[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Ha Ji-won considers becoming a doctor on a boat

Ha Ji-won may return to the small screen in the MBC drama, "Hospital Ship". It would be her first drama in almost two years.


Ha Ji-won would play a surgeon who provides medical services to islanders via a hospital ship. Her character joins the crew after the breakdown of her family. The PD of "Hospital Ship" will be Park Jae-beom-II ("Let's Make a New Start", "Missing You"), and the writer will be Yoon Seon-joo ("Secret Door", "The Great King Sejong"). The drama is expected to air in July.

More details have yet to be released, but "Hospital Ship" reminds me of the 2013 Japanese medical drama, "Clinic on the Sea". Will Ha Ji-won play the female version of the Japanese hero, and find herself falling for an island resident with a medical issue?

Based on the premise, I think we can expect lots of beautiful scenery, tense medical emergencies, and many lessons learned by the team of young doctors. Based on the production team, I think it is safe to assume that "Hospital Ship" will veer on the side of serious drama as opposed to romantic comedy.

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