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Heo Ji-na to Star in "Delivery Man" and "Soulmate"

Actress Heo Ji-na stars in the drama "Delivery Man" and the movie "Soulmate".


Heo Ji-na was cast as Hee-yeon in Genie TV's original "Delivery Man" which airs on March 1st.

"Delivery Man" is an underworld high tension investigation drama played by Yoon Chan-young (Seo Yeong-min), a livelihood taxi driver, and Bang Minah (Kang Ji-hyeon), an amnesia soul. The crazy duo's god-like investigation, which is found nowhere else in the world, will provide dynamic fun.

In the drama, Heo Ji-na plays Kim Hee-yeon, a head nurse in an ER. Hee-yeon is a veteran nurse known in the hospital for her skillful and quick work skills.

In the movie "Soulmate", which will be released on the 15th of next month, she appeared as the mother of Kim Da-mi (Mi-so), heralding her on-screen performance.

Heo Ji-na, who won various award-winning rookie and female acting awards through the stage, appeared in films such as "Two Percent", "Kids Are Fine", and "Bori", as well as dramas "A Model Family", "Cleaning Up", "Green Mothers' Club", "D.P". and "You Are My Spring", "The Penthouse" and "Hospital Playlist".

In particular, in "Twenty Five Twenty One", she left a deep impression by playing the mother of Bona (Go Yoo-rim), a warm mother who does not spare her sincere love for her daughter even in a difficult environment. Recently, she met viewers with the wisdom of a mysterious housekeeper through ENA's "Unlock My Boss".

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