters - Who Wore It the Best?

2017/03/28 | Permalink

Most Koreans have straight hair, which makes the occasional curly haired characters stand out in the dramas...More

K-drama OST Sang by the Cast Themselves

2017/03/27 | Permalink

I've said this over and over again from my previous posts but I must say it again in this post. I LOVE K-DRAMA OST!...More

[Lily's Take] 6 Dangerously Sexy Psychopath Characters in K-drama

2017/03/24 | Permalink

The heart-fluttering romance is mainly why I watch the K-dramas but recently, there have been so many great thriller dramas that caught my attention!...More

Have You Heard of the Web-dramas?

2017/02/28 | Permalink

Lately there's been a good web-dramas coming around. Web dramas are great because it's usually consists short length episodes and the episodes itself isn't many either...More

7 Things You Need to Know About Seo Hyun-jin

2017/02/28 | Permalink

In 2016, the actress Seo Hyun-jin shined like no other. She is an actress that makes you feel comfortable and smiley just by looking at her...More

[Lily's Take] Third Time is a Charm - Which Couple Do You Want to See Together Again?

2017/02/28 | Permalink

Some couples show such a perfect chemistry that they are summon back together again in another drama!...More

Ahjumma Power Dramas!

2017/02/28 | Permalink

Ahjumma is a Korean word for a married, or marriage aged woman...More

Kim Seul-gi says "I love you" to Kang Ha-neul

2017/02/28 | Permalink

"Splash Splash Love" and "Oh My Ghostess" Star, Kim Seul-gi appeared in a popular talk show "Happy Together" with few other guests including the actor Kang Ha-neul...More

"The Perfect Wife" Ko So-young, 20 Years Ago and Now

2017/02/28 | Permalink

Ko So-young have returned to the acting field after 10 years of absence!...More

[Lily's Take] All the Cheesy Lines from "Descendants of the Sun", "Goblin", "The Heirs" etc.

2017/02/28 | Permalink

Praise the screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, who steals women's hearts with her fingertips!! Her famous works include "Lovers in Paris", "The Heirs", "Secret Garden", "Descendants of the Sun" and "Goblin"....More

Two New Actresses Who Gave Up Their Names

2017/02/28 | Permalink

To have an actor or actress be judged purely on acting skill goes without saying, but for these two brand new actresses, it wasn't so easy....More

"Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People" Why Lee Hanee Have the Perfect Character

2017/02/28 | Permalink

As I watch "Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People", I also found woman who stole the heart of the king and the viewers!...More

[Lily's Take] Park Bo-gum, the No.1 Korea Power Celebrity in 2016

2017/02/27 | Permalink

Forbes Korea released the 2017 version of "Korea Power Celebrity 40" list...More

Actress Kim Go-eun Speaks of the Meaning of Beauty

2017/02/27 | Permalink

ELLE Korea magazine featured our ever so lovely Ji Eun-tak from "Goblin": Actress Kim Go-eun...More

The Most Stylish 71 Years Old Actress in Korea

2017/02/26 | Permalink

For the newest shooting in Indonesia, the senior actress Youn Yuh-jung head to the airport...More

"Hwarang" Behind story told by Ban-ryu, Do Ji-han (ft. Bromance)

2017/02/26 | Permalink

As "Hwarang" came to an end, we found another side of the actor Do Ji-han, who played the cool and strong Ban-ryu...More

Classy Black vs. Pure White - Fashionable Actresses

2017/02/24 | Permalink

On the 24th, many actresses showed up at the Shinsegae mall S/S collection fashion event, bringing their beauty and Style...More

[Lily's Take] Kang Ha-neul #The Good Boy Image, Scandals and His Last Kiss

2017/02/24 | Permalink

As I watched the actor Kang Ha-neul on the talk show "The Life Bar", I would describe him in one word – "Innocent"....More

Professional Chemistry Maker Jun Ji-hyun's Guys

2017/01/27 | Permalink

"The Legend of the Blue Sea" was sadly, not enough for our high, high expectations....More

Yoo Yeon-seok's Habit in Kiss Scenes

2017/01/27 | Permalink

As I was watching the "Dr. Romantic", watching the dramatic stories of the emergency room was quite fascinating but more than that…...More

[Video] "Lucid Dream" Trailer

2017/01/26 | Permalink

Go Soo is back with SF thriller movie "Lucid Dream". The trailer for the movie has been released today and it looks awesome!...More

TOP "Coming Soon"

2017/01/26 | Permalink

For everyone who's saddened by the news of Big Bang's TOP getting ready to serve in the military this year, do not fret!...More

Actor Kim Min-jae-I, Who is He?

2017/01/26 | Permalink

Soft but firm and strong yet gentle. He suits the term, multi-talented....More

[Lily's Take] Fangirling Over These Four Support Actors

2017/01/26 | Permalink

These eye candies made watching drama even more enjoyable for me last season. They are handsome, AND good at acting. Four of you just got another fan day dreaming about you guys! ...More

22 Years of Friendship Led to This Special Cameo!

2017/01/26 | Permalink

On the very last episode of "Dr. Romantic" I was sad to see this wonderful drama come to an end but I knew there was one more day of happiness ahead with the special episode (Can more dramas do this from now on please?)...More

[Lily's Take] Which Goblin OST was your favorite?

2017/01/26 | Permalink

The whole time I was watching our beloved drama "Goblin", I just wanted to write this article so bad...More

[Lily's Take] Successful Medical Drama Despite the Cliches

2017/01/25 | Permalink

Once I saw a post jokingly remarking the difference between Korean, Japanese and US dramas. The post on Twitter went viral in Korea. It is silly but it was very agreeable. This is how the post compared the three...More

Cha Tae-hyun describes his reunion with Jun Ji-hyun

2016/12/27 | Permalink

Actor Cha Tae-hyun shared his thoughts in being reunited with actress Jun Ji-hyun in 15 years....More

Actress Ha Ji-won in Seductive Red Takes Over the Heart of Hong Kong

2016/12/27 | Permalink

Ha Ji-won made it to the cover of Jessica magazine 2017 January edition....More

New Historical Romance drama in the making!

2016/12/26 | Permalink

For the historical romance drama lovers, here's a great news for you all as I got so excited!...More

Lee Kwang-soo's 2016 was a good one

2016/12/26 | Permalink

Starting the very first of this year on January 1st, 2016, actor Lee Kwang-soo have been busy with many shows up his sleeve...More

Behind the Scene with Goblin!

2016/12/24 | Permalink

Put your hands up if you are into the drama "Goblin" right now! What a time to live, to have my heart fluttered by a Goblin and a Grim reaper?...More

Christmas greeting from the Doldam Hospital!

2016/12/24 | Permalink

"Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" members send their warm Christmas greeting to the viewers!...More

[Lily's Take] Kim Yoo-jung : Her Problematic Attitude?

2016/12/23 | Permalink

There's such a big uproar about this issue, it's beginning to sound so ridiculous...More

Merry Christmas from Ji Sung's family!

2016/12/23 | Permalink

One of my favorite actor, Ji Sung posted on his Instagram, a picture of his Christmas decorated home and his precious daughter's backside with a caption saying "Merry Christmas♥"...More

Lee Sun-kyun sends a snack cart to Goblin set

2016/12/23 | Permalink

On the 22nd, actor Lee Sun-kyun sent a snack cart under his name...More

"Answer Me 1988" Cast, Where Are They Now?

2016/12/23 | Permalink

Do you remember "Answer Me 1988"? I'm a fan of all three Answer Me series but I'd say 1988 is the one that hit me hardest to home...More

[Lily's Take] My top 7 shows starring Gong Yoo

2016/12/16 | Permalink

Watching the on-going drama "Goblin" made me fall in love with Gong Yoo hardcore...More

[Lily's Take] Oh My Geum-bi's prodigy actress

2016/12/13 | Permalink

For those of you who are in love with the heart-touching, family oriented k-drama full of warmth, you are probably watching "Oh My Geum-bi" already!...More

How to train your Goblin

2016/12/09 | Permalink

If you want your handsome Goblin to appear right next to you whenever you need him, go ahead and blow the fire off! Oh, and we can even do it in digital way too. Seriously, I thought this concept was so cute and brilliant. For those of you who have not watched "Goblin" yet, here's how it works...More

Can Goblin receive the five stars rating?

2016/12/06 | Permalink

"Goblin" has all the concepts I like in a K-drama. That historical/modern mix topped with mysterious fantasy, a lovely yet confident heroin, and bromance...More

"Hwarang" Fire Choi Minho vs Ice Do Ji-han

2016/11/29 | Permalink

If you were in love with the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, you will definitely enjoy the new kdrama coming out this December called "Hwarang"....More

Another cute couple in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

2016/11/28 | Permalink

Actress Seo Eun-soo posted on her Instagram a picture with her script and actor Kim Min-jae-I with a caption saying, "Tonight at 10pm!! #RomanticDoctorTeacherKim Please watch! (Yeon-hwa appears starting the 5th episode.)"...More

Yoo Yeon-seok inviting us to the Doldam Hospital

2016/11/28 | Permalink

Dr. Romantic's protagonist, actor Yoo Yeon-seok posted a witty picture on his Instagram today...More

Is Go Joon-hee in a relationship?

2016/11/21 | Permalink

Actress Go Joon-hee made an official announcement regarding her scandal 9 hours after the news was released. According to the news, this actress known as the "short-cut goddess" started a relationship with an heir of a famous jewelry company. There were many witnesses who spotted the two of them together on dates at the café, in the car driving together and even overseas. Another witness claims that the couple has been dating for about a year now, off and on...More

Jun Ji-hyun never disappoints us

2016/11/16 | Permalink

Needlessly to say, Jun Ji-hyun is Jun Ji-hyun. Her name itself speaks class...More

"Drinking Alone" Park Ha-sun's next movie is with Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul

2016/11/10 | Permalink

"Drinking Alone" star, actress Park Ha-sun is ready to take the stair up to the road of success as she have with her last show. By choosing the movie "Midnight Runners" as the next step, she is determined to show us another charming character played by her....More

[Video] Park Bo-gum surprises Go Kyung-pyo at his fan meeting!

2016/11/10 | Permalink

Actor Go Kyung-pyo held a fan meeting yesterday by watching the 23rd episode of "Incarnation of Jealousy" with about 100 of his fans. Go Kyung-pyo planned this cute event to express his appreciation for the fans. I thought this was such a darling fan meeting, I wish I could have attended!...More

Your favorite K-drama stars - Did you know they are best friends IRL?

2016/11/09 | Permalink

To talk about South Korea's celebrity best friends irl (in real life), we can't forget the famous Song Joong-ki and Lee Kwang-soo duo! Their friendship started as they appeared together in a variety show called Running Man. These same age actors, brand new to the entertainment business, quickly grew very close to each other. Soon, they even acted together in a drama "Nice Guy" as best friends in the show. Since then, their friendship passed the stage of just "best friends", they are more like brothers at this point...More

Gong Hyo-jin - an angel or a devil?

2016/11/09 | Permalink

Often called as "Kongvely (Gong Hyo-jin + lovely)", actress Gong Hyo-jin is famous for her innocent smiles and adorable personality. She is known as a K-drama romcom queen but in her newest movie, there won't be any romantic comedy happening!...More

[Video] The Legend of the Blue Sea - Return of the K-drama queen

2016/11/08 | Permalink

The very first time I saw the still cuts from "The Legend of the Blue Sea", I thought this was going to be a heart aching love story with Jun Ji-hyun acting as a fragile, delicate mermaid. I mean, look at these pictures. Her dewy eyes and dainty shoulder line makes any man or woman want to protect this beautiful mermaid!...More

"Dr. Romantic" is a triple threat

2016/11/08 | Permalink

If there's any drama you should be excited to watch this season, it is "Dr. Romantic".

First of all, it's Kang Eun-kyeong. Just her name printed as the author of this drama guarantees you the high quality drama you will love. She is known for her successful dramas such as "Gu Family Book", "Bread, Love and Dreams", "Hotelier" and many more. Combined with her mad writing skills, PD Yoo In-sik joined the party...More

The adorable couple Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik

Source | 2016/11/08 | Permalink

Welcome to the private party of Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik!

Elle Korea magazine shoot a photoshot with a theme of private party for these two protagonists. Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik have been selected to lead the role in the new drama "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" airing in the beginning of 2017...More

[Photos] The Sound of Your Heart is finally here!

2016/11/07 | Permalink

The legendary comic combined with the best gag character Lee Kwang-soo? This show is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and brighten even the gloomiest day you are having...More

[Spoiler] [Photos] Scarlet Heart: Ryeo - Wang So and Soo's happy little family

2016/11/07 | Permalink

For "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo", the fans wanted a happy ending for our wretched main couple, and here it is...More

I.O.I's Hidden Message for the Fans

2016/11/06 | Permalink

Korea's national girl group "I.O.I" released their final song as a unit on last Wednesday (10/26). I have this song on repeat every day since the release and I think I have developed yet another I.O.I addiction! 

The title song is called "Very Very Very" - which, about half of the lyrics is a repetition of the title. Three words to describe my first impression on the music video would be: Energetic, fun, and a tint of nostalgia. The popping colors and the vibrant energy of the girls will enchant you throughout the video yet there's this subtle nostalgic feeling in the song. I couldn't quite understand at first why I felt that way since the concept of the video was all about the bubbly, joyful vibes...More

[Video] "Goblin" Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun, the fateful first encounter

2016/11/04 | Permalink

Passing each other in the raindrops, Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun shoot the first encounter scene for the new drama "Goblin". This mystical romance of the goblin and the goblin bride is summoning all of us in front of the screen...More

Im Chang-jung announces his new bride with 18 years of age difference

Source | 2016/11/04 | Permalink

The multi-entertainer Im Chang-jung announced his second marriage for this upcoming January.

In September, Im Chang-jung revealed his girlfriend by featuring her pictures throughout his new music video: "The Love that I Committed". It was confirmed that they started their relationship in the beginning of last year. The bride-to-be is a yoga instructor who is 18 years younger than him...More

"Entourage" provocative contents like nude scenes, rated-R talks - is it okay?

2016/11/04 | Permalink

"Entourage" has been an issue maker from the very moment they confirmed the shooting of the show. Having the first episode aired on the 4th, I'm happy to say that they did not disappoint me.

To describe the flamboyant life of the movie stars, Entourage opened the show on the red carpet of Busan International Film Festival...More

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