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Hwang Bo-ra's First Mother Role in "Crash Course in Romance"

Actor Hwang Bo-ra caught the eyes with a magazine cover.


Hwang Bo-ra's pictorial, which coexists with classical and sporty, was released through the February issue of Women's Chosun.

In the pictorial, Hwang Bo-ra boldly reveals her body line in a cardigan outfit, or perfectly pulls off a mix and match look such as white sneakers and sporty ball caps with training pants, jacket or vintage suit setup.

On top of that, Hwang Bo-ra's unique loveliness and chicness are displayed at the same time by creating various poses and eyes.

Hwang Bo-ra said about the tvN drama "Crash Course in Romance" which she is currently starring in, "I come out as the mother of a middle school student Dan-ji, in the drama. It was my first time playing the role of a mother, so I was personally unfamiliar with it", she said. "But I think I have to go through a period of change as an actress. I want to try a work that has more maternal life or gives a twist", she said, "I hope the "Crash Course in Romance" will be the beginning of it".

When asked about her 40s to be drawn in the future, she said, "I'm looking forward to my 40s. "I'm married, and I'm trying to challenge the things I wanted to do while having a stable period", she said, expressing her expectations for her future career as an actress and her life.

Meanwhile, Hwang Bo-ra's pictorial with more interviews and various charms can be found in the February issue of Women's Chosun.

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