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Hwang Jung-min "I lost 20kg in a week with tomatoes"

Actor Hwang Jung-min spoke about how he lost 20kg in a week.


On the MBC TV program "Nollowa" on the 6th, actors Hwang Jung-min, Jin Goo, Kim Sang-ho and comedian Ji Sang-ryeol had a talk under the concept "pride".

Hwang Jung-min picked the movie "You Are My Destiny" which made him the actor he is today, as the most difficult character of all time.

Hwang Jung-min played a character who was in love with an AIDS patient, "I had to lose weight after sending away my lover first so I had to lose 20kg in a week. I only ate tomatoes every meal".

Meanwhile, he also picked movie "Road Movie" as one of the most difficult movies he'd ever done besides losing weight where he played a gay man.

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