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[Hot Takes from the Noonas] Seo In-guk leaves the military early for medical reasons

Just days after enlisting, Seo In-guk cut short his mandatory military service thanks to a newly diagnosed injury on his left ankle.


Seo In-guk's management company, Jellyfish Entertainment has announced that Seo In-guk was ordered home shortly after joining up to complete his army service due to the discovery of an osteochondral lesion on his left ankle. While the injury to his ankle was previously known, further medical testing revealed that it was severe enough to bar him from training. He left the training centre of the 5th Division in Gyeonggi-do on March 31st.

Unfortunately, this leaves Seo In-guk in limbo until his ankle recovers, since he won't be able to work and he won't be able to enlist. He's already indicated his plans to restart his military service as soon as he passes a medical examination, but with this delay added to his two-year service it may be a while before we see Seo In-guk back on our screens again. In the meantime, here's hoping his ankle improves before his buzz cut grows out.


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