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Horror Omnibus "Tastes of Horror" to Complete Casting and Premiere in August

The original horror omnibus series "Tastes of Horror" project unveiled the casting of 10 films.


The "Tastes of Horror" project, which starts season 1 in August 2021, is a new concept of cross-IP project with webtoon and short-form video contents simultaneously, and will be screened by directors among 20 webtoon series to be published on Kakao Page and will meet audiences in August 2021. Director Kim Yong-gyun, Im Dae-woong, Ahn Sang-hoon, Yoon Eun-kyung and Chae Yeo-joon will join the production, and five directors each direct two works, showing a total of 10 short films.

Park So-yi and Yoo Da-in have confirmed their casting in director Kim Yong-gyun's "Tick Tock Tick Tock" which is an emotional horror flick that occurs when a child abused by a mother meets a ghost. Park So-yi, who has pure charm and overwhelming acting skills, and Yoo Da-in, who takes on the role of a villain for the first time, stand out. Director Kim Yong-gyun's second work, "Resident-only Fitness Center", is a daily horror that takes place in an era where interest in fitness is higher than ever and there are ghosts at a gym only available to residents. Yoon Hyun-min, who has excellent interpretation of the work, and Jang Gwang with soft charisma, will meet to showcase a new world of fear that has never been experienced before.

Director Im Dae-woong, who is specialized in horror and mystery genres, will once again present horror films with two works, "Rehabilitation" and "Delivery Complete". "Rehabilitation" is a story that takes place when emergency rescue worker Ji-yeon is trapped in a secret and mysterious space after being injured during a rescue operation. Lee Joo-young-I and Kim Joo-ryoung, who join "Rehabilitation", expressed their special affection for the genre by telling the audience that they want to experience distant fear. Ko Eun-min and Lee So-yeong-II will join in "Delivery Complete" created by combining the untact-era phenomena interacting through devices with fear. Freshness that has never been seen will stimulate the audience's fear.

Directed by Ahn Sang-hoon, who has been recognized for his directing skills depicts high school girls challenging a bizarre dance that grant them their wishes if they succeed. "Ding Dong Challenge", which raises expectations even more as Oh Seunghee, Jang Yeeun, and Jang Seungyeon, members of the idol group CLC, are selected, stands out for the novelty and freshness of the material called Social Media Challenge. Director Ahn Sang-hoon's second work, "Hey, Marmons", is a story about a married couple's relationship breaking down due to today's fortune told by AI speakers, with Kim Tae-kyun-II and Ban So-young playing the couple. The two actors, who travel across the screen and theater stages, will express human desire and madness with unusual acting chemistry.

Directed by director Yoon Eun-kyung, who gave the audience a deep suspense through "Hotel Lake" last year, "Four-legged Beast" depicts a ghost story in which the blood of a four-legged animal increases grades. Shin Eun-soo and Kim Ho-jung, who will play mother and daughter in this film, will continue their tension in horror with their high-end acting skills that are both fresh and experienced. Director Yoon Eun-kyung's second film, "Gold Tooth" which tells the story of Jin-tae who steals gold teeth off of bodies and pays off his investment fraud debt, will collaborate with Kim Dong-young and Shin Mun-sung. The meeting between Kim Dong-young and Shin Mun-sung heralds a different fear for the audience.

Director Chae Yeo-joon, who breathed fresh air into the film industry through "Shark: The Beginning" will direct two films, "Jackpot" and "Gluttony". "Jackpot", in which Kim Tae-hoon and Jo Jae-yun were chosen as the main characters, is a greedy thriller by cheap humans that takes place when a man who won the jackpot stays at a motel for a day. As director Chae Yeo-joon said, he was sure of the casting, the crazy performances of the two actors will give the audience extreme suspense. Choi Soo-im and Park Jin-a will participate in "Gluttony" which happens when a famous mukbang BJ who suffers from anorexia vomits something weird during a live broadcast.

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